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Bullet Through the Heart

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Posted 6/24/09 , edited 9/19/09

...How far can Daina go to better the lives of these bad guys in her school? [Aka gang members]. ~ Will she have to get hurt somehow in the process? Cold attitudes. Bad manners. Violent. Appearance. Will these things just want to make her give up more? This has just become her extra curricular activity. That changed her life forever...


The side with the clear blue was better to stare at. The side that's gray and cloudy- just screams violent storm. It's in the middle of Summer...and I'm taking Summer School to get into the best colleges here- No matter what, no matter what class I take, I'll achieve and pass it with flying colors...It's what I want...I'm known as the 'smart nerd' in my school, the 'smart learner', the 'outcast'...My school isn't exactly what you call orientated. This year...a lot of changes happened. Gang members have added up in our district, all types of people. Mean, cruel, cold...Actually meeting a nice person would be nice...though I haven't extra curricular class after Summer School. I take one class after Summer School; That's what the board of Education have decided upon. They think it's best for me NOT to try and take classes DURING Summer School hours. This class is no ordinary class. I'm supposed to teach GANG MEMBERS what would become of their lives if they continued their crimes...I'm supposed to make better out of them, show them them I have potential for them...even though they don't. If they actually do change themselves...than the school would become a better place to learn at...

"We are glad you've decided on this, Daina!" The Board of Education spoke to me at my home. It was a rainy day.

"Yeah...but, are they ALL in gang association? What if they hurt me?" I wasn't exactly up for the idea at first- but than got more interested and into helping the lives of the helpless.

"Sadly yes...but this is usually because of they're life at home, in fact it's probably they're home lives that are the main problem...they won't hurt you...You have nothing to worry about." They assured me, but I didn't feel the sort of protection I was supposed to be feeling.

[ Today Is My First Day ]

The main objective was to ask them questions first- than show them how they CAN better their lives...with easy steps. I have to be determined and show them I'm for real.

My first client came from a very bad neighborhood- he was the LEADER of the gangs going on in this school...everyone tells me he's bad news- he's even KILLED people- assaulted them. But...How can I NOT try NOW?

"What is...your name?" I asked the shady looking kid slouching on the chair without a care.

"I don't think I'm obliged to answer that..." So he kept a hard case yet- but I was GOING to break him down!

"Well...who signed you to this program?" I asked casually, examining his behavior. He sure lived up to his hype...

"My sick mom." He answered. I kind of jumped.

"Oh..." I sighed silently.

He leaned in close and gave a wild look in his eyes. "Why do you CARE lady?"

"Because I do...I care for what you'll become..."

He cocked his head to the side scoffing, "What...BS!"

Was this just a wasted effort perhaps...? I thought.

"It's not BS!" I clutched at my hand will full strength, I WAS serious! And I didn't appreciate him making a mockery of what I was doing. It's for a good reason...

"Show me. Why don't you and your prissy self come by my neighbor tonight? If you do...than I'll believe your serious." I could feel his cool breath fan across my face- that's how close he was at the time.

I couldn't...I wasn't allowed. IT WAS- OUT OF THE QUESTION!

"Fine..." I said anyway. Eying him speculatively.

"Fine then. I guess were done here."

I shook my head in disapproval, "Wait! We just started! We still have an hour left...!"

I watched his back as he left, "No lady, I'm out. Be seeing you tonight though."

"It's not LADY! It's Daina..."

He cocked his head around, "Daina. That's a cool name." and than left.

My name is 'Cool'...?

I endured the rest of the gang members, difficult was ONE word I could describe them.

[ After School ]

The Board of Education had visited my home and asked about the first day- how it went. "So? How were the students toward you?"

"...Difficult." I sighed deeply.

"It is at first." They wouldn't know...they didn't see how I was treated.

I wasn't quite sure if they would to do what I was going to do tonight- they would disprove. So I kept silent about it. Even though I could GET killed. But something tells me I won't.

When they finally left I lied to my parents about where I was going tonight...My first lie. So naturally they would believe, I was going to my 'friends house.'

I would be going to the coldest, cruelest and violent part of town...oh dear. I made sure to bring a jacket though.

"Bye mom and dad! I'll call you as soon as I need to be picked up!" I announced as I left in no hurry at all, I loved my life...and I didn't want it to end. EVER.

I shivered already outside, the clouds meek and gray. The passing of the clouds were nice to stare at. But no time for that...Bad idea...Daina...VERY BAD IDEA! Getting closer to the gang members neighborhood...I started to get cold feet. I wrapper my arms around my waist. My breathing stayed at a scary pace.

Why couldn't SUMMER be sunny? Full of flowers and's more like a rainy season than ever!

I've never thought of how I would die. But I would die for the ones I loved...never this. NEVER THIS...

I came across it, the street they lurked was dark, VERY dark. I kept my eyes peeled open and cautious. I didn't like the feel of this place...NOT ONE BIT.

