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Posted 6/23/09 , edited 6/23/09
01 "Freshly-Picked Fresh! Cure Peach is Born!!"

02 "Freshly-Gathered Fresh! Cure Berry is Born!!"

03 "Freshly-Harvested Fresh! Cure Pine is Born!!"

04 "Chiffon is Lost? The Whole Town's Already in a Big Riot!"

05 "Heart's Racing at the Amusement Park! Those Exciting Date Feelings?!"

06 "The Missing Hamburger! Protect Your Favorite Things!"

07 "Setsuna and Love, the Clover of Friendship!"

08 "Chiffon in a Pinch! Peach's new power!!"

09 "Miki's Dream, I Want to Quit Being Pretty Cure!!"

10 "Tart is Inori, Inori is Tart!?"

11 "Miyuki's Anger! She Won't Teach Dancing Anymore!?"

12 "Let's Transform! The Big Fringy Tactic!!"

13 "Chiffon is Sick!? Pine's New Power!!"

14 "The Fourth PreCure!? Find The Akarun!!"

15 "Setsuna and Love, Your Caring Heart!"

16 "Terrifying Culture Festival! Echoing Footsteps In The School at Night!!"

17 "Leave Chiffon to Me! Berry's New Power!!"

18 "I Want to Meet Pretty Cure! A Little Girl's Wish!!"

19 "The New Card! Eas' New Power!!"

20 "Dance and Pretty Cure...Which to Choose?"

21 "The Fourth Pretty Cure is You!!"

22 "Setsuna and Love, You're Eas!?"

23 "Send to Eas! Love's Wish!"
"Īsu Ni Todoke! Rabu no Negai!" (イースに届け!ラブの思い!) July 12, 2009

24 "The Passionate Pretty Cure Appears! My Name is Cure Passion!"
"Jōnetsu no PURIKUYA Tanjō! Sono Na wa Kyua Pashion!" (情熱のプリキュア誕生!その名はキュアパッション!)
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