TOP 5 Favorite Anime Thread
Posted 6/20/09 , edited 6/20/09

.What are your TOP 5 BEST Anime Thread? Mine are...

1. ANIME MOTIVATIONAL POSTERS 1 (the first one was real epic but it was closed because of
the "latter posts")~~really really funny and motivational
2. Saddest Anime Wallpapers ~~contrary to the first, this thread is filled with sad, sad images..though there were
some that won't take it seriously,lol
3. Yaoi/Yuri Moment~~can't stop laughing and gasping here, so many suprising revelations, lol
4. Can you draw anime?~~a thread that showcases many aspiring artists' art, really really cool
5. Anime Motivational Posters 2~~still lives up to its name, though it's getting dirtier, there are many that are really funny
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