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27 / F / In my own little...
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Total Chapters :: 11 + Prologue
PROLOGUE :: The Meeting {{ added Jun 24 }}
CH 1 :: The Flowers {{ added Jun 24 }}
CH 2 :: The Bracelet {{ added Jun 25 }}
CH 3 :: The Story {{ added Jun 26 }}
CH 4 :: The Necklace {{ added Jun 26 }}
CH 5 :: The Picture {{ added Jun 27 }}
CH 6 :: The River {{ added Jun 27 }}
CH 7 :: The Ice Cream Cone {{ added Jun 27 }}
CH 8 :: The Other Girl {{ added Jun 28 }}
CH 9 :: The Lights {{ added Jun 28 }}
CH 10 :: The Change of Mind {{ added Jun 29 }}
CH 11 :: The Ring {{ added Jun 29 }}

Prologue :: The Meeting

In a moonlit meadow, a young girl of seven stood up slowly. “Who are you?”

“That is unimportant, my beauty.” The man who spoke looked as if he were not older than 19 or 20. He held out his hand. “I’ve come to make you mine.”

The girl stared at him and shook her head. “I don’t want to.”

He frowned, and looked hurt. “Why not?”

She thought for a few seconds, and responded. “I don’t know you. And you’re old.”

The man sat down. “May I at least have your name?” He’d seen the girl talking to the flowers day after day, always with a smile on her face. He’d decided today to make himself known.

The girl paused for a long time, and then she said, “You’re a fairy, aren’t you?”

He smiled a little. “Not as such. I do have Fae blood flowing through me.”

And the girl knew that anyone with Fae blood wouldn’t give up… but he would have to stick to an agreement.

She was a clever little girl. “I’ll give you my name, but only if you promise to do one thing for me.”

He brightened up, and nodded. “Anything, my beauty. As long,” he added quickly, “as I may still see you.”

“You promise to do what I ask if I tell you my name?”

He nodded and put his hand to his heart. “I promise.” He gave a slight bow.

“My name is Ilana.”

The man smiled, and his eyes sparkled. “A beautiful name…” He looked up at her again. “And what will you have me do? Anything.”

“You have to wait.”

He gazed at her for a few moments. “Wait until…?”

“Until yesterday. Yesterday and the day before are the only days you can talk to me. If I change my mind about you yesterday or the day before, I’ll marry you.” This would get rid of him for good. You couldn't go back in the past, of course!

He looked crestfallen, but he couldn’t find a way to argue with her. He had promised… he bowed slightly, and mumbled, “Of course, Ilana…”

He vanished and a little white light fluttered away.

Chapter 1 :: The Flowers

Three-hundred and sixty-three days later, Ilana was sitting in the same meadow, playing with the puppy she’d gotten for her birthday that year.


She looked up at the call. What was that? She stood up, and her puppy ran into the bushes. “Poe!” She ran after her puppy, through the bushes, and collided with something soft.

It was holding Poe in its hands, stroking his chin. Ilana looked up and saw a man with black curls falling over yellow eyes.

“W-who are you?” She backed away, afraid.

“You don’t remember me, Ilana?” The man tilted his head, frowning. “Today is the day before, and tomorrow is yesterday.” He smiled down at her.

She slowly remembered… almost one year ago. She hadn’t thought the man would be able to find a loop-hole in her demand.

She crossed her arms. “Still no.”

He frowned, and said, “Are you not going to even consider it…?”

She shook her head.

“Then I’ll have to change your mind,” he put Poe down, and he hopped to Ilana happily. She picked him up, and went back to the clearing to play fetch with him, ignoring the Fae man.

At one point, she threw the tennis ball too hard, and it landed in a stream not too far off. She ran to go get it, but she was too little to reach where it had landed. A hand came down past her head and plucked the ball out of the stream. The Fae man handed her the ball with a smile.

She held the ball in her hands, wondering why it was suddenly dry. She shrugged, and went back to the clearing with Poe. She didn’t see Mr. Fae again that day, and was under the impression that maybe he had given up.

She was proven wrong the next morning when she stepped out of her house, and he was standing by her gate. She frowned, and ignored him. She waked right past him and went on with her day. She had school that day, so she was free of his presence for at least 7 hours. But to her dismay, he was waiting for her at the door.

Her friends asked her who he was, and she waved them away with, “He’s nobody.”

As she was walking to the meadow she spent her afternoons playing in, she stopped at home to get Poe. Her puppy ran to her side, and barked excitedly.

She smiled and picked him up, walking the few blocks to the meadow.

When she got there, she blinked in surprise. The meadow had millions of bright flowers, everywhere. Yesterday it had been only grass, with a few white flowers scattered around. She walked through the flowers, amazed, sticking her hand out to embrace a bright orange tulip. There are so many of them…

“They are all for you, Ilana.” Mr. Fae was standing behind her, and she turned, suddenly remembering that he was there.

She crossed her arms. “Presents won’t make me like you.” She turned again, and started playing with her puppy.

All the Fae man did was sit quietly and watch, smiling vaguely at the girl’s beauty.

As Ilana walked home, she still ignored the man following her silently. She slept well that night, and the next day when she went back to the meadow, all the flowers were gone.

Chapter 2 :: The Bracelet

Another three-hundred and sixty-three days had passed. Poe was much larger by now, but still just as energetic.

He ran ahead of her to the meadow in the afternoon. She had no idea what the date was. Until she saw all the flowers.

She instantly remembered what day it was, and frowned. He’s back, isn’t he? She crossed her arms and turned around.

The Fae man smiled and waved at her. “Have you changed your mind yet?” He sounded hopeful.

“No. You’re still old! And I’m only nine!” She turned from him and went back to playing with Poe. She’d forgotten Mr. Fae was even there, until he sat down next to her as she took out a book. Poe was worn out by now, and rolled in the flowers nearby. She looked over at the man as he sat next to her, and frowned.

“Why are you still here?”

He looked at her from the corners of his eyes, and said in a musical voice, “I am trying to change your mind. I can’t do that by not showing up.”

She shrugged, and went back to her book. If she just ignored him, maybe he would go away.

About an hour later, she looked up and found that he really was gone. The sun was setting, and she smiled as she got up to go home. She didn’t notice the note that was slipped between the pages of her book.

The next morning, when she opened her book to read before school, the note fell out, and she looked at it, puzzled.

She picked it up, and opened it. It read, “I have not forgotten your promise. I will never give up.” She sighed, and threw the note away. Mr. Fae was getting annoying.