Though my presence wasn't welcome...I felt stalked...I felt someone was behind me...a dark shadow...SOMETHING~ SOMEONE!

I was scared to turn around, to turn and see my murderer. Before I knew it, I had looked to the left, just a little though. I felt a cold sharpness across my neck- And saw someone else in my line of sight. The person behind me had knifed me!

I tried to see WHO it was- but the scary intensity of his voice when he said, 'Don't move or else!' I TRIED hard to escape at least identity him- but his threat went threw me. And he always stayed out of my line of sight. It was too dark to even see...

I shrieked when he pulled the knife higher to my neck- SOMEONE NEEDS TO SAVE ME...! Someone will, RIGHT?!

The other person who was in my line of sight finally came forward to confront me.

I could feel the faint stirring of unease in the pit of my stomach.

"YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THIS! I can help you..."

My eyes were closed shut now- unable to feel any sort of hope left for me. They would just...KILL indiscriminately!

I heard lightning strikes and thunder...that made it WORSE.

My screams of help wouldn't be heard because of the thunder and lighting...

"Help us!? YOU CANT EVEN HELP YOURSELF!" He chuckled. The man behind me still there.

I regretted ever coming here. I really did. Ending my life so short...

"Kill her, The man demanded the man who had knifed me- before HE comes."


My face tensed now, my eyes still peeled shut HOPING...for something.

"Could this 'he' be ME your referring to?" A familiar voice I've heard somewhere, In less than a second the man who had knifed me- was brought to the ground- and the one who was in my line of sight- suddenly was on the ground before I could even open my eyes. It all seemed to happen too fast for me to process- the knife dropped to the ground rather slowly.

"....You." I also fell to the ground- the fear that reached my heart and every being really added a toll, glancing at the two men who had tried to kill me- the gun and knife just laying there- what should I do?

When I looked up, his face was un-readable...I don't know what he was thinking, saving me...

" actually came." He laughed with humor, though humor was the last thing I felt.

"I told you I would. I WAS SERIOUS!" There was still fright in my tone and expression.

I suppose he TRIED to lighten up the mood. Still...

He rubbed his chin, "Well...I was just joking~ I didn't think you would ACTUALLY got guts, Daina."

His casual use of saying my name never failed to shock me.

He offered a sly smile but no words.

I immediately rushed to the gun and aimed it his direction...

"Is this how you treat someone who just saved you...? I thought people like you would be better than that."

He wouldn't stop laughing- although I really couldn't kill nor shoot anybody- and my hand was trembling!...

Daina scanned his face- making sure of something.

"...Why'd you save me then? Aren't YOU of all people going to try and kill me too?" Hostility still lingering in my voice.

"If I were to kill you...don't you think I would of done it already? Or, I would of let those guys do it. Either way..."

I cocked the gun now threateningly, He DID save me...though his way of doing it...but in his own way I guess it's still SAVING me...

I drew a deep breath, he said something though that made me jump a little.

"Put the gun down, your playing a very dangerous game here." I jerked my head down and dropped my voice to a whisper, "I came didn't what's next?"

"Do you wanna meet my mom?"

I flashed my brilliant eyes up at him, ""

I eased down on the gun, slowly placing it back on the ground.

He simply stared into my eyes.

[ His House ]

I suppose...I had no other choice but to follow him meet his...'mom'?

"...Uuuhh. I never really got to thank you for saving"

He ignored my appreciation.

"...You seem to have calmed down a bit?"

He quietly said as he kept walking forward, somewhere...

All I did was shake my head lightly.

My head kept down to the ground as we walked, I was watching his back the whole time.

I looked around left and right, and saw creepy eyes gazing at us both. Mostly me...

I suppose it was better to follow him, than to get attacked like that again...

I forced a small smile, "Umm...what is your name...?"

There was a short pause just before he answered, "I don't know you like that!" His mysterious smile touched his cold looking eyes.

"WHAAAAT? I told you my name!" My mood seemed to have lightened up a little, that surprised's like all my troubles were cast aside...just by seeing his smile.

"We're here."

He stopped walking, and I gazed at the house that stood before us. No longer behind him, but beside.

As we entered inside- my eyes wondered all over the place.

All I could say was, "Wow."

"It's decent I guess."

I nodded. And looked around the place some more, "Where's your mom?"

He took a seat on the couch, and leaned back, supporting himself with his hands, and letting his head fall back.

"Sit." he gestured with his hand casually.

"Uh okay." Why does he never answer my questions...?

I sat on the far hand couch, far away from him.

I didn't know how to start a conversation- or a decent one he would be interested in. Strange...INSIDE his house it isn't as dangerous as outside. I expected a pig sty...

"Oh...! Didn't you mention something about your mother being...sick?" I don't know if that was the right conversation starter.

