Naruto: A nice adventurous ninja anime or a lame show directed at kids?
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Posted 6/17/09 , edited 6/18/09
I consider this anime to be a bit of both but shippuuden really took the words out of my mouth and made an impact. Alot of stupid imbeciles don't even consider to watch this anime because of the bad media caused by Cartoon Network and whoever worked the voice-overs and i try to reason with them that they should bear with the kid crap because of shippuuden but they're always ignorant as ever. So tell me what you think.
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Posted 6/18/09 , edited 6/18/09
I've watched almost all of the episodes that have been released and frankly the sentimental plotlines are getting old.

Actually Action media like naruto needs the sentimental stuff to bind everything together, I just wished that Naruto would stop using the same one over and over. Yes people are loners, they get picked on by society and what not. Move on. I swear if people are not in combat they are discussing how sad the lives of orphans are or what not.

Sakura needs to get over her unrequited love.

One of the girls needs to get pregnant. A gay couple would be welcome. I mean honestly people Sesame Street has covered these issues, Naruto should be able to also.

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Posted 11/6/12 , edited 11/7/12
directed at kids? someone is an idiot. heads get cut off, people get impaled, theres an offscreen genocide, theres horrific mental torture, people being killed, people being experimented on
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