She was dismayed to once again find him waiting for her at the gate, to walk her to school.

And after school, her friends stared at him. One said, “Haven’t I seen that man before, Ilana?”

Ilana shook her head impatiently and walked right past the Fae man, on her way back home.

She didn’t even look at him when she got Poe, or when she walked to the meadow. She secretly admired the flowers, but didn’t let him see that she loved them.

She sort of resented him for not leaving her alone. She wasn’t able to have any fun because of it; she threw the tennis ball to Poe over and over, but not with the same enthusiasm she usually had.

The man noticed how upset he was making Ilana, and frowned. When she sat down to read her book, and sat in front of her, so she had to look at him.

“Why do you not like that I’m here?”

Ilana frowned, and answered bluntly, “You annoy me. You should just give up, leave me alone! I don’t want you here!”

She flinched a little at the pain in his eyes as he stood up. “If you’ll be happier without me here… I’ll leave.” He started walking away, but turned around before he disappeared into the woods once more. “Good bye, Ilana.” Once more, all that retreated into the woods was a bright white light.

She sighed, thankful that he was finally gone, and looked back down at her book. She stared for a few moments, and then blinked, holding up the bracelet that lay on the page. It was silver, with a little silver bell on the clasp.

A Fairy bracelet… Those were supposedly very valuable, very rare. She frowned, unsure of what to do with it. She knew it was from him, just like the flowers were, and she would feel bad if she didn’t accept it. She sighed, exasperated, and clipped the bracelet around her wrist. It made a beautiful sound when it jingled.

The next day, the flowers were gone, just like last year.

Chapter 3 :: The Story

Ilana woke up three-hundred and sixty-three days later, expecting the constant annoyance of the Fae man. She sat up slowly, glad that at least she had school both today and tomorrow. She would only have to deal with him part of the day.

She still wore the bracelet around her wrist though. Her friends had admired it so much when she’d worn it to school the day after she got it. They’d liked it so much, that Ilana began to like it as well. Now, she almost never took it off. The gentle jingle as she moved had become a comfort to her.

Maybe it’s Fairy magic…?

She shrugged. She still didn’t like the Fae man. He was going to be annoying her, just like the last two years.

She tip toed to the door, and peeked out the spy-hole. No one in sight…

She opened the door, and stepped onto the front steps. Still no curly black hair waiting for her…

She was puzzled, but not unhappy. She skipped down to the gate, but cautiously, still expecting to see the Fae man following her silently, annoying her constantly. She got all the way to school without seeing him, and smiled to herself. She HAD gotten rid of him, finally!

Or so she thought.

She stepped into her classroom, and there he stood at the front of the room. She stopped suddenly, and her jaw dropped.

On the board was written, “Mr. F.” She stared at it, and then at the class.

She trudged to her desk and put her things down next to it.

One of her friends raised her hand, and when the Fae man looked up, she squeaked, “Mr. F., have you subbed here before? I feel like I’ve seen you before…”

“Mr. F.” shook his head and smiled. “No, this is my first time as a substitute at this school.” The students all smiled at his smile, except for Ilana.

All the students were in class now, and the Fae man introduced himself. “Hello, students. My name is Mr. F., and I’ll be you substitute teacher today. I’m sorry to say that Mrs. Brune came down with a nasty cold this morning. So, she couldn’t get the plan book to me. Which means,” he pulled out a book. “That we are going to wing it today.”

The class cheered. Ilana just sat and stared glumly.

The Fae man opened the book to the first page, and started reading the story to the bunch of children.

As much as Ilana was trying to be grumpy, as she listened to the story she needed to find out what was going to happen next. She got drawn into the magic of story-telling, and was soon paying rapt attention to the Fae man’s musical voice.

The Fae man was telling a story unlike any that the children had heard; that was because it was a fairy’s story. He told the legend of the man who brought the Fairy Queen the moon to prove his love for her. She had rejected his confessions of love, but being kind and not wanting to hurt the man’s feelings, she’d said she would only marry him if he could do the impossible and bring her the moon, that waxes and wanes, and shines at night but is nearly invisible during the daytime. The man had searched and searched, but could not find the moon that he could bring to the Fairy Queen; for who could bring the moon from the sky?

It took him years, but he found the moon. There was a legendary Fairy ring with a stone in it that acted exactly as the moon did. It waxed, it waned, it shone at night, and could not be seen well during the day. It was called the Little Moon.

He was an old man by the time he found this precious item, but he still loved the Fairy Queen, and brought it to her. She was sure of his undying love for her then, and became his wife. She even restored his youth to him and made him immortal, to live by her side forever.

The Fae man finished this story, and looked up at the class, his gaze resting on Ilana for an extra few moments. She met his gaze, but she frowned, and crossed her arms. She felt like he was reminding her of what she’d promised him, much the same as the Fairy Queen.

The rest of the day was spent doing crafts, and once or twice Ilana could tell the Fae man was using Fairy magic.

All of her classmates loved him. The girls wished they were allowed to date older men because of him, and the boys all wanted to play sports with him, and a few of them, seeing how much all the girls liked him, even asked him for advice concerning the girls they liked.

But Ilana wasn’t fooled. She kept her arms crossed the whole time.

When the bell rang for class to get out, the students waved goodbye to the Fae man cheerfully, hoping they would see him again soon.

“Miss Ilana, please stay after for a few minutes,” he called as she was walking out the door. Her friends looked at her, and thought how lucky she was. They giggled and waved goodbye to her.

She rolled her eyes and trudged back into the class. When all of the students left, the Fae man smiled at Ilana, and said, “You’re still wearing it.” His smile was so gentle, but Ilana still frowned.

“Didn’t you say you were going to leave me alone?” Was all that she said.

His smile was replaced with a look of utter innocence. “I thought maybe you had changed your mind by now?”

She shook her head, still grumpy. “No. I have not.”

The Fae man shrugged, and sat back in the teacher’s chair. “I will never give up.”

She shrugged as well, and left the room. She nearly ran back home to get Poe, and ran all the way to the meadow. She was sure she would beat him there.

She stepped through the colorful flowers, looking every which way, and grinned when she didn’t see him. She walked through the flowers to the spot she always sat at in the shade, and stifled a scream when she saw the Fae man laying on his back there.

He opened his eyes, and smiled up at her. “Hello, Ilana.”

She glared at him, and he stood up, giving her spot back to her.

