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Posted 6/20/09 , edited 2/6/13
Ok, so we want to have a list of jobs that everyone does for reference and to keep track of our city's contributors. Just post your character name(s), age and job (no need for a pic) I'll try to keep up to date with this list and organize them by class as best as I can. So far we've seen these job classes:

Key to more than one job status per character:
= first classification
►► = second classifcation

Business / Economy:
CodemanAlpha: Tetsuya Kamiyama [Executive Businessman]

Culinary (food-based):

Service / Commercial:
CodemanAlpha: Layton [Butler]

Engineering / Machinery
princess_uyen: Julian Murray [Software Engineer]
Wuhung: Tatsuo Shinji [Mechanic]
YumeHagino: Kasumi Irie [ Robotics Inventor]
YumeHagino: Pikome#26010013 [Robot]
YumeHagino: Shouichi Irie [Assistant Manager/Hacker]

Entertainment / Media:
itz_him: Ken Isao [Composer/Singer/guitarist]
itz_him: Miyu Michiko [Singer]

-LostMelody: Leah Collins [Choreographer]

BraveMelon: Hoshi Akiko (Real Name)/ Megumi Takamoto (Police Officer/Undercover Agent)
BraveMelon: Kazuya Nakai(Real Name)/ Nakamura Kenta(Undercover Alias) [Police Officer/Undercover Agent]
BraveMelon: Miyamoto Seiji [Police Officer]
Ozpandora: Oz [Detective]
sunshineduckie: Claire Knight [Spy/Student]

edrosik: Edward Campbell [British Knight]
edrosik: Sarah Stuart [British Princess]

itz_him: ►► Michiko Molly [Temple Guardian]

School / Education:
itz_him: Michiko Molly [US Undergrad]
princess_uyen: Julianne (Julie) Murray [Unemployed / Graduate Student]
YumeHagino: ►► Kasumi Irie [High Schooler]

Underground / Secret:
CodemanAlpha: ►►Tetsuya Kamiyama [Vigilante]
-LostMelody: ►►Leah Collins [Street Fighter]
Wuhung: Koki Arashi (Falco) [Street Fighter/ Street Racer]
Wuhung: ►►Tatsuo Shinji [Street Racer]

Note: Posting the classification of your job would make it alot easier putting these in the suitable classes. If your job doesn't seem to fit into any of the above, you can suggest a new class and we'll consider it.
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20 / F / Washington
Posted 1/24/13 , edited 1/24/13
Oz age 18: detective
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In your Dreams
Posted 1/25/13 , edited 1/26/13
Kasumi Irie - High Schooler, Robotics Inventor and Otaku Item Collector (15)
Shou Irie - Assistant Manager and Hacker (22)
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