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Posted 12/26/07 , edited 12/26/07
Toma's 23 favorite things

Popolo Feb 2008 translation
translated by shatteringice @ LJ


Onion Gratin Soup
I've like it since high school
Onion Gratin Soup is my favourite dish. I like the hotel's delicious soup, but, it's now on the menu in most places. A long time ago I liked Corn Porter Juice Soup (no clue what that is) however, in high school I started liking cheese, and because of that got into onion gratin soup!


When I sleep I listen to my mp3 player. I bought a portable stereo in the summer, so at the photography set, I'm always looking for electric outlets (lol)! from the music to flow from. When I make playlists, I ask myself what sort of time I'll listen, so "Noisy Rock" or "Sleepy". "Sleeping Way type" is for when I have a "Today I'm tired" sort of feeling (lol).

ハンバーグは昔っから好き。家でも食べたし、ファミレスでもぜったいにハンバーグだった(笑)。今でも月に1回は必ず食べるよ。味は洋風っぽいソースのほうが好き。彼女になる人には作ってもらいたいから、作れなかったら修行してもらいます!! "ちょっと小麦粉っぽい感じ" のほうが好きかな。

Girlfriend trained me!
I've liked hamburgers for a long time. Even if I ate at home, I definitely get a hamburger at a family restaurant (lol). Even now, I definitely eat it at least once a month. I like it western style with sauce. When getting a girlfriend, you ask if they want to go get something, if they don't you find out they're not interested. I like it when there is a "somewhat flour-y feeling".
(I think this is the worstly translated one... Toma stop using advanced grammar onegai~ T___T)


Steamed towels.
"Good work" ritual!?
That day when I completely finish all my work, the make-up person makes a steamed towel and I really like it. I feel like "I've finished another day!" Also, I go "Oo~" from the bottom of my heart, it feels really good. Since I like it when it's really really hot, if it's lukewarm I get a little disappointed. (lol)


I put in gum syrup
I've liked milk since a long time ago, but I thought "Recently I haven't drank it", and started drinking it again. Around high school time, I thought to put gum syrup in milk and thought that it was really good! So even now when I go to the convenience store, I still drink them together as a habit. At home, I often drink it in the morning and at night.


Decoage. (no clue what this is)
Every day hair style
I like it when girls do their hair in "topknots" and put in "decoage". It feels like a usual hairstyle, but I think it's cute. Tie everything up in the back, and then tie it up with 2 sticks. (lol)


♡Love 07
Girl's Knees.
The interval between boots and pants, girl's knees, I think they're cute. From capris to dresses with boots, I like that feeling when I can see the interval. But once at a drama when I was wearing a skirt, I feel a cool sensation against my leg, and I thought this must be terrible for women.


House dog.
To come back and go running.
My dog is a three year old toy poodle. His fur is brown. But I, ... what is it called, the poodle-like "stylish cut", I don't like it on him, it doesn't feel compatable to his nature. When I come home, he always runs over with a toy or bone in his mouth, he's so clever.

コーヒーは現場にあれば飲んじゃうし、コンビ二に行くと買っちゃうね。好きなのは、コンビニで売ってるコーヒー店のラテ。けっこう甘いのが好きなんだよね。ホットで飲むときも砂糖を入れる ......あれ? 俺って、けっこう子供?(笑)。

I like it tolerably sweet
If there isn't coffee to drink, I definitely go to the convenience story and buy it. I really like convenience stores that sell coffee shop lattes. I like them tolerably sweet. When I drink something hot and add sugar...... Huh? Am I very childish? (lol)


Ridiculously good feeling
The first time I recieved a head massage was at a bedspa. Although when its done at a beauty parlor, it's an excessively good feeling! For about one hour, the room becomes dark and healing music is put on. "A guy at a spa!", I know such things are hard to deal with, but, when I want to wind down, hey, its good!

X JAPANにガッシリとハマったのは、HIDEさんが亡くなってから。亡くなった日、コンサート前にジュニアの仲間に聞かされて、みんなですっごい落ち込んだのを覚えてるよ。HIDEさんは人間的にもカッコよくて大好き。俺が「ウエストサイド・ストーリー」で髪を赤くしたのも、HIDEさんへの想いがあったからなんだよ。

X Japan.
I really like Hide
I really fell for X Japan, and then Hide died. On the day he died, before the concert, one of my junior friends informed us, and I remember everyone was really in a slump. Hide was human, but also very~cool, and that's why I liked him. When I had my red Westside Story hair, I was reminded of Hide.


Guns N' Roses.
Good songs and visual (appearance?)
I started liking them about 2 years ago. Theatre Company☆Shinkansen's Inoue (Hidenori) lent me a DVD, I watched it, by the end I had gotten into them. Axel's vocals in the early pv's was really really beautiful, as was the visual. I went to see them live during their recent vist to Japan. I was surrounded by really hard (body-builder) lads, and was roughly hit on the elbow when I watched.