He was silent the rest of the day, just watching her and smiling gently. He walked her back to her house, and then disappeared, and the bight light floated, bobbing up and down and side to side, toward the woods.

The next day, Ilana was glad to have her normal teacher back. But the Fae man had walked her to school, and any of her classmates who’d seen her asked her about it.

“He saw me on the way to school and decided to bug me,” she lied. Her friends all gasped, and wondered why Ilana wasn’t as happy about it as they would have been.

She cheered up in class, when everyone was doing a project about dogs.

After school, when the Fae man stood waiting for Ilana, her friends stared at him in an odd way.

“Have I… seen him somewhere before?” One of them asked, in deep thought.

Another said, “Yeah, he seems familiar… Maybe we’ve had him as a sub a long time ago or something.” They shrugged, and went on talking about Mr. F. as they’d been doing previously.

Ilana stood there, very confused, and crossed her arms in front of the Fae man. “What did you do to their minds?”

He smiled gently, and patted Ilana on the head. “I only gave myself in their memories a different form. You had to lie this morning because of me.” He looked down. “I don’t want you to have to lie for me.”

“Then just go away. If they don’t see you with me they won’t wonder.” She started walking, and the Fae man silently followed. He was silent the rest of the day. He walked beside her and watched her play with Poe, and sat next to her as she read.

She was silent as well, and refused to look at him. She was going to pretend he wasn’t there.

When she got home that day, there was something on her bed. It had bright paper wrapped around it. She frowned, and went to it, wondering if her parents had gotten her a late birthday present. She slowly tore the paper away, and frowned when she saw the storybook the Fae man had read to the class. She held it, and looked around, hoping he wasn’t in her room. She was alone though, and she placed the book on her bookshelf without much care.

The next day, the flowers in the meadow were gone.

Chapter 4 :: The Necklance

Another nearly-year passed, and Ilana woke up, determined not to notice the Fae man. Her past resentment had settled into a sort of tolerance. He would follow her, and she knew there was nothing she could do about it. She probably wouldn’t smile much, but she would not be as angry as she was last year. She even felt bad for the Fae man a few days after “the day before” and “yesterday.” She really had been very mean. She’d re-read the story a few times when she was bored, and it had softened her mind a little.

She stepped out the front door for school, and nodded at him. “Still No, but go ahead and follow me. I’ll just pretend you’re not there anyway.” He nodded and smiled brightly. He considered this to be a step closer to her undying love.

He followed her silently the whole day, and she went about her business as if he weren’t there. He was able to watch her be herself, for once in so long.

At the end of the day, he smiled as he walked her to her door. He had said no more than a few words all day.

“Thank you, Ilana. Thank you for letting me be with you today.”

Ilana shrugged, and said, “You’re welcome. But I still don’t like you.”

He smiled and vanished. Ilana watched the bright white light bob away, then went inside. That wasn’t too bad.

The next day went much the same as the previous. The only difference was that Ilana would occasionally glance up at him. He would always be looking away when she did, but she knew he was always watching her. She frowned slightly, but shrugged it off as she played with Poe in the meadow filled with beautiful flowers.

She was sitting against a tree reading her book, when the Fae man said from behind her, “Don’t be startled.” She had jumped slightly at the sound, because she’d nearly forgotten he was there. She saw his hands come from behind the tree. They held a silver necklace that matched the bracelet. His hands went behind her neck as he clasped it around her, and then disappeared again. She heard some shuffling as he sat back down on the other side of the same tree.

She raised her hand to the necklace, looking down. There was no jingly bell on the necklace. It was a locket, of silver that seemed to glow. Ilana frowned in thought, and then went back to her book as if nothing had happened. But the necklace was on her mind the whole time, and as she walked back home, she wondered what was inside the locket.

She didn’t even say goodbye as she walked into her house. When she was up in her room, she flicked on the light and sat on her bed. She unclasped the locket from around her neck, and opened it slowly. It was empty.

How anti-climactic.

The next day, the flowers in the meadow were gone.

Chapter 5 :: The Picture

As the next almost-year passed, Ilana grew to love the locket she had. It was very pretty, and it made her smile. She still didn’t like the Fae man all that much, but she thought she might be able to have an actual conversation with him this time, as long as he wasn’t being annoying.

When she woke up on “the day before,” she blearily opened her eyes, and blinked a few times. She reeled back with a scream. The Fae man was sitting at her desk!

Her mom heard Ilana scream, and rushed upstairs to her room. “Ilana, what’s wrong, sweety?” She looked around the room, and then back at her daughter.

“Th-the…” She realized that her mother must not be able to see him, and stammered to a stop. “Er… bad dream. Sorry I scared you.”

Her mother frowned, but nodded and closed her door.

Once Ilana heard her mother’s footsteps on the ground floor again, she shot a glare at the Fae man and hissed, “What the heck are you doing in my room?!”

He smiled and said, “Wishing you a happy Thursday,” as he stood up.

She blinked. “But… IN MY ROOM?!” She pulled the blanket up to her chin, as if it would shield her.

“Why not? One day you’ll marry me, so it shouldn’t matter.”

“GET OUT!” She hissed at him, throwing her alarm clock at him.

He smiled, rubbing the spot where the alarm clock had hit, and bowed. “As you wish.” He became the bright white light again, and fluttered out her open window.

Note to self: keep window closed…

She got ready hastily, and made her way downstairs for a quick breakfast with her mom, dad and little brother.

“Ilana, why were you screaming?” Her little brother popped his head in front of hers before she got to the table.

“I had a bad dream.” She said, a bit testily.

Her brother frowned, and nodded. “I hate bad dreams! They make me scared…” He was five.

Ilana ruffled the top of his head, and said, “If you ever have a bad dream just call your big sister and I’ll pound the scary dreams to the ground.”

He giggled, and clapped his hands. He really loved his big sister.

Ilana’s mom and dad smiled, and they ate breakfast, before she ran out the door. She didn’t want to be late for school. She ran past the Fae man, toward school.

He ran to catch up, and came up next to her. “Hold on tight.” He took her hand, and they both vanished. Split seconds later they reappeared a few meters in front of the back wall of the school. No one was in sight. Ilana stood motionless.

“... What just happened?” She asked, bewildered, and a bit annoyed.

“I helped you get here on time, now hurry, before the bell rings.” The Fae man disappeared again, and Ilana watched the white light drift away. She slowly recovered her wits, and shook her head, running around the school to the front.

