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BET, Rap, R&B
Posted 6/18/09 , edited 6/19/09
there are a lot of good rap artist out there, that raps about deep stuff and stuff. r&b is good stuff too
Posted 6/18/09 , edited 6/19/09

Lucky_star101 wrote:

Gaia93 wrote:

mystic17 wrote:

^ i agree completely. its funny that everyone else can't say that word though to AA either w/o a fight starting

Exactly. I mean, look at the non-black person that just said nigger on this thread and was reported for it. Perfect example.
Although, since this is the internet, most people don't care.

Black people do not call eachother nigger on tv n barely in real life they say nigga and there is big diff nigger is racist and nigga would be something u would say to a friend, it means nothing it's like a name even i know that i dont even live in america and there's like no black people here i just have this thing called cable so dont talk about BET cuz i doubt you even watched an episode

I'm sorry, but who is the ignorant dumbass that told you that black people don't call each other nigger? Do you even watch BET? Let alone know what it means?

It doesn't matter which way you say it: nigga, nigger, nagga, whatever! They mean the same thing and it doesn't make it right.

Like you said, you don't live in America, you get your information from a TV which actually isn't always the best way to learn information. There are no black people where you live and by what you're saying you know nothing about the culture or its people. Go read a book, and get a dictionary while you're at it. Next time think before you type.
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Posted 6/18/09 , edited 6/19/09
I used to like BET. Now Im just old skool hip hop/rap. Id listen to mainstream once in a while to update myself on the popular songs my other friends like.

well nigga is just the word nigger but removing the er to an a. From my experience being with africans, the ghetto ones usually change words that end in er to an a. Like if they want to say killer they say killa, brother--> brotha, sister---> sista etc. Sum of them think of nigger and nigga as different words probably since they view nigger being the word of a white man (who use it to degrade africans) and nigga being the word of a fellow black/latino(who use it as an equivalent to the word dude). I dont think nigger and nigga have much difference, people pronounce them differently and besides I think nigger is a universal word(well the root of it I think is)
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Posted 6/20/09 , edited 6/20/09
I dont like BET
I dont like R&B
and when i have a choice, i'm definatly not listening to rap.
but some of my friends like these things, so sometimes i just deal with the ignorance and go along with it.
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Posted 1/13/10 , edited 1/14/10
OP has nuked. Anyone would be welcome to recreate this.
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