ちっちゃいころからマンガが好き。くり返し読むほうで、「ドラゴンボール」「幽々白書」「キャプテン翼」、あと「かっとび一斗」ってサッカーマンガが好きだった。泣いたのは「シュート!」「ONE PIECE」。最近も「クローズ」「WORST」「20世紀少年」はぜんぶ読んでるよ。

Both crying and laughing
From the time I was rea~lly little I liked manga. I repeatedly read "Dragon Ball", "Yuu Yuu Hakusho", "Captain Tsubasa", then I like "Kattobi Itto" soccer manga. I cried during "Shoot!" and "One Piece". Also recently, I've read "Crows", "Worst", "20th Century Boys".


Recently I like hats.
Because I occasionally have bed-hair in the morning, standardly(??), I always have a hat. Therefore I don't have wax (hair wax)! While I have caps, knits, and hats, right now I don't wear anything but hats (that's a lie, you wear clothes Toma. stop teasing us. In rooms I thuddingly take it off.


♡Love 15
Backstreet Boys.
I've gone to see them live around three times. Backstreet Boys made a bit hit with Millennium, when I listened to that album, I started liking it. I think it was in high school. I of course liked that they had many music styles and good songs, and besides that I liked their looks. Although I think they only came to Japan three times, I went to see them all of those times.

♡Love 16
小栗旬くんとは、もう ″地元の友だち感覚″になってきちゃってる(笑)。このあいだは旬くんの家で、ホームシアター・セットが届くのを、いっしょに持っていたぐらい。なかなか来なくて、セッティングしたら今度は音が出なくて。「どーする?」「もういいや」って、そのままごはんに行った(笑)。役者として尊敬できるし、「舞台いっしょにやりたいよね」とか、いっしょにいると夢が広がる存在です。

♡Love 16
Oguri Shun
It seems he's already a home town companion!?
Oguri Shun, already there has become a sense of home town friends(lol). There was this time at Shun's house, the home theater set arrived, and together we carried it. It wasn't easy, and then we were trying to do up the settings, but the sound wouldn't come out. "How about now?" "Still no." With no change (in the situation), we went to eat (lol). As for being able to respect him as an actor, "We want to do stage plays together~~♥", among other things, we want to spread our dreams into existance together.


Hanazakari no Kimitachi he.
It was a really fun scene
Everyone's relationship was good, it was a terribly enjoyable situation. Horikita Maki and Oguri Shun, when we got really tired by midnight would say "Come on, keep going!", until dawn. Shun really helped me out! (lol) The situation had a really good atmosphere, which I think was not changed on screen, I'm never going to forget this work.

いい舞台は、うれし くやしい!

Stage plays.
Good stage plays are both fun and vexing!
Of course I like to appear in stage plays, but I also like to watch them. With my stage play acquiantances, if we hear rumours, when we see a play the play review magazines are on our minds. This one time when the room arrangements were made, I had seen the play tickets before hand, and the large amount surprised me! When I come back after watching a good play, I feel really good. But at the same time I regret "Why wasn't I in that?". Also, I think I become vexed.

好きなものの19番目は、″19歳だったときの自分″かな。すっごいトゲトゲしてたね。舞台を4本やった年で、特に「WESTSIDE STORY」で半年以上も不良役をやっていたから、歩くときも肩で風を切ってた(笑)。「妥協は許さねぇ!」って、ナマイキいってたなぁ。いろいろ吸収したいのに、折れることができない自分がいた。でもいまだに頭でっかちで、納得できないコトはぜったいできない俺なんだけどね。

(thanks to kouzo for the correction ♥

19 year old me
I was recklessly harsh.
My 19th favourite thing is "19 year old me". I was extremely harsh and unapproachable.. I did 4 stage plays that year, particularly Westside Story, because I had to play the "bad guy" for half a year, I kept on swaggering when I walked (lol). I was saucy and said that compromises were below me. In spite of many distractions, I didn't give in. But even now I'm very big-headed, if I don't agree to something I can't be convinced to do it.


Time with friends.
When I am exhausted with my friends!
Even when I am tired, I still like to go eat with my friends. Even though I think I could return straight home by myself. But when I meet and talk with my friends, I become the most energetic. From going out to eat with people I met at work, to going to drink after returning from going to see sempai's stage plays, to meeting high school or home town friends. This sort of time is the basis of my strength.


40 year old me.
I'm looking foward to the future a little
Before, I used to think "It would be nice if time stopped around 20" But recently, I started to look foward to when I will become 40. It seems to be that when that happens, like my actor-sempais, I'll have various chances to talk about things. I'll have piled up experience and become diligent in conversations, by far, when I'm 40 it'll be past the time when I can appear in stage plays, I think the simplicity will be amazing. Before I turn 40, I have around 20 more years to live, but now it's scary how fast time goes by. I look foward to seeing how I turn out.