This was just too much for a twelve-year-old girl to deal with.

She was barely paying attention in class, but managed not to get any detentions. She was so amazed by the feeling of being one place, and then another, at least a mile away, the next moment!

She walked out of the school in a daze, and right past the Fae man. He smiled gently at her, and followed behind.

He was silent until they got to the meadow, filled with color.

“Did I surprise you that much?” He asked, stepping in front of her.

Ilana stared at him for a few moments, and frowned a little. “What was that?”

He smiled, and shrugged. “It was just simple teleportation.”

She looked at him in disbelief. “Simple? You can do better?” She crossed her arms, skeptical. She’d always believed in fairies, and knew a few little things about them, but she didn’t know even half of what they could do.

He smiled, and ran his hand through his hair. “I can do much more.”

The wind picked up, and blew Ilana’s golden hair around her face. A broken log a little way off lifted, and drifted closer to them. Before her eyes, it was tripped of its bark and much of the wood underneath, until nothing but a thin, square plank remained.

The plank hovered, fixed in the air, as clay from the stream, grass, some flowers… the pure pigment of the things surrounding the Fae man dropped onto the plank. The orange of a tulip became the setting sun’s sky, yellow from a daffodil became the sun. The greenest of the grass around them became the wind-blown tree leaves, and before Ilana’s eyes the beautiful picture was created, with fairy magic.

The plank hovered to her hands, and she grasped it carefully. As she gazed at it, she was surprised at what she saw. It looked as if the wood itself was all the colors of the picture. She got the feeling that nothing would take that color away.

She looked up slowly. “What is your name?” She asked. She’d just realized that she hadn’t ever asked him. He’d always been “that annoying Fairy-man” to her.

He smiled gently, eyes bright. “My name is-” He grinned. “Wait a moment.”

And Ilana felt she knew just what was coming.

“I’ll tell you my name, but only if you do something for me.”

She crossed her arms, and shrugged. “Alright, then I don’t want to know it.”

She threw the tennis ball in her pocket to Poe, and the Fae man just stood there, frowning. He’d thought for sure it would work.

But he wasn’t giving up so easily. As Ilana was reading, she was smiling. If she was able to smile in his presence, he was making progress.

The next day, Ilana was in a good mood. But when the Fae man glanced at her hopefully, she shook her head and crossed her arms. “I’m not going to marry you!”

He smiled though, and walked her to school.

And on the way back, he did little tricks with his Fae magic for her. She pretended not to notice or enjoy them, but he could see the flicker in her eyes as she watched from the corners of them.

He was silent the whole time in the meadow, just watching, and talking to the animals. Once when Ilana looked over at him, he was holding his hand out to a gold finch, which landed on it with a musical chirp. He mimicked the sound perfectly, and held a conversation with the little animal. She smiled a little.

As she stepped through the gate to go inside, she stopped suddenly when the Fae man called her name softly. She sighed, rolling her eyes, but turned around nonetheless. “Yes?”

He smiled, and said softly, “My name is Fion.” Before she could say a word, he turned into that little ball of bright light, and floated away.

The next day, the flowers in the meadow were gone.

Chapter 6 :: The River

The new teenager woke up with a smile on her face three-hundred and sixty-three days later. She would have to see Fion again, but she didn’t think she’d be nearly as annoyed with him as she had in the past. Besides, today was different. Yesterday they’d announced at school that there was going to be a carnival today.

She pulled on her clothes over her growing body and clasped on the jingly bracelet. Then came the locket, which still remained empty.

She sighed before she opened the door to go outside. This day had become almost like a Holiday for her, even if it wasn’t a very pleasant one so far.

She nodded at Fion as she walked past him, and toward her school. He seemed encouraged by this recognition, and followed with a smile.

“You seem to be in a good mood, Ilana,” he commented, drawing up beside her.

She nodded. “Today we’re having a fair at school.” She rubbed her hands together, ready to have fun.

He smiled, and left her at the door to the school.

As he sat invisible on a bench outside the school, he could hear the fun from the back. He smiled as he picked up Ilana’s happy laugh, and knew that she was truly enjoying herself.

When she came out of the school, laden with prizes, he smiled. She didn’t know it, but the locket she wore was good luck. She’d most likely won more than 80 per-cent of the games she’d played since she started wearing it.

“Did you have fun, Ilana?”

She glanced at him, and looked as if she were about to frown, but didn’t. “Yeah. I did. And look what I won!” She held up a keychain. It was a little flower made of colored glass and metal. She held it up to the sun, and it sparkled in her eyes. She smiled again, and hid the trinket in her pocket.

Fion followed her to the meadow, once again strewn with flowers of all sorts. Ilana picked one and smelled it, then put it in her hair. She caught Fion smiling brightly at her, and frowned slightly. “I’m still not going to marry you, so don’t get your hopes up. I’m just in a good mood is all.” She crossed her arms, her trademark, but smiled and said, calling Poe, “I wanted to check out the big river that the stream feeds into. You might as well come, Fion. I know you will even if I ask you not to.”

He shook his head. “Nay, if you asked me not to I would not.” He waited.

“Well, I’m not asking you not to come…” She turned and followed a slim path down the stream.

After a half-hour’s hike through the woods, they came upon the river. It was big, and fast, and the banks were steep.

“Watch your step, Ilana,” cautioned Fion, stepping over a small but jutting rock in the path.

She nodded vaguely, but waved her hand to dismiss him. She gazed at the fast water, and sat down on the bank to rest a while.

Fion sat beside her, and smiled.

“Hey, Fion,” Ilana’s voice was slightly quieter than it had been before.

“Yes?” He turned his gaze to her.

She fumbled in her pocket, and held up the flower keychain. “I actually wanted to give this to you, since you didn’t get to have any fun today…” She was looking away, being stubborn. Fion smiled gently.

“Are you sure there’s no hope of you marrying me?”

Her eyebrows scrunched up, and she frowned. “Of course I’m sure. I’ve told you already. I was just trying to be nice.” She crossed her arms again.

“I will never give up, Ilana.” She humphed, and held the keychain out for him to take. He reached out to take it, but she let go too fast, not wanting there to be an awkward touching of the hands. The keychain fell to the ground, slid down the bank, and bounced toward the water.

Ilana gasped, and leaned out over the water to grab the keychain. She caught it, but lost her balance. Fion reached for her hand, but she was too hesitant to take it and fell into the water.