He leaned his head to the side, I could tell my questions bored him, "Yeah. She's somewhere around here, she'll hear I came back home and want to meet you."

I blinked a couple of times, watching from the corner of my eye lid his mom walking in.

Youth wasn't on her side- but she looked happy never the less.

She strolled up to me and held out her hand- attempting to shake mine.

"Are you Tristan's girlfriend?"

My jaw slightly dropped at her sudden question.

".....NO! NO WAY..." I shook my head of the thought- ending the hand shake all too soon.

She laughed lightly, "I was kidding...what's your name?"

Than I recalled back to Tristan- his unfathomable expression suddenly made mine nervous. With the abrupt way I overreacted and all...

"M-my name is Daina..." I answered her question. All flustered.

"Daina. What a nice name! You can call me MOM!" She still teased, laughing very humorously.


I was afraid to look back Tristan's way- although I DID hear a heavy sigh come from his direction.

My face was like a stone- it stayed the same expression. SHOCKED.

"Mom...are you done yet...?" Tristan sighed closing his eyes. Easily annoyed.

"NOPE! I'm going to get a camera, stay right here you two!"

Daina popped her eyes open, "FOR WHAAAAAT?!"

By then Tristan's mom had already ran off somewhere in a hurry.

I've totally forgotten why I even came here...whoa.

Tristan re-opened his soulful eyes and gazed them to mine- "I believe now you want to change me into a "better" person, but are you SURE that's it?" He sort of teased, I didn't see THAT coming.

My heart started to race, I've totally forgotten...everything...

"W-what...what do you mean by that...? I'm only here to prove that I AM SERIOUS ABOUT YOU! I MEAN...! ABOUT CHANGING YOU!" That came out WAY WRONG, my face turned a dark shade of red, I needed to keep my mouth shut. My god...

"YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN...!!" I added in a hostile way.

I'm only here to prove that I'm serious about what I'm doing...about making a difference in his life...I shouldn't be included in his that way.

"YOUR MOTHER IS CRAZY!?" I added out of no where, changing the subject QUICK.

".....Huh." He said in an undertone as his mother came back with a camera in her hands. I sighed quietly.


We both looked at each other and immediately denied her request.

Why am I so happy all of a sudden...? FOR CRYING OUT LOUD I SAW MY LIFE FLASH BEFORE MY EYES...!

A couple of short seconds passed and I knew that Tristan's mom WOULDN'T let go of it until we took the stupid picture. I sighed and got up, walking up to Tristan frowning. I didn't like doing things against my will...I sat close by him, inhaling deeply. "This is stupid." I complained pressed up against him now. "I don't know about that." He responded, too fast that the picture had already been taken, flash. The flash made my eyes hurt. I rubbed them, I wondered how the picture came out...

Probably BAD. I would have on an extremely goofy expression because of Tristan's STUPID line, I don't know about that.

I was a little skeptical now. I hurried back up to glance at the picture. Tristan's mom smiled, "You take it. Cherish it. ♥" Her voice was soft, but sweet.

She placed it in my hands and I glared at it laughing a little at my expression. I KNEW it would turn out like this. Tristan looked...I don't know the word. But the closeness we shared for that split unexplainable warm feeling.

I tried to ignore those thoughts of the picture, and the heat of the moment...I glanced up at the clock on their ceiling, it was getting late, I should probably call mom so she could pick me up. But than she'll found out I'm here...inside a guy's house...ESPECIALLY SOMEONE LIKE HIM! That won't be good.

Tristan followed my stare up at the clock, "Your going now aren't you...?" Tristan asked, I looked back at him. And nodded.

"In a neighbor hood like'll need to be careful. Tristan, why don't you walk her home?"

I don't get it...before Tristan said that his mom was 'sick'...she looks perfectly healthy and happy to me...

[ The Walk ]

I've been just dying to ask Tristan what kind of illness his mother had...because she seems perfectly healthy to me. But it probably wasn't any of my business. I'm not such a nosy person. BUT I was technically supposed to get to know him better, and his background/home life. But not actually GOING there...oh well, I learned more by coming here I suppose. Did Tristan always live in such a neighborhood? And his mom...what about her? What's the story? What about Tristan's DAD?! And does he have any siblings? So many questions still un-asked. So many answers not verified. I've not known the everyday life/routine of a 'gangster' it hard for them? Do they kill if they're tempers are tested? And is Tristan REALLY that bad?! He doesn't seem like it...

I was in DEEP thought about all of this, but why? I shouldn't think about it too much. I mean, Tristan is ONLY one of the gang members assigned to me, but why does Tristan intrigue me more than the rest? Maybe his life...his mom, it's all just so mysterious. Does he want to change now? Since I've obviously proven I'm serious by coming here.

I was behind him again, following him until he finally led me out of the neighborhood, I felt as if I couldn't breath properly until I was a good 1000 blocks away from it. And having Tristan around didn't really help to ease my breathing.

