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Kame House (lit. "Turtle House") is a house on a very small island in the middle of the sea. It is the home of Muten Roshi. This is where Kame students will learn new techniques from Master Roshi.The Turtle School is one of the martial arts schools founded by Master Roshi. Presumably continues the teachings of Roshi's former sensei Mutaito.

This is Master Roshi's symbol and is worn by the people he trains. It means Turtle or Kame.



PL = Meaning you need that amount of PL to learn
UP = Photos needed to upload
RPP = Forum posts needed
WP = Wall posts needed

Turtle Martial Arts School: Learning Technique

Name: Instant Transmission
Japanese Name: Shunkan Idou
PL: 250 ↑
UP: 10
RPP: 3
WP: 3

Name: Kaioken
Japanese Name: Kaioken
PL: 1,000 ↑
UP: 15
RPP: 8
WP: 5

Name: Ki Sword
Japanese Name: Ki no Tsurugi
PL: 500 ↑
UP: 12
RPP: 6
WP: 4

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