“ILANA!” Fion dove into the water after her. It was icy. He stopped trying to swim to her when he no longer heard her scream. One moment, he was swimming behind her, the next, he was right in front of and under her. He caught her round the waist before she sank to far, and the next moment, they were both safely on the bank, far from the rushing water under the shade of the trees.

Ilana coughed up some water, and wiped her eyes. Her eyes were wide with shock and cold, and she clung to herself for warmth.

Fion cursed the clouds that were rolling in, blocking the warm sun. It was still mid-Spring, and the days were chilly some years. Why did this have to be a cold year?

“F-f-f-fion…” Ilana started, but he put his finger to her mouth.

“Don’t speak. Save your energy, and don’t let any heat escape from your mouth.”

She obeyed, and shivered.

Fion frowned, and gently wiped the wet hair from Ilana’s face. He wished he knew how to produce heat for her. She already looked as if she would faint.

“Hold on Ilana. I’ll take you home.”

Before she could protest, he’d picked her up and stood up. He concentrated, and in the next moment they were a few blocks from Ilana’s home. He ran the rest of the way, and pounded on the door.

In a few moments Ilana’s mother opened the door and gasped.

Before she could get a word in, Fion handed her daughter over to her. “She fell in the river,” he panted.

Ilana’s mother surveyed Fion, wet and worn out, and put the rest of the pieces together. She was puzzled, but thanked him gratefully and asked him to please come inside and dry off.

He nodded with a smile, and followed her inside. Ilana was still shivering, and that worried Fion… but hopefully with a warm change of clothes and some blankets she would be okay.

Even after an hour, she was fully dried and was in bed, but still shivering. Her mother took her temperature and it red over 100 degrees, so they called the doctor.

When Fion asked if he could stay a little longer to see how the girl was doing, her parents didn’t object, and so he sat in their living room, fully dried, for a while. Soon a little boy of six or so peeked from behind a wall at him. He glanced over and smiled.

The boy came out fully and inched closer.

“Mister, are you a Fairy?” He asked.

Fion smiled and said, “What gives you that idea, little boy?” He wasn’t at all surprised that Ilana’s little brother would have the same belief in fairies as his sister.

“I don’t know, I just felt like asking.” The boy shrugged.

Fion shrugged in turn. “Maybe I am, maybe I am not.”

When the doctor came by and checked on Ilana, he gave a good report. “With some rest and nourishment, she’ll be fine. I’ve given her something to bring down her fever.”

Fion, knowing that Ilana would be alright, kindly thanked the family for letting him stay so long, even after he was dried.

“Would it be alright if I come by tomorrow to see how the girl is doing? I wouldn’t feel right unless I knew she was fine.” He looked from Ilana’s mother, to her father, and they both nodded.

“We can’t thank you enough for saving her…” Ilana’s mother looked so relieved. “Come by whenever you like, Mister Smith.” He’d given them the name Tom Smith.

He nodded and thanked them again, and then left.

The next day, he rang the doorbell at Ilana’s house, and smiled when her father beckoned him in. “She’s so much better today. She woke up this morning and the fever was already gone, but she’s stayed in bed.”

He led Fion upstairs to Ilana’s room, and knocked on the door gently.

When Fion walked through the door, Ilana stared at him for a moment, and then shook herself. She was shocked by the look of relief on his face at seeing her.

Her father left the room to get the soup Ilana’s mother was making for her, and Ilana beckoned Fion closer. He was all too willing to comply with her wish.

“Thank you, Fion…” She whispered, and placed in his hand the keychain she’d been saving when she fell.

Fion smiled and raised his eyebrows hopefully.

She laughed a little and said, “Don’t think this means I’m going to marry you.”

But he didn’t frown. He pocketed the keychain, and stood up. When Ilana’s father came back with the soup, he bowed slightly and took his leave of the family. When he was out of sight of the house, he stopped by a large oak tree and took out the keychain. It was now his most cherished possession. He smiled, held it to his heart, and vanished and floated away, an extra bright white ball of light.

The next day, the flowers in the meadow were gone.

Chapter 7 :: The Ice Cream Cone

Three-hundred and sixty-three days later Ilana was actually looking forward to the next two days. Since last year’s incident, she’d thought about it hard, and decided she would be Fion’s friend.

She hummed as she opened the door to play outside. It was Saturday, and she didn’t have school. Fion waited by the gate as usual, and smiled and waved when he spotted her. She smiled back, and said as she walked up to him. “I’ve decided to promote you to the status of friend.” At his hopeful expression, “But I’m not marrying you! It’s not going to happen!” She crossed her arms in her usual fashion.

He only smiled and ruffled the hair on top of her head.

“Hey don’t do that!” She patted her hair back down, pouting.

Fion smiled again and bowed. “Of course.”

Poe barked and started running off toward the meadow, and jumped through the flowers when he got there. Ilana threw the ball across the meadow and Poe dashed off the get it. She asked Fion to join her once, but he slowly shook his head and smiled. “If I was playing, I wouldn’t be able to see your smile,” he said.

She rolled her eyes but smiled, and kept on playing.

Ilana started climbing a tree, and when she got to the top, she looked out over the forest. The Spring leaves were bright green, and she sighed happily.

“Hey, Fion, you should come see this view!” She called down to him. He was standing at the base of the tree in moments. He was smiling up at her, before she knew it, he appeared next to her on the branch.

She jumped, and said, “God, that scares me!”

He frowned, and said, “Then I will stop doing it, Ilana. I don’t want to scare you.”

She smiled a little, but mumbled, “Still no, Fion.”

“Oh, dang.” Fion frowned and swung his arm.

Ilana climbed down the tree, and sat down at the base of it to read for a while. Fion landed on the ground next to her, and sat down. The tree was large enough for him to sit against it and still be next to her.

She smiled as she was reading her book and pointed out words to Fion when she didn’t know them.

It was, all together, a good afternoon for both of them, and Ilana waved goodbye at her gate.

The next morning, Ilana didn’t get out of the house until after lunch. She ran down the steps of her house and down the path to the gate, but when she looked up Fion wasn’t there waiting for her. She frowned and looked around, wondering if he’d somehow forgotten. Or given up? She wanted him to give up trying to get her to marry him, but not to stop coming to see her… She’d come to enjoy these two days a year with him like they were a vacation.

She looked around with a frown. She looked down the road one way, and jumped slightly when someone tapped her on the shoulder.
She turned and smiled when she saw Fion standing there. He was holding something out to her.