"So, what's the story with your mother?" I felt the quietness was just a step closer to drifting away from each other, I wanted to know more. Way more.

"...You've already got my name. And now you've seen where I live. Isn't that enough?" He jerked his head slightly around, I felt a chill tingle along my spine. His voice wasn't friendly anymore. It was quite again for a long moment, I didn't say anything. He continued waking, and I continued walking behind him. I could feel eyes watching at us- just ready to catch us off guard and murder us. The darkness would be to their advantage. Luckily, Tristan wasn't weak, and he was the leader. They had to obey him; right? If I wasn't with him right now, I would probably not be alive.

We were not out of his neighbor hood, I was relieved.

Just then, I remembered. Something tugged at my memory- I put that picture in my back pocket...I hoped to avoid Tristan's cruel eyes until I've reached home- or close to it. I remembered I told my mom I would call when I would want to be picked up. But I guess I'll have to walk home for now. Couldn't have her see me with Tristan...not very smart.

Instead of taking out the picture from my back pocket, I took out my cell phone- I had only used it for emergency purposes, like...getting attacked by gangs. I stopped almost a block away from my home- checking the time on my phone. It was almost 11 pm. I flipped it shut and placed it back in my pocket.

"This is as far I'll go, you can walk the rest of the way home can't you...? He turned around and faced me, we both stood beside a STOP sign, the green, yellow and red lights blinking. But there were barely any cars passing threw. I looked up at him, "Yeah...thanks." I said a little breathless.

"Goodnight...see you tomorrow."

What does that mean...? He'll see me tomorrow? Oh...! That's right...Summer School...

"Y-yeah...good-night...Tristan." I sighed sharply, disappointed for some odd reason I couldn't understand.

His body walked past me as I stood there, "Thanks for being nice to my mother." He said as he left.

I jumped a little, "Huh...?" But before I could look back, he was already gone.

He just thanked me...are we making progress here?

[ The One Who Wishes To Change ]

The start of the morning was the same as any usual morning- eager to sleep for some more hours. But I had to get ready for Summer School, and I would see Tristan I suppose that gave me a little motivation. Last night, my mom wasn't that hard to handle. I'd just told her I felt like walking home without wanting to be picked up, simple. was a lie. I WASN'T at a 'friends' house. I was with the most dangerous person.

Who has some wild mood swings...

I'd made sure I wouldn't EVER go back to that neighborhood...I couldn't...unless I would want to visit Tristan's mom again...but I would have Tristan escort me again just like last night...he would be my shield.

"Bye mom and dad! I'm going to school!" I waved walking to the front door, It was in the afternoon- I attended Summer School after everyone else.

By the time I had already crossed the busy streets, my phone had rang. It was an up-beat ring tone. I liked it. I was curious to who would have called, the number who was calling wasn't in my contacts. So I had no idea who it was.

"Your late. I'm waiting~"

The voice had an almost painful edge- and It scared me.

"WHO'S THIS!?" I shouted into my phone.

I heard a silent chuckle and than the dial tone.


I stared into my phone- wide eyed and unavailable for words. My feet moved at a slow pace, than speeded up.

I'm not late! Just by like...a minute now!

Once I finally arrived into the room- panting I'd seen a bored image of Tristan sitting on the chair, his fist laid on his cheek.

"HOW'D YOU GET MY NUMBER!?" I raised my voice.

He spoke while I noticed he was still laughing, TRYING to suppress him laugh.

"Well, good afternoon to you too!"

I frowned, "ANSWER ME!" I've noticed he was trying to avoid the question.

His eyes shifted to a pile of documents.

I examined them and found out personal information concerning me were inside.

"HOW'D YOU GET THESE!?" I questioned him in a berserk manner.

"Uh, they just layed their on the desk..."


He scoffed and crossed his arms stubbornly, "Well...why would they just lay there then? Seems like these people here don't protect students information very securely."

This guy...

I decided to forget about it, I took a deep breath and sat in my chair.

"Are you going to tell me anything today?" I asked quickly. Trying to hold off my anger.

"Isn't it your job to make me tell you everything?" He argued.

"Yes. But since you refuse to...and you DID say you would change once I came to your neighborhood..." I argued back.

He chucked, "I did, didn't I. But I'll keep my word."

His answer confused me.

I knew he waited for me to respond, but I didn't know WHAT to say...

We have to get started SOMEWHERE...

"Your dad...what about him?"

His tone was faintly stronger, "Nothin' to tell," Was all he answered with.

"Listen...Tristan. I take this seriously, and so should you. I'm trying to make a difference here!"

He avoided direct contact with my eyes and stared outside the window.

What would the Board of Education say if they saw this!? They would think I wasn't making ANY changes at all...

"Isn't it the least you could do!? I MEAN REALLY! I WAS ALMOST KILLED!" I hadn't noticed how loud my voice was- and the door was still open...I remembered that the Board of Education were supposed to check up on me today after Tristan's session...What am I supposed to say? That he SAYS he wants to change...because to me, it really doesn't seem like it...

