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USA Drumbeats of war with Iran.
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F / Labyrinth of Amala
Posted 7/8/09 , edited 7/8/09

You're getting far off topic.

On this topic I stated:

"The U.S. should stay directly out of this issue.
The Iranians / other countries in the region should deal with it."

To clarify some off topics:

I didn't tell the "silly Brits" to get rid of their leader. I stated:

"Have you silly Brits got rid of that idiot Gordon Brown yet?"

Was do to the last time I read about him and his left leaning party
were on the outs with the people and lost some power in last vote.

Somalia and Zimbabwe are living like shit as that's their prerogative to do so.
I was referring to what Bush had given to Africa in AIDS / Malaria help.

Good luck with your facade of 0bama not lying
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M / Yo Mommas House
Posted 7/8/09 , edited 7/8/09
I have never stated or implied that you thought that the US should get involved in the affairs in Iran where did you read that at? You didnt say to get rid of their leader but my thing is we cant talk about another leader but then be silent when it came to Bush it is hypocritical. The fact you mention silly implies that they are dumb to still have him around. Obama will not deliver on most of his promises. I can see that he is trying but reality struck him when he became president. If you are implying that I am supporting Obama or have been a supporter of him please do show some evidance. If you read any of my recent posts on the presidential election thread I already knew most of these promises were false and he couldnt keep it in reality. I really dont know why people jump to the conclusion that I am in defence of this man just because I say a little good about him even tho I barely said much in my last post.

This is my topic so I can go wherever I want on it.
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