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Post Reply Who's fault is it?
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28 / M / Downey
Posted 9/6/09 , edited 9/7/09
I blame Sekai.
I, in no way, blame Makoto for how he acted.
Kotonoha was mentally/socially unstable to begin with. She didn't do anything to spark this chain of events.
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32 / M / illinois
Posted 9/7/09 , edited 9/7/09
makoto was out of control. and most likely if kotonoha hadnt been there to take him back. rapist. he had no feelings anymore which is why the kettle burning him made him step back and think. even though we dont know that for sure ;)

i feel sorry for sekai and kotonoha(even tho shes so out of her mind lol)

what a mess but really astonishing anime.
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24 / M / crunchyroll
Posted 9/12/09 , edited 9/13/09
sigh, losers.

think outside the box

whos fault is it, that he became deprived of sex for the majority of his life?
you give a nice guy never done it before, drugs. he likes them, he wants more!!!

you give a random nerd sex, he likes it, he wants more?

if perhaps he had even kissed a girl before he wouldn't have been so sexually frustrated after having it for the first time

basically, tl;dr

every girl he has never / ever met in his life =/

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28 / M
Posted 9/13/09 , edited 9/13/09
I'd hav to say it is mainly Sekai's fault . Makoto is like any guy w/ no common sense. I mean guys come on if some random chick throws herself at you and she's at least half way decent r u guna walk away. thats basically wat happened. sekai gave him a taste and he ran looking for it everywhere he went.
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F / Ok
Posted 9/13/09 , edited 9/13/09
I just want to talk about how much I HATE Sekai. Dirty skank hoe bag!

If she would of been true and said at the beginning that she liked him and not went all sneaky then I suppose I would have less of hate for her

I can't stand backstabbing characters.

Plus Kotonoha was so sweet and just wanted her crush to like her back. She was faithful and Sekai is the shifty one.

I'm glad Sekai died...That bitch.
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28 / M / Washington, DC
Posted 9/14/09 , edited 9/14/09
I put mostly all the blame on Makoto. A lot of people are blaming Sekai, but I thought she had good intentions until the end. Sekai did use Kotonoha as a way to talk to Makoto, but she didn't have to keep on helping Makoto get with Kotonoha after the first couple times, but she still did. Even after Makoto started liking Sekai more, Sekai was trying to say no since he was with Kotonoha. Sekai's fault would've been not being able to resist what Makoto would try to do.

People also say the "domino effect" started with Sekai. But you could also argue it started with Otome during the festival. When Makoto slept with Sekai, Makoto was pushing it, so it'd be hard to say he'd do that to a girl he doesn't know very well. But when Otome had sex with Makoto, Otome pushed it, having Makoto think about how easy that was.

I also partially blame Kotonoha for being too ignorant or too fixed on being Makoto's girlfriend. I know she was being bullied and lonely and all, and that's not exactly her fault, but her moves motivated Otome to move faster on Makoto than if that relationship wasn't there.

Overall though, it was Makoto's perverted motives that caused mostly everything. Take those motives away, Makoto doesn't quickly get bored of Kotonoha, maybe they go out for a while. Even though Sekai may not like it inside, she would be content, probably either wait for them to break up, or eventually find someone else (though in this anime, there seemed to be only Makoto that every girl wanted, hah)

I liked Sekai, hehe.
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F / cuddled to Lelouc...
Posted 9/16/09 , edited 9/16/09
sekai..makoto was stpid for following her.
Posted 9/22/09 , edited 9/22/09
It was Sekai's fault
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33 / M
Posted 9/23/09 , edited 9/24/09
i think everyone is at fault. the whole school is full of stupid people. there are a few character that i thought were forgivable but most i would (personaly) beat the s#$% out of for thier actions. i am a fairly non violent person but stupid pisses me off bad. sigh but you cant fix the word you can only clean up yours part of it a little.
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35 / M / TN, USA
Posted 10/2/09 , edited 10/2/09

P.S Only thing I didn't understand, was Sekai really pregnant? She thinks so but Kotonoha says no, but I can't just take the words of a psychopath. Plus is that kind of check accurate?!?!

I say YES, and this is why: The first time she suffered from morning sickness was when she was all by herself with no one to impress or convince surrounding her. Also, she didn't seem like she was even ok with the idea until she ended up in the school nurse's office. Perhaps the biggest reason I think she was is that it's really the only thing "worth" having a motive to kill Matoko for -- if she was not pregnant, it would just be another story of "guy being a sleaze and leaving a girl for another", but if the girl he left is pregnant like Sekai, well that's a whole lot bigger of a deal.

Getting back to the topic at hand, as many people have said, every character who's closely involved is at fault. No one did the things they did specifically to hurt someone else, they were just too shortsighted to see the effects while they were making terrible decisions. Even the alleged victim of the story, Kotonoha, should have taken some major action when she found out about the affair, but instead stubbornly refused to accept it and pretended to her own detriment that nothing was happening. They were all to blame in some way or another.