"I don't think YELLING at me will get me to say anything, try again tomorrow. I'm outta here!" He quickly stormed out of the room, Dang...the session lasted longer than a minute this time! This is ridiculous! AND WE STILL HAVE AN HOUR LEFT!!

Even after just spending a measly minute or so with him, it felt much more than a need, to change him, more like a want now. . . Tristan's session lasted a whole hour. And the other gang members lasted the same time. So I was stuck here for a pretty long time... After my last client, I had the B o E {Board of Education} visit shortly after. Not leaving me any time to think of how well they've all progressed. I would mention Tristan though...

When they finally arrived they really took no time to get to the main point, they were all about business. I don't think they could even take a joke. They all gave this self-assured stance, as I tried to broaden my shoulders. I offered a apologetic shrug before they even spoke first, "S-sorry...I'm just trying to clear my mind of some things. And...I think I made some changes in someone..." Though I've only been doing this for 2 days...and I'm already pooped.

"Oh really? That's pretty impressive. It hasn't even been that long. So, who are you implying about?" Asked the female with a tight half smile.

"...Tristan." My answer was plain, maybe even emotionless. But I didn't know how else to answer.

"Him? I can't imagine. . . How did you do it? He's the LEADER after all." Her tone was unsure, that much I knew. And she sounded more shocked than I was. Her reaction was more calming in direct contrast with everyone else's reaction. With the two males seating next to her.

My eyes locked on her, and sometimes wondered off. "...Um. I'm just THAT good?" I chuckled weakly.

The two males forced a smirk and nodded lightly. "Your just that good, huh?"

I shrugged, "Well...I don't know..."

"AHA! I got it. How about tomorrow evening we come back and watch how you work in all of your sessions?"

Was this REALLY happening? I've become MORE nervous than usual now they would actually be here, and WATCH..and plus, the session with Tristan didn't even last as long as 2 minutes! CRAP...what would I do?

I sweat dropped and tried to keep my tone at a steady and comfortable spot, "...U-um...sure...?" I itched the back of my head in this nerve wrecking situation.

"We look forward to it then, Daina!"

And that was that, all was said. And they left me be. I leaned back in my chair breathing in a long sigh. "What'll I do?..." I was really getting stressed and nervous by each passing moment, Every moment haunted me, afraid they would think I was lying...or Tristan is just a joke. He isn't...

I made my way back home in silence. Thinking all of this over. I could call Tristan...I have his number now since he called me this afternoon...but...that'll just make butterflies flit across my stomach. I could tell him...about all of this. And maybe he can help me out? I was fighting with myself whether or not to do it. Just lying on my bed in utter confusion, staring up at my ceiling. But I lost my train of thought when someone had knocked on my door,

"What?" I answered as I sat up and cocked my head forward.

"What would you like for dinner?" My mother had came in, my appetite DID need to be satisfied. I was pretty hungry now that she mentioned it.

"I don't know. Anything will do." I told her, and she nodded and left me be.

I refused...I refused to admit his image haunted me. Tristan. I opened my drawer next to my bed and looked at the picture of us as I held it up to the light. I sighed sharply and exhaled. A bigger question loomed, Why would his image haunt me...? Why all of a sudden?... That thought alone made my feet quiver and my stomach ache. I put the picture down on my bed, and let myself fall back on my bed with an even bigger sigh. She'd never experience this before, this feeling. Some call it sanity. It was love. She'd read about it in books, seen it in movies, but neither of those experiences made it real. Until that night with Tristan.

[ A Bet ]

It's either now...or never. I gulped, my cell phone just sitting on my bed. I'm being so dramatic here...but I can't help it. I groaned and found the bravery I needed, before it would vanish I dialed his number right quick. The finger I dialed with started to shake. As well as those butterflies in my tummy, they wouldn't leave. I waited. . . and waited some more. Thinking of hanging up, please don't pick up...don't pick up...

But he picked up. His irresistible cold voice answered with a casual, Hello.

My heart pounded, and I pressed the cell tighter against my ear. "......T-Tristan?" I couldn't help my voice sounding so fragile.


She jumped to the sound of him saying her name.

"What is it? Why are you calling me...?" His voice sounded sleepy, maybe just awoke from taking a nap. A Gangster. Funny. . .

Warmth rose in her cheeks, she was so glad Tristan and her weren't talking face-to-face, and if they were; he would see her blush...and that would be awkward.

Courage started to pile up. So, I told him. Everything. The phone convo lasted about 2 minutes. Longer than those sessions with Tristan...I told him that he would have to keep it strictly professional tomorrow, and ACTUALLY stay the time allotted. An hour. He actually agreed to it...this wasn't so bad. Calling him, he was doing me a favor. I liked it.

