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118 / Christmas Island
Posted 6/14/09 , edited 6/14/09
So now they put this back up and you've seen the best ending of all animes, who's fault really is it?

Sekai the attention whore?
Makoto the sex deprived freak?
Or Kotonoha, the small dot on the corner (why's she on the poll again)?

My answer is SEKAI. She planned out ahead and decided to use her self as bait by letting Makoto practice on her, then took the opportunity to make Makoto fall for her and to cast away watermelon-breasted Kotonoha. He then got addicted to sexual needs and became a virginity vampire. He pimped out all the girls at school. Basically what I'm saying is Sekai started the domino effect, and if she decided to grow some balls and get boys the normal way rather than her 'lure' tactics, then she herself would have a tact stomach and Makoto would still have a head :)

Besides...all the girls went to Makoto first. They willingly wanted to have sexy time on the bed/floor/wherever. It's a whole school and they decided to go for him, when the even smaller dot of a character, Makoto's guy friend (I don't even know his name), was the one seeking sexual needs. Makoto didn't go to them, they went to him.
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30 / M / Sagittarius Dwarf...
Posted 6/17/09 , edited 6/17/09
I think Makoto and Sekai are mainly at fault. He should know better then "practice" on another girl to be ready for Konohana! And how hard is it for Makoto to dump Konohana??!?! I mean if he did it early in the story, she wouldn't have turned into a psycho bitch.

Heres who I think is at fault in ranking:

1)Makoto: From the very beginning he had perverted intentions.

2)Sekai: For being a selfless person and letting Makoto practice on her.

3)Otomes friends for bullying Konohana until she finally caves in and becomes crazy bitch.

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28 / M / Secret Base
Posted 6/18/09 , edited 6/18/09
Ermm how come mentioned this, it is clearly the fault of NO-ONE here...

I am not being sarcastic, think about it logically, everyone had faults but usually these faults don't end up in people being brutally murdered. I am going to explain why I picked option D.

OK Makoto was a pervert, but most teenage boys are into stuff like porn and he's just "fortunate" to be popular enough to "practice" on girls and got carried away. I don't condone cheating on your girlfriend but didn't think he deserved to die, anyone who do are not thinking logically.

Sekai couldn't help it that she loves someone. At the beginning she just wanted to be kind. And her character is more forward than Kotonoha so her relationship with Makoto will inevitably move quicker. I don't pretend to understand her psyche but she did what she think was right at the time and was eventually overcame by anger, as they say "Hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned". Plus I think she regretted her actions judging by her reaction.

Kotonoha, the utter victim of the story. Bullied and cheated on, for someone who tries to suppress her emotions all the time, little wonder she lost it in the end. Can't blame her actions when she is insane seeing she can't really control them.

What I seriously don't get is why none of the teachers done anything about it when student are having sex on campus...I mean seriously chemistry lab?!?! How dare you defile the beauty of science. This is basically what happens when the strains of society breaks down, and emotions take over rationality.

P.S Only thing I didn't understand, was Sekai really pregnant? She thinks so but Kotonoha says no, but I can't just take the words of a psychopath. Plus is that kind of check accurate?!?!
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26 / M / Copenhagen, Denmark
Posted 6/24/09 , edited 6/24/09
Like many others, i believe Makoto is at fault himself. He entirely lacked common sense, it's not a matter of weither he knew what love was or the sex parts, he should know that 'practicing' sex is just wrong, especially on someone you know, it's a strong link to an upcoming relationship just doing that. Thorough the whole season, Makoto pissed me off with his indecisive personality, he held no responsibility at all, he didn't respect anyone, he just let into his lust and in the end, i believe he got what he deserved. Unfortunately he messed with the wrong girls and they seemingly didn't have enough self-esteem to avoid becoming a psycho.

Certaintly he was lead into this whole lustful world, but he should know better as a teenager and as a human. One of the other worst parts though, is probably also for a fact that these girls strives for a guy like this, so i guess it's not -entirely- his fault, but i still hate him for not denying their requests and his own extremely disgraceful way of achieving his needs. 'Yay, i go dump her, then i'll get her, without having to talk to the one i'm dumping!'.
Posted 6/26/09 , edited 6/27/09
sekai .
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27 / F / tokyo (*I WISH*)
Posted 7/1/09 , edited 7/2/09
i think its sekai's fault cause guys are dumb by default. 9 times out of ten if a girl throws themselves at a guy, he will take his chances. its what they do. she delibrately threw herself at him. so.....yea karma went knocking on her door heavy. she shoulda known better.
Posted 7/2/09 , edited 7/3/09
tht's very sexist -_-...

well 4 me i think...

