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Mount Paozu is the location at which Goku was raised by Grandpa Gohan, and is the location that the Dragon Ball story begins. It was inspired by the mountains that the mythical chinese deity Sun Wukong lived in, in the chinese novel Journey to the West. Mt. Paozu is mostly known for various monsters that populate the area such as dinosaurs. It is also the location of Goku's House and is just next to Skull Valley and near the Land of Gurumes.
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Act 1: "Secrets Of The Dragon Balls"
After a long journey, Shadow finally arrived at Mount Paozu. "This is where the 4-Star Dragon Ball is located," thought Shadow. Suddenly, 5 Sabretooth Cats appeared in front of Shadow. They begin to charge toward Shadow at an amazing speed. "How stupid," Shadow murmured. *Shoots 5 kunai and instantly killed all of the cats* Shadow continued his journey. 2 Pterodactyls came into view in the sky. They charged toward Shadow. Shadow immediately pulls out his Legendary Sword and slashed the two Pterodactyls into pieces. A lake came into view. When Shadow is walking on the lake(by using his ninjutsu skills), a Giant Fish starts to attack him. Without panic, Shadow does a single hand seal and said, "Lightning Style: Divine Lightning!" *A huge lightning forms in the sky and strikes the Giant Fish* The fish died. Finally, Shadow arrived at the shrine and went inside. Inside the shrine, Shadow found the 4-Star Dragon Ball. "That was way to easy..." Shadow said with an evil smile on his face.
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After getting advise from a strange old man. Zero was on his first step on reviveing his clan who was murdered by vegeta and nappa. Zero first arrived at Mt. Paozu and began searching for the 4-star ball but couldn't find it. So Zero deiced to take shelter in a cave but it was the home of a pack of Saber tooth cats. "Hmph, I was starting to get hungry." said zero. He killed and ate 5 of the cats and went to bed. The next day while on Zero is still searching for the dragon ball he blinded by a light on a mountin. When Zero reaches the top he finds the dragonball in a nest but is soon attacked by two Pterodactyls. Zero kills one easyly but then is grabed by one and flown over a lake. "KAO-KEN" yelled Zero and beat down the Pterodactyl. Whiile fallen staright into the lake Zero is eaten by a Gaint Fish. "SCREECH, koumori" the blade started to glow with a purple light and the Zero slashed his way out the giant fish."Finally the resurrection of my clan is starting begin."

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