“Ice cream?” She asked, taking it.

Fion nodded, licking his own ice cream. “Do you not like Ice Cream…?” He asked, worried that he’d made the wrong choice.

“No, no! I love Ice Cream!” She smiled and licked it happily as they walked off to the meadow. They spent the afternoon in the sun and shade, and by the stream. But Ilana had to go home early that day, and she ran through her front door smiling.

Fion sighed. I’m getting closer…

The next day, the flowers in the meadow were gone.

Chapter 8 :: The Other Girl

Ilana sighed as she woke up three-hundred and sixty-three days later. She turned in bed and looked at the time.

“Dang! It’s already one o’clock!” She regretted staying up so late last night with her friends now. She hoped Fion was still waiting for her…
She got up and dressed hastily, and ran down the stairs.

She busted through the door and down the steps. She smiled to see Fion standing, waiting for her as usual.

“Let’s go. And still no.” She whistled for Poe to come, and grinned as she walked off to the meadow, filled with bright flowers.

Fion was fairly silent the whole time. He said the occasional answer to a question, but other than that he just sat and watched Ilana play with Poe.

“Wow! What pretty flowers!” Both Fion and Ilana looked up as a little girl, possibly 8 or so years old, ran into the meadow.

The girl stuck her nose into one of the flowers and sniffed, then sneezed. “Haha!”

Ilana made her way over to the girl, and tilted her head. “Hello there. Who are you?”

“I’m Mellissa!” The little girl smiled and then spotted Fion. She smiled brightly and ran up to him. “Hey, Mister, why are your eyes yellow like that?”

Fion smiled down at the little girl and said, “Because the fairies sparkled their dust on me when I was born.”

Mellissa’s eyes widened and sparkled. “Are you a fairy then?”

“Not as such,” he answered with a grin. Ilana remembered those words.

“Mr. Fairy, show me your magic!” She held her fists up to her chest, eager.

Fion smiled and nodded. “Of course,” He held out his hand and a flower appeared there. He put it in Mellissa’s hair, and the girl giggled and grinned. She took his hand and pulled him around the clearing, making him do this and that. He never refused.

Ilana felt a little forgotten, but kept playing with Poe. Maybe this girl would make him give up on her.

When she stopped playing to read her book, Fion still played with Mellissa, and she frowned a little. The normal swing of things had been broken and she didn’t really like that.

When Mellissa waved goodbye to Fion, and then to Ilana as if she’d forgotten she was there, Fion made his way smiling to Ilana.

“Looks like you had fun, Fion,” she said looking up.

He nodded and sat down. “Yes, Mellissa has a lot of energy. And she reminds me of you in a way.” He looked over at her and smiled.

Ilana smiled, but it was half hearted.

The next day when Ilana woke up, she sighed again. School today.

She was downstairs and out the door in ten minutes, and smiled at Fion.

Fion whistled a tune as they walked to school, and Ilana wondered what it was. It was really pretty.

The usual school routine played out, except that this time when Ilana’s friends saw him waiting for her, they squealed and asked if he was her boyfriend. When she said no, they all grinned. “Then he’s fair game for us!” They had squealed, and Ilana rolled her eyes.

When Fion and Ilana got to the meadow this time, Mellissa was already waiting there, playing in the flowers. Fion smiled and waved.

Mellissa looked up, and waved energetically at him. “Mr. Fairy! Come look!” She held a caterpillar in her hand, and Fion smiled and pet it gently. Ilana ignored them and threw the ball to Poe.

“Mellissa, I think you should go home now,” Fion said after an hour or so. “I bet your parents are worried about you.”

She shook her head and smiled more. “No, I want to stay and play with you!”

Fion frowned, and shook his head. “No, I’m sorry but I have things I need to do now.”

Ilana listened with interest.

Mellissa frowned and pouted, and even started crying when Fion kept telling her to go home. She eventually ran out of the clearing wiping tears from her cheeks.

Fion turned to Ilana and said gently, “I’ll be right back Ilana.” With that he disappeared.

Ilana frowned and couldn’t help thinking that he was going to get something for Mellissa. She sighed and sat down with her book. This year, her friend had gotten her into manga, so she didn’t have her usual chapter stories. She started where she’d left off, but didn’t get far before she fell asleep.

She had a dream about Fion and Mellissa. She saw Fion playing with her, and doing more and more things for the girl, forgetting all about her. In her dream she frowned. No, Fion! You’re supposed to want me to marry you, not HER! She didn’t even want to marry him, and yet she was jealous of Mellissa. Why?!

She woke up with a start, and looked around. The sun was getting lower in the sky, and she wondered how long she’d been sleeping. She spotted Fion, sitting next to her. She shook herself awake and said, “How long was I asleep…?”

“Well, I got back an hour or so ago,” Fion said smiling at her.

“Where did you go, anyway?” She rubbed her eyes.

“I had to get something for someone special.” He closed his eyes.

“For Mellissa?” She couldn’t help the slight malice in her voice.

He shrugged. “Well, Mellissa is a very nice girl. She really reminds me of you when you were her age…” He leaned his head against the tree.

“Then why don’t you ask her to marry you?” She managed to not sound mean there.

Fion looked over at her, surprised. “Because she is not you. I meant it when I said I would never give up, Ilana.”

Ilana blinked twice, and then crossed her arms and looked away. “Well, you may as well give up. I’m not marrying you.” But why was she happy that he didn’t like Mellissa more than her?

Fion smiled and held out his hand. In it was a little music box.

She blinked and looked at it, puzzled.

“I said I was getting something for someone special, didn’t I?”

She smiled and took the music box, winding it up. The tune was gentle, beautiful, soothing. She closed her eyes and leaned her head against the tree.

“The answer is still no, Fion,” she smiled.

The next day, the flowers in the meadow were gone.

Chapter 9 :: The Lights

Three-hundred and sixty-three days passed, and Ilana was at her gate, looking around. Fion was late… Has he finally giving up?

No. She looked up and saw the bright white light. She smiled and waved at it, wondering why he wasn’t in human form. She shrugged, and walked to school, the light following her silently.

When she got out of school, she saw Fion waiting for her and smiled.

“What was up this morning?” She asked.

He smiled and said, “It was nothing important, Ilana.” He looked up at the sky as he walked slowly next to her.