But unlike most of the other viewers, I don't think any of these people are inherently bad. Honestly they were all victims of circumstance who were only trying to discover the path to their own happiness... they just didn't know how to accomplish it.
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34 / M / California, USA
Posted 10/4/09 , edited 10/4/09
I think this series is crazy. First, Makoto says he loves one person, then he says he loves another person. Most likely he was not in love but infatuated and wished to satisfy his urges while hurting other people. He goes from girl to girl without any consideration or care for any of them. This made me stop watching the series because it made me angry just to look at someone like him.

Then I was watching something else after long time and noticed this series was on crunchyroll, so I decided to skim through the episodes quickly to see what happened in the end. Not much of a surprise, the guy goes on and on with other girls. But not only that, the girls know how he is and still like him. Besides him, all other guys in the series don't even exist or have a very small presence due to their idiocy. From that point, maybe I can understand while all the girls liked Makoto.

Then, I see the end. What can I say? Who would kill for a guy like him? First, Sekai kills him in a period of insanity seeing that she would not be able to be with him. I saw he was dead and thought to myself that he deserved punishment for what he had done, though being stabbed to death was a little too much. I continued watching then. Kotonoha kills sekai and opens her belly to see if there was a baby. Well, knowing that Sekai and Makoto did it not so long ago, and taking into consideration the size of Sekai's belly, I would conclude that Sekai was in the first days of her pregnancy. Given this assumption, I realize that either the people who made the series or Kotonoha do not understand much about embryonic development in humans, because by the time Kotonoha killed Sekai, her baby would be a bunch of cells dividing and with no definite form yet, and it would be hard to see it given the fact that it is very little and that blood had been splattered all over the place.

As a concluding remark, I would need to say that this is not precisely the love story that I would recommend watching.

P.d: Whose fault is it? Makoto, Kotonoha, and Sekai.
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25 / F / Under your skin.
Posted 10/5/09 , edited 10/5/09
Makoto! He's a fugly ugly LIAR! I wanna kill him. Neh, he died in the end anyway. All is well.
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37 / M
Posted 10/26/09 , edited 10/26/09
First I have to agree with the last post. lol (being a strong believer in loyalty and honesty)

I just finished watching School Days, just over half way I really wanted to kill Makoto..(PS. I am not a violent person..)

I found the purpose of the serie to shock people into thinking about the consequences of their actions. It is like "Kids" the movie times a hundred. There is nothing really nice or wonderful about this series at all. It highlights human weaknesses and pushes them to the extreme.

I find a lot of people angry at Sekai, I blame her somewhat less, but she undeniably play a large role on how everything started. She was just the typical immature reckless teenager. In the end I think she was actually pregnant. Afterall, it is not the most balanced person who assesses whether or not she is pregnant, as a viewer we have seen the sympthoms as a fly on the wall. There is no reason for her to act along for our sake as we are unknown to the character. (I know this might be a bit hard to grasp for the simpleminded).

There was little malicious intent in her playing around with feelings. She was more hoping than knowing how things would turn out with Makoto. She likes to play the matchmaker as is shown in the history of Setsuna and Makoto, but when she falls for Makoto, Setsuna as a loyal friend steps aside. (she only lets herself go when she sleeps with him. There is nothing noble about it, it is a moment of selfishness that she hopes will also solve Sekai's problem.)

Makoto on the other hand, has no selfcontrol. He is an aggressive sex addict, who to make the story interesting is irresisteble to women. I could symphathise with one or two mistakes, but his continued mistakes and lack of owning up to them makes him the worst of all. In the end it would only have been a matter of time until he cheated on Katsuna. He had a very flawed character, which is solely his own fault. He started good, but chose the wide and long road (gave into his demons).

I find the general slutty behaviour of all the characters an its effect on the story and characters (with the exception of Katsuna) a disturbing example of kids playing with fire, who are too immature to know what they are doing. The point is that if restraint (and it is the lack of restraint that makes Makoto as bad as he is) and soundness of mind had been practiced at any point in the storyline things would not have been as bad.

In conclusion, I mourned Sekai's death and Katsuma's insanity.

But I was happy with Makoto's death.
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28 / M
Posted 10/31/09 , edited 10/31/09
I think it is mainly Sekai fault.

He got indulge in the "practice" Sekai
was doing with him.

If Sekai did not initiate the practice,
i do not think all those things will

However i do think Makoto was a jerk.
Without him, the girls won't even get


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22 / F / Damn stalkers
Posted 11/1/09 , edited 11/1/09
Makoto is a frikin perv he ruined everyone's lives i also think sekai is a whore and kotonoha is just a crazy bitch
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