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Posted 6/15/09 , edited 6/18/09
50 years from now in japan, a scientist named Nikozawa Keiichiro created a series of Androids, each given their own personal appearances, personalities, and gifts, though they all shared two key points. All of them was given the gift of song, and each of them was powered by love (okay i know its cheezy, but c'mon), when a localoid's "heart" reconizes that the vocaloid is being loved, it allows the vocaloid more power. This was Nikozawa's idea, beliveing that the Vocaloid would then search for love and would only die if it felt as though there was no love for them in the world, and if someone belived that, of course they would want to die. Of course he gave each of them an allowance of power so that they would be able to last a while after they were made in order to give them time to find love. He went missing soon after he made them and first booted them up, the vocaloids all given to Nikozawa's different living relatives. (this only applies to the Vocaloid 2 series)

Nikozawa though wasnt the only one who created Vocaloid Technolagy. It was him and his old friend that made vocaloids together years ago. These were the Vocaloid series 1. Unfortunatly there was somthing wrong with these vocaloids, each had a horrible thing about their personalities that Nikozawa couldent bear to even look at. They did not understand how to love others. Nikozawa then shut them down.....only to have them be re-booted by his old friend the moment he died. These Vocaloid 1's are powered by not love.

The vocaloids have superhuman just about everything, and they can hack computers ect ect. The ultimite robotic beings. This can make them a great least thats the old friend's point of view.

1)In this RP you can have 1 vocaloid char for now (unless it is the twins, they can be together if you want them to. Or you can make things even more depressing and keep them apart).

2)Your vocaloid doesnt need to become a singer, though they all do enjoy to sing deep inside.

3)This RP is meant to be tragic. Let you vocaloid's find love, then let the depression set in MUAHAHA! i love tragic stories. By the end of this, i want all of the vocaloids either broken beyond repair or have them lose all of their "love power" and shut down. who knows? maybe ill let a miricle happen.

Vocaloid 2
Hatsune Miku- Owari (ME!)
Kagamine Rin/Len-
Megurine Luka-
Kamui Gakupo-

Vocaloid 1
Character sheet:

Age (or apparant age):

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Posted 8/20/09 , edited 8/20/09
Name:Rin Kagamine
Age (or apparant age):15
Bio:Len's twin
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Posted 9/7/09 , edited 9/7/09
earl.................... there anything more to rin than being len's twin if so, please tell us about it in the bio.
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