That day was pretty laid back. Poe didn’t want to play for very long, so they all lounged in the Spring sun’s warmth. The flowers gave the meadow a wonderful aroma, and lulled both Poe and Ilana to sleep.

While Poe dreamt of the world’s largest tennis ball and Ilana dreamt of happy things, Fion sat and thought.

Ilana had grown up so much… she looked like a woman now. She was even more beautiful than ever, and Fion closed his eyes and turned his face to the sun.

As she lay there on the soft grass next to him, he heard her mumble something in her sleep. “Poe, put that down…”

He laughed and then stopped when he heard what she said next in that happy dream of hers.

“Fion…” She had a frown on her face though. He had to wonder what was happening in her dream. But then the frown was replaced with the peaceful smile.

He stared at her smiling face, and before he knew it was leaning closer. He gently kissed her, and then realized what he was doing. He sat up strait, scolding himself for taking advantage of a sleeping woman.

But she was too beautiful.

When she woke up a few minutes later, she rubbed her eyes and asked if something was wrong with Fion.

“No, my beauty, nothing is wrong.” He smiled gently, forgetting about what had happened. Ilana was smiling at him, and that was all he ever needed.

“Did you have a nice dream?” He asked, glancing at her from the corners of his eyes.

She shrugged. “I dunno, I don’t remember it.” She frowned in thought, and then shrugged again.

The next day, after school, Fion seemed to be a bit different.

“Ilana, don’t come to the meadow until later today, okay?” He had asked.

She titled her head. “Why?” She had brought a new book with her to read amongst the flowers.

He grinned and said, “It’s a surprise!”

With that he disappeared and floated away as the bright white light.

She shrugged, and was a little disappointed, but went home that day.

It was nearly 7 when she did make her way to the meadow. She hadn’t been able to leave until after dinner. But she still had about two hours of daylight, so she could still go out.

She stepped into the flowered meadow and saw Fion sitting on the lowest branch of a tree.

“Hey, Fion!” She called.

He smiled at her, and jumped down. They went about the day as usual.

But when she got up to leave as the sun was setting, Fion took her hand gently. “Wait, stay a little bit longer.”

She shrugged and sat back down against the tree. They were both silent, just sitting there as it got darker.

And then, “Look up, Ilana.”

She looked up, and stared in amazement. The tree above them had millions of tiny but bright white lights hanging. When she looked around, the other trees around the meadow lit up in the same way, and each and every flower glittered. She stood up and looked around in amazement.

“They’re… beautiful!” She exclaimed, eyes glittering.

“They’re all for you. For you alone, Ilana.” Fion was whispering in her ear, and she shivered a little, and flinched away.

“But the answer is still no, Fion.” She smiled, and took his hand in hers. “You are my good friend, Fion. But I won’t marry you.”

“I will not give up, my beauty.”

The next day, the flowers in the meadow were gone.

Chapter 10 :: The Change of Mind

Ilana woke up three-hundred and sixty-three days later with mixed feelings about the day. She would be glad to see Fion, but she had some apprehensions for some reason.

It might be because of James…

Yesterday, her classmate James had asked her on a date. She hadn’t given him an answer, but was thought she would say yes.

She sighed in bed, and got up to dress. She would say yes… but not today.

She met Fion at her gate and smiled. Her friend for two days of the year was always there.

As he walked her to school that day, he tilted his head. “Are you okay, Ilana? You seem distracted.”

She shrugged and shook her head. “I’ve just got a lot to think about. No biggie.”

Fion wasn’t convinced, but he didn’t pry further.

After school that day, Ilana seemed even more confused. She had told James she needed a few more days to think about it. He had looked disappointed, but nodded and smiled.

Ilana was so deep in thought that she nearly walked right past the meadow, flower strewn and beautiful.

“Are you sure you’re alright, Ilana? You don’t want to talk about something?” Fion was gazing at her over a flower he was holding to his nose. It had a lovely scent.

Ilana shook her head. “No, I’m fine.” She stood up and smiled, then called Poe to her. She threw him the ball a few times, and smiled. But Poe was getting older, and so he didn’t want to play as long as he used to. Soon he was on his back in the flowers, tongue lolling from the side of his mouth.

She smiled and shook her head and her dog, and got her book. She sighed, and looked around.

“Fion?” She called. He was nowhere to be seen.

She frowned, but looked down at her book. She absentmindedly shook her wrist; the sound of the jingling bell soothed her immensely, and she smiled. She was amazed with the bracelet. She swore it had gotten bigger since she got it, since her wrist had grown considerably. But it always fit perfectly. And the shine it had the first day she got it was still there. No matter how dirty she got, the bracelet always seemed to glow.

She blinked when a bouquet of bright flowers was thrust under her nose. She looked up at Fion. He was smiling gently, holding the flowers out to her.

She smiled and took them, and inhaled the intoxicating aroma.

“The answer is still no, Fion.” She closed her eyes.

The next day Ilana was wavering in her decision of answering James. She wasn’t so sure anymore if she would say Yes. She didn’t know why.

After school that day, Ilana was almost sure she would tell James No. She wondered why as she walked up to Fion. He was in light form again, and hovered by her head as she walked home to get Poe. She decided she would just take Poe on a walk today, and leave him at home when she went to the meadow. She clipped on the leash, and left with Fion hovering above her head. She thought a lot while she walked, and sighed a lot.

As soon as the walk was over, and she went to the meadow, Fion hovered in front of her and the next moment, stood in front of her.

“Are you really alright, Ilana?” He looked worried. “I can tell that something is wrong.”

She sighed, and shrugged. “It’s just that a classmate asked me on a date. I thought I was going to say yes, but I think I’m going to say no now.” She looked up at him and saw him frowning in thought.

“Is the answer always no with you?” He said it softly, very gently, and even smiled a little, but it struck her like a slap to the face.

She frowned and stared ahead of her. Maybe it is.

Fion saw that she seemed even worse now, and frowned. “Ilana…” He came forward and hugged her gently. It reminded her of when he saved her from the river… he’d been so warm.

“Thanks Fion,” she mumbled. “But still no,” she mumbled even quieter. That’s right… always no…

She was fairly mellow the rest of the day, but Fion didn’t give up in trying to make her smile. She did a few times, but then would be pulled back into her thoughts. What he didn’t know was that her thoughts were of him.

As they walked back to Ilana’s home, she was still deep in thought. Maybe...

Fion smiled gently at her, and gently took her hand when they stopped at her gate. “I will never give up, my fair one.” He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it, before vanishing into a bright white light that lingered there for a few moments, then fluttered off into the night.