1月スタートのドラマ『ハチミツとクローバー』は、また同年代の役者さんがいっぱいいる現場だし、楽しくやりたいなと思ってる。『花ざかりの君たちへ』での俺は”カッコいいバカ”を演じようと意識していたから、ドラマを観てくれた人にはあの役のイメージが強く残っていると思う。けど、今度はまた、バッサリとこのイメージを切り捨ててやろうかなと! そんな野望を抱いています(笑)。

Honey and Clover
I'm really looking foward to this scene.
I think I will have fun doing January's drama Honey and Clover, because the actors are the same age as me again. In Hanazakari no Kimitachi he, because I played the "cool idiot" the people who watched the drama strongly retained that image of me. This time, I wonder if I can sharply cut down that image! I hold that ambition dearly (lol).

好きなもののラストは、やっぱり仕事。俺は仕事人間だね、完全に。集中しちゃうタイプだから、忙しいと友だちの電話にも出ないぐらい。だから女の人は、こんな俺につき合いきれないと思う(苦笑)。前は「面倒見がいいほうだ」と思っていたけど、勘違いだった(笑)。今は『花ざかりの君たちへ』が成功したおかげでやれることも増えてると思うから、キャパシティーを広げていきたい! そんな俺、見付ってください。

I, am a workaholic.
Of course, my last favourite thing is work. I'm a workaholic, completely. I'm the type that when I concentrate, I get to busy that I can't even talk to my friends on the phone. I think that women don't want to socialise with me when I'm like that (Bitter smile). Before, I used to think that "Taking care of someone is a good way to be", but that's a wrong guess (lol). Because Hanazakari no Kimitachi he was a success thanks to you, I think that the things I can do has increased, I want to further spread my capacity! When I'm that way, please approach me.

Teach! Love frienship record.

1. 佐藤アツヒロさん
佐藤アツヒロくんとは「犬夜叉」の舞台を観にいったのが最初の出会い。すごい自分の信念のある人で、「なんだこの人? こんな先輩いたんだ!?」って一気に好きになっちゃった。そのあと舞台をごいっしょできて、ヤッターって思ったよ。

1. Satou Atsuhiro
The first time I met Satou Atsuhiro was when he had the look from his Inuyasha stage play. My belief was that this person was amazing, "What, this person? Such a person is my sempai!?", and I came to like him at once. After that, we were able to do a stage play together, and I thought HOORAY!.

2. 山下智久

2. Yamashita Tomohisa
I often play with Yamashita. (okay, so it's actually "visit" but I like "play" more.) We met 11 years ago, already we've spent half our lives together. He's not always here but, I have this "always in the mind" feeling. When we're together, Yamashita talks alot. I almost think "You, talk about that sort of thing on TV!" (lol).

3. M.A.D.

3. M.A.D.
(This is really hard to translate. I never really learned how to use あまり (-"-))
While I don't really intermingle with my kouhais, M.A.D.'s Tatsumi Yudai, Koshioka Yuki, Fukuda Yuta, and Matsuzaki Yuusuke and I did the stage play SHOCK together. Maybe once in two days we talked while eating. They have a lot of anxieties and hopes. They're terrific guys.
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Posted 12/26/07 , edited 12/27/07
I've read this too! he and shun seemed really close now ne?
girls' knees? LOL Toma writes the strangest things...and he's a serious fan of BSB, which is rare for a guy~
thanks for sharing!
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Posted 12/27/07 , edited 12/27/07
ty for sharing so funny lol xd
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Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/28/07
awhh, soo cute LOL~ xDD <3
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Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/29/07
Toma is so cute. XD

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Posted 12/30/07 , edited 12/30/07
toma's favourite is mine too... kyaaa...
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Posted 1/3/08 , edited 1/4/08
girls' knees? who ever thought someone would have a fetish over that. ^o^
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Posted 1/4/08 , edited 1/4/08
Hmm... I wonder what decoage is..?
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Posted 1/4/08 , edited 1/5/08
he likes yuu yuu hakusho ne
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Posted 1/6/08 , edited 1/6/08
aww i think im lovin toma ikuta more and more hihi reading this made me think he's sooo cute hihi too cuteeeee
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Posted 1/6/08 , edited 1/7/08
Though some parts of this is weird i still like Toma!
he seems to be a really cool guy!

Oguri Shun and Toma = hometown copanions!
kakkoi ne?!?
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Posted 1/11/08 , edited 1/11/08
this is so cute!!!
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Posted 1/11/08 , edited 1/11/08
love the!!
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Posted 1/11/08 , edited 1/12/08
aww hes so cute=3 him and shun r gettin really close.... <3
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Posted 1/13/08 , edited 1/14/08
girl's knees? so kawaii!! & weird.. but still kawaii ^_^
ikuta toma really grew as an actor.. id love to watch his west side story play.
can't wait for honey & clover!
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