It was Makoto's fault becuz he has no moral standards... if he doesn't like 2 be w/ Kotonoha he should just break up with her faster n not makin her turn all crazy... N he doesn't stop havin sex, when he knows things are gettin bad

Then it was Senkai's fault becuz she shouldn't put Makoto n Kotonoha together when later she would kiss Makoto... then she shouldn't force herself 2 make Makoto n Kotonoha a bettr couple when she herself likes Makoto
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27 / F / In the shitty wea...
Posted 7/6/09 , edited 7/6/09
i say its Sekai's fault...

sure Makoto was a bit a of perv...
but Sekai conviced Makoto to ask Kotonoha out, and she continue to make him do that crap..
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22 / F / Cowboy Land
Posted 7/6/09 , edited 7/7/09
all of their faults!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean if sekai didn't interfere and ito wasn't a pervert and if kotonoha for being easily jealous
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22 / F / Cowboy Land
Posted 7/6/09 , edited 7/7/09
ah now to think about it really isn't ito's fault guy's are just naturally perverted.
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31 / F
Posted 7/9/09 , edited 7/10/09
its sekai fault. and she even lie about the baby for her to get makoto. the ending was really terrifying.
love with jealousy makes her like that. my, my,
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24 / F / my world class MU...
Posted 7/10/09 , edited 7/10/09
mm i think sekai really was pregnant. if she was pregnant the baby still wouldn't show the way kotonoha did it because it would just be a clump of cells at that stage, not the actual 'baby' stage. if there wasn't any baby, sekai probably didn't lie because she seemed distraught more because she didn't know what to do if makoto left her to be a single mother. she probably didn't know cos' she didn't get a pregnancy test.
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27 / F / THE DEAD ZONE O.O...
Posted 7/12/09 , edited 7/13/09
makoto- is a definitely a perv. f**king half of the girls in the freaking school...and even agreeing to cheat on kotonoha w/ sekai

sekai- i thought she was a wh*re to begin with, allowing them to get together when she wanted to be
makoto, what is this a threesome now??!! O.o bitch can burn too for all i care...

kotonoha- ugghh!!! girls like her annoy be pissed too about the whole cheating scandal too, but allowing
THAT to get to the bullying for gods sake stand up for urself, fix ur self-esteem issues, get a f**king counciler?!!
dont make urself feel better by killing stupid wh*res like sekai!!! i thought u were smarter than that....
and go to hell w/ makoto and sekai...

otomes friends-bitches who are prostitutes and have no life or confidence which is why they pick on stupid kotonoha...

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24 / F
Posted 7/14/09 , edited 7/14/09

they are al in fault

MAKOTO. he's an idiot. just like that. "he became so addicted to sex" c'mon is that actually
possible i mean he wanted to do "it" every day
wat kind of perverted jerk would do that. he didn care abt any of the girls
to begin with he was just a sex machine
i dont get how come he was so popular.

SEKAI. she was a manipulative wh*re. she knew from the beginin
that setsuna always liked makoto she knew that kotonoha was in love
with makoto so why the f*ck did she went chasin him
only a wh*re would do that.

KOTOHA. she was so pathethic i cant believe she couldnt defend herself

THE OTHER FREAKS. (otome and her friends) they were 2 just makin the
whole problem even worst thats why i hate them
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23 / F / newyork
Posted 7/20/09 , edited 7/21/09
its all of their faults.

sekai for throwing herself at makoto even though she "didn't" want him to go out with her. she kept makin herself appear like she wasnt luring him in wtf. its totally not seducing someone when you "practice" being their girlfriend. plus when she ran away from him and such, she should know that guys love what they cant have.

makoto for being a retarded typical boy. pretending he knows what love is but he doesnt know anything except sex. he makes it look like he's doing other girls favors by having sex with them when he's just a stupid boy with rampaging hormones.

kotonoha for being a stupid girl in love. :\ as a girl, im quite ashamed of her. she lets everything take over her entire self, and over a guy she BARELY knows she kills another girl.

sorry but this anime had no good person in it. they are all sick.

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