And Ilana stood there, one hand to her heart, the other held out still. She knew now…. She’d changed her mind. About James, and about Fion. And she knew that she would have to go nearly a year with this feeling in her heart before she could see him again and tell him.

The next day, the flowers in the meadow were gone.

Chapter 11 :: The Ring

Ilana wasn’t sure what to think when she woke up three-hundred and sixty-three days later. She wasn’t sure if she should be happy that she was seeing Fion again, or scared because of what she felt. She wasn’t sure if she would be able to tell him… and then she’d have to wait a whole year again.

She stepped slowly out the door of her house, and saw Fion waiting for her, in the same place, the same 19- or 20-year-old face smiling at her…

She walked up to him and smiled a little.

His yellow eyes sparkled when she smiled, and he grinned.

They walked in silence to Ilana’s school.

After school, at the meadow… Ilana stood in the middle of the meadow, gazing at all those flowers. She smiled as soon as she saw them; they were Fion’s gift to her, for her alone. Seeing them meant seeing Fion…

Fion stood next to her, and she glanced over at him to see what he was doing. Of course, he was looking at her. “W-what?” She asked, blushing at the sight of his smile.

“I was just wondering what you were thinking about,” Fion leaned closer, and whispered, “Could you have been thinking about me?”

“N-no!” She walked away from him and sat against a tree, wishing she hadn’t just done that.

But he was unperturbed, and sat right next to her. Ilana jingled her bracelet to calm down, and smiled at the sound.

She closed her eyes, and before she knew it she’d fallen asleep, her head resting on Fion’s shoulder.

Fion smiled gently and stroked the hair out of Ilana’s face.

She didn’t sleep for long, and when she woke up to find her head in Fion’s lap now, she started and sat up hastily. She held herself up with one arm and rubbed her eyes with the other hand.

Fion was still smiling, and said, “Ilana. You sleep very peacefully.” She hadn’t made a sound the whole time.

She shrugged, and said, adjusting her hair, “It comes and it goes…”

She got her book out and opened it to the page she was on, and Fion sat back against the tree.

After maybe half an hour of silence, Ilana had calmed down completely. She was aware of Fion scooting closer now… If her legs were longer and not folded under herself, her foot would have brushed his.

“Ilana… will you close you eyes?” He was whispering.

She didn’t say a word, and closed her eyes, lifting her head a little.

“Will you hold out your hand?”

She lifted her hand slowly.

She heard Fion shuffle a little, and then felt his hands taking her outstretched one gently. Her heart nearly skipped a beat, but she kept her eyes closed.

One of his hands left hers, and she felt the warmth on her cheek as he stroked it. She tilted her head into his hand. She could feel him freeze for a moment, and then…

“Ilana, may I kiss you?”

After a long pause, she nodded, almost imperceptibly.

Fion leaned forward, and gently brushed her lips with his, finally making full contact after a few seconds.

The next day when Ilana woke up, she was even more confused. After he’d kissed her… Fion had suddenly disappeared.

She could still feel his lips on hers… she raised her fingers to her lips and make sure she really wasn’t being kissed at this very moment…

She dressed, and walked out the door. Fion was gone. He wasn’t there, like he usually was…

She walked down the street, towards her high school, and still did not see him. At school, she was distracted and unresponsive most of the time.

When she power-walked out of the school, and still didn’t see Fion, she frowned and looked down.

She didn’t stop at home to get Poe, she just ran straight to the meadow. He would be there… right?

She saw the flowers, the trees, and sky… But no Fion?

Had he only wanted one kiss from her? Were all his words lies?!

She sat down on the ground and put her head in her hands. She cried her heart out.

But in seconds, something made her look up. A bright white ball of light was shooting her way, and just as it seemed that it would collide with her, it turned into Fion, and he hugged her tight, almost knocking her over with the force of it.

“Ilana, don’t cry, don’t ever cry…” He stroked her hair gently.

She was breathless for a few seconds, but then threw her arms around him. “Where were you? I thought-”

“Ssshh, don’t even say it, Ilana.” His voice was soft. “I said I would never give up.”

Ilana sniffed, and smiled.

“I just had to go home, and get something.” He smiled, letting her go.

She smiled, and nodded. “Okay.”

She stood a bit awkwardly, and took out the book she’d carried here with her. Fion followed her to a spot in the grass not too far off, and sat down next to her.

Time seemed to speed up, and before she knew it the sun was setting.

Fion’s hand lightly brushed hers… her heart gave a little jump.

He held that hand up in front of them. She stared at it, afraid of looking him in the face.

Silently, he brought their hands closer, and rested the back of hers against his cheek. Ilana slowly turned her head to look at him. He shifted so that he was facing toward her, rather than just sitting next to her.

Neither of them spoke, and both of them moved so slowly. Fion’s hand came up to a lock of Ilana’s fair hair, and he brought it to his lips, kissed it, looked her in the eyes. He leaned forward and dropped her hand then, gently stroking her cheek. She closed her eyes.
He closed his eyes and leaned forward, closer, closer… When their lips were barely a centimeter away he stopped and they stayed like that for a few seconds, until Ilana leaned forward the rest of the way.

She shuffled her legs under her so that she was facing him, and slowly lifted a hand to rest on his chest. She could feel his heart beating underneath her hand.

He gently pulled away from the kiss, but leaned closer to her ear.

“So…” Fion whispered, close to her ear. “Is it safe for me to assume you’ve changed you mind…?”

She nodded.

“Will you marry me, Ilana?”

She nodded twice.

He gently pulled away, and revealed what he’d been holding in his hand this whole time.

He slid the ring onto her finger and kissed her hand, as she stared at the ring.

It shone. Like the moon…

She looked at him, puzzled. “Wh… this is… the Little Moon?”

He raised his eyebrows and smiled. “Call it a… family heirloom.”

Realization slowly made its way across her features.

“That story was not just a story… it’s the history of my family,” he whispered, kissing her again. “Be my Fairy Queen, Ilana.”

She lunged at him with a hug and said, “Yes.”

The next day, the flowers in the meadow…
Were still there.

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That's actually pretty SAD right now D: She basically told him to leave her alone ^^'
He's all saaadddd D:
Well, he has the APPEARANCE of someone who's 19 ;D
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Posted 6/24/09 , edited 6/25/09

The guy kinda reminds me of myself for some reason, I just don't know how or why........
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