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Request Form

1. Mod Requesting ________

2. tell us what you want on it. ex. username, name, quotes, text

3. what size you wanted. ex. original picture size or thin & tall.

4. extras brushes, shiny effects, new background. animation, etc.

5. what is it (profile page, banner, icon, or signiture)

6. post the pic. LARGE & HIGH QUALITY IMAGES! (max of two request only!)


1. Put The Request You Want To Do In A Spoiler Then Put username On It

2. Tell Them To Edit Their Post If You Need Them To Change Something

3. After Finishing A Request Put The Outcome In The Crunchyroll Graphics Album

1. Be Patient

2. Fill Out The Form Correctly

3. Be Nice To The Makers
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Moon-Chan is on it
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kawaii_hellokitty wrote:

im sorry its bad (you don't have to use it)
I suk at making profile pages
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