After that phone convo, I went downstairs for Dinner. Spaghetti with meatballs again, yummy.

About 35 minutes after eating dinner with my family, I went back into my room. Picked up the picture of me and Tristan, her finger traced along the picture until she reached the bottom edge.

I gasped out loud.

I just noticed Tristan looked just as cool as he did in real life, and I looked a bit too plain. We looked like a couple.

Who cares...!

No thousand words could describe this picture.

"Why am I still looking at this picture!?" I muttered to myself, folding it in half and sticking it back in my drawer.

The night came upon me, it was time to sleep. Tomorrow would be the third day of Summer School.

My head layed softly on my pillow, I pulled my knees up, and wrapped my arms around them, laying there on my bed. The blanket not covering me at all. That night...

Was the first night that I dreamt of him...

The dream was strange, but I dreamed of him that much I was sure of. It was more like a flashback though - of the night I spent with him and his mom. When I woke up the following morning, a feeling of disgust went threw me, I hated the fact I dreamt of him...why would I? Someone like me...can never be with-

My thoughts were interrupted halfway threw my sentence.

"DAINA! COME DOWNSTAIRS RIGHT NOW!" The voice came from downstairs.

Was I in trouble or something...? I couldn't describe in words her tone of voice. So I just went downstairs to find out what's going on. I didn't do anything wrong...nothing she would find out about anyway...

I took my time coming down the stairs, no hope in my voice, "Coming!"

As she was a a good distance close, she was her parents eyes trained on the tv, eyes never moving.

I heard the distinctive sound of the News coming from the living room.

I stood next to the couch and flinched, " wanted me down here to watch the News?" I pondered out loud.

But Dads eyes remained on the news lady on the tv screen, Mom turned and looked at me, "Isn't this your school?"

Mom motioned me closer, and I followed orders. I was now close to the tv as my Dad was, "Yeah...but I don't get it. What's going on? Did something happen?"

All I saw on the screen was a vague view on the school building, and the news lady interviewing some kid- actually, now that I think about it I think he was one of my clients.

I raised the pitch of my voice, "WHAT THE HELL!? I'M GOING OVER THERE NOW!"

Dad ignored me and his eyes still focused on the tv, "Hey, watch that language!" His voice sounded blank though.

"I have to see what's going on." My voice returned to normal as I slammed my front door.

What's going on...?

Daina made her way to her school, a couple short minutes later Daina emerged outside of her school. Still seeing that lady interviewing ANOTHER one of her clients. Things were getting strange. Very strange.

"Do you have any clue to who would do this?" The young, tall and pretty news reporter asked one of my clients, with a mic in her hand.

"How many times I gotta tell ya? I DON'T KNOW!" I remembered his face, If I'm not mistaken his name was Rox. Always acted that way. Even toward me. I saw a camera crew surrounding the news lady. She jerked her head and turned around, noticing my presence.

I blinked, "What's goin' on?" Confusion was written all over my face.

She strutted walking her way toward me, "You don't know? I though you of all people would- Well, never mind. Bottom line, there was a break in into your office just shortly after you left."

The clouds up in the sky looked exceptionally gray this morning, it would rain soon. And this wouldn't be a good start to my morning - at all.

"Wait" - I hesitated for a short second- "after I left!?"

The lady nodded with the same puzzling look I had, "Your school files are missing- and yours in particular."

"J-just mine?" My voice sounded upset, more shocked than upset.

I stood next to Rox, and whispered to him- "Who would do that?"

He looked off somewhere else as he answered, "Who do you think would do it?" As always, he answered every one of my questions with a question of his own.

I had no idea, it made no sense. I mean all of my clients were making progress little by little, MAYBE it wasn't any of my clients...why would the News crew accuse my clients then? That's...stereotyping. It could be anyone!

"Why would it be one of my clients? It could be anyone." I said. It sounded like there was something stuck in my throat, like I was choking. They had no solid all.

"Rox isn't a suspect either." I noted with a soft voice. I wouldn't believe any one of MY clients would do it. I knew them...I think.

"How can you be so sure?" She responded, as if Rox wasn't even standing right next to her.

He scoffed- "Whatever." Than walked away with just that.

I watched him walk off, it must be hard to always be accused of crimes just by your appearance...I frowned in disbelief, "ACTUALLY! It isn't any of my clients! INCLUDING TRISTAN!" I spoke from what I knew. From the heart.

A crowd started to build up, the ladies expression had turned somewhat annoyed, "Who else would do it? Someone you know surely." Her voice sounded smugly, how did she even get this job!?

I crossed my heart, "Read my lips! None. Of. Them. Are. Suspects."

"So, your defending them?" Her voice was getting to be a real bother to me.

The loud murmurs from the crowds around us made it hard for me to think, what was I trying to say exactly? I trusted the people who had almost killed me that one night- No. At this point, I only trusted Tristan.

In a quick and subtle motion, I picked up my feet and power walked past her- shaking my head back and fourth slowly. Going back to the direction of my house. Ignoring any further questions from her. Ridiculous...she should NOT judge people she's never even met before...! My eyes strayed on the ground beneath me, strutting and mumbling in annoyance.

I watched across the street- the obviously confused lady and her crew still their. Questioning students. Will this stupidity ever end...? I let out an exasperated sigh. It was daylight still- maybe 10am in the morning possibly. Instincts were telling me to go proceed back home- my second instinct telling me to ignore the first. I felt like...visiting Tristan. Telling him about this. But would I seem desperate? After all, the after noon session will start soon.

"Ah, let's suck up my pride and stick with instinct number 2. I want to see Tristan." I half smiled, wondering why I would even smile about it. My stomach feeling queasy just by saying his name out loud...beginning to beat faster, I could hear it. A nudge or tap on my shoulder, couldn't tell. Made me turn completely around and jump startled. "W-WHAT!?"

"Oh. Must've startled you." He looked up, into the endless sky.

"W-why are you here!?" My voice was wary. He loped gracefully toward me.

"Oh, just taking a walk." His mouth was torn between a smile or a smirk. I crossed my arms, yeah, like that's gonna help the nervousness I was feeling.

"No, seriously..." My voice was but a slight chuckle.

"I was picking up some medicine for my mom, you know her, you've met." I jumped again. Just the mention of his supposedly "sick" mother made me question, why was she sick.

I looked down and finally noticed him carrying a bag- inside was the medicine, or so what I believed.

Still kind of stunned he was right in front of me...

"Let's ditch today." he suggested in an unemotional voice, taking my hand by surprise.

It took me a few minutes before I could speak, "W-WAIT! BUT TODAY IS IMPORTANT!" He still held a grip to my hand. I blushed at our hands touching- of course I would. What was Tristan thinking? He must be a morning person.

But when he stopped running away with me, I sort of started to lose balance and tripped, but before I could hit the ground Tristan pulled me back up and I flew into his arms. I could not breath now...

He put his hand under my chin and pulled my face up to his, "...Don't think I've forgotten what you mumbled about ME back there. You wanted to see me."

I felt as if I was going to start screaming at any moment, so, to distract myself I said, "Oh, shoot. You heard that...?"

"Loud and clear, Daina." He smiled again. this time, I was sure it was a smile.

I changed the subject quickly, my eyes gazing off of his now, "We can't ditch! And you can't either! You PROMISED to do this one thing for me." He pulled me away now. Thank heart was about ready to melt.

"Is it that important to you?"

Euphoria unlike any other she'd experienced started to kick in. His smile made her heart go crazy.

So, in cliff notes version. He had agreed to doing me this one favor. I felt happiness like no other during the session. I had to thank Tristan in some way. He really deserved it. The B o E looked impressed nonetheless. They believed my word about Tristan. He really has changed. And about that news lady and her crew, they were gone by the time afternoon came. I was still a little afraid of who would steal my school'll just have to be a mystery to be solved some other time.

Nighttime creeped in, and I remember my parents would be out on their date tonight, (my dad promised to take my mom out once every week). Tristan had walked me home, we were silent until we reached my house.

He leaned motionless against the wall outside of my house, the lights inside the house were completely off. My parents were away on their date. I didn't expect what to happen next. It was getting awkward by each passing second. Minutes felt like hours.

"Where are your parents?" He asked suddenly, realizing there wasn't a car parked in the drive way, nor lights turned on. "They're out on a date...they won't be back until...midnight." I thought for a second if that was right.

He strolled up to me, I could feel my heart about to jump out of my chest; "But I wanted to meet them! You've met my mom so it's only fair." He sounded eager. And happy at the same time.

It amazed how much we've gotten such a short time. As the days progressed though, I could tell friendship WASN'T the only thing I was feeling...

"Maybe next time..." I looked off from his coming closer. I wasn't exactly up to letting my parents meet him...but It won't be fair for him if he doesn't.

"Then next time, I'll come back tomorrow night?" His eyes still meeting my wondering eyes, "Yeah..." My voice was especially low, I didn't like that, and the fact I turned my head so shyly.

The moment seemed too intense for me, he was so close that I couldn't even breath, I would suffocate in his extraordinary presence. The stars up at the night sky twinkled one by one. The wind started to pick up. But it was a warm wind, my hair blowing to the direction of the breeze. Something was about to happen. I wasn't ready.

He chuckled for an instant and said,

"...I'll fall in love with me by the end of this year." He smirked, his eyes soft.

I couldn't believe it, not a single word... I MUST be dreaming.

Is he just teasing me again...!? Because I seriously didn't expect that...His voice low and seductive, His eyes honest. He was serious...wasn't he? How would it look if I said the same thing to him back?

My eyes twitched a little to the sound of how he said, love. My mouth turned into a slight smirk. But I couldn't keep back the shock I was feeling.

"And I bet that YOU'LL fall in love with me by the end of the year!"

It sounded braver than it felt, I didn't feel so frantic like before. I guess I was used to Tristan by now...

But before I could gain full awareness of the situation occurring, he had came out of no where and kissed my left cheek gently.

Sensations flooded my mind, my eyelids so wide, it had looked like I've seen a ghost. My mind wanted to collapse. The blushing was apparently seen.

His voice remained a soft, lovely whisper, "Good night, Daina." His face masked a secret, a smirk, that became my favorite.

The connection she felt to Tristan, delved beyond normal. Those eyes of his always beckoned. And she loved it.

[ R.I.P ]

There were so many things to question inside my head- The Bet...the kiss to the cheek...I just want to make a difference in his life...not be INVOLVED in that way. I need to stay on task; not create a relationship with a gang member...but he's making it VERY hard. That night, it took me minutes to even respond with something logical. And all I came up with was saying goodnight to him back. In a slurred speech of course. So many things to think little time. It was almost in the afternoon- and that means school. It would be hard to forget about last night. And - I dreamt of Tristan again that the dream, he kissed me on my lips this time. But today- I don't know. I felt like I had a premonition- something bad was going to happen. Very bad. I couldn't help being so melodramatic about it. What if...Tristan won't be like he was yesterday? Like...yesterday he had a totally different personality...or am I just imaging things? I hit my forehead with my palm repeatedly until I got the thoughts out of me. Things...are still the same around home. Nothings changed...but what's with this feeling? Just pouncing on the inside of my head- like some sort of warning.

"Your even more deep in thought than usual, Daina." My mother noticed. Frowning alongside with my very own frown.

"You look pale, should stay home from school today."

"NO!!" I blasted, with a high pitched sound. I don't normally yell like this...especially with my very own mother.

She unpleasantly turned her frown into an even bigger frown, touching her saddened eyes, "...Don't do anything risky, make the right choices, and stay away from trouble." She sighed. Knowing her words wouldn't get through me. I'm already in too deep...

Though, I felt bad for making my mom worry so much, " was your date with dad last night?" I changed the subject easily.

She waved a hand, "Oh! Glad you asked, it was MARVELOUS!" She laughed with her hand against her mouth. I tried to smile for her. Er...and just with that her mood is changed. I sweat dropped then left for the door in a hurry.

"School!...Bye-bye!" I waved and left then.

I sighed deeply while I was finally out of there, "...Things are going to change tonight- I can feel it. Sorry..." but I can't be the daughter you wanted, mom.

I headed to school, not feeling the same as I did the other days- this particular day had me feeling blue. Sad...But something, registered to me, I could avoid all of this...if I just don't see Tristan...but that's impossible. How could I not? I rattled my head left and right, Forget it Daina!

The school building was in sight, I could almost picture everyday being like full and mystery. To what would happen next inside the building with Tristan...would he stay longer than a minute? Maybe 3 this time? The B o E were convinced. So they're out of my hair for now...I panted my last breath into my office- my office. Where I'm making so many changed in these students lives. Of course, Tristan was my first client, the first...I would always picture it inside my head- him, just waiting in a chair for me, just waiting. But as I made my way threw the halls and into my office- Tristan wasn't hand had subconsciously splayed over my heart, it was beating quickly.

"Why...isn't he here...?" I managed to say. Frowning as I looked around. Perhaps...I should go find him?

"No." I whispered forcing myself to sit in the chair, fidgeting with my fingers on my lap. "I have other clients..." That's right...there IS other clients...I can't just leave...this job. I told myself over and over again, but no matter how many times I did I still couldn't convince myself. I need to see him...maybe somethings wrong...

Nevertheless; I decided to do that after all my sessions, the light outside was quickly fading, the last of the sunlight streamed through the skylights. I sighed uneasy, walking my way into the neighborhood I had promised myself not to go into ever again...Tristan...I hope your okay. I bit my lip, those images from before slowly making their way, surfacing. When I had almost been killed by those two men...I was playing the damsel in distress role. But would Tristan save me again if something were to happen? My pulse quickened, my feet pacing threw, taking several big steps closer to Tristan's house. Somewhere around here... I hope I wasn't lost. No. There it is! I took a full turn and noticed I had already passed it, knowing my feet were moving faster then my mind, she reached her hand to the door knob, feeling as if she had no other choice in the matter, I'm already here...might as well. She breathed in and, the door swung open by itself, she had exerted no force, it creaked open, that had reminded her of those scary movies she used to watch as a little kid. She entered breathless and looked around, there she saw the couch that she had taken that photo with Tristan. She envisioned the scene vividly.

Fear wrapped itself around her and squeezed until she couldn't breath, first, she was along in the house or so it seems, second, she was in the scariest neighborhood she ever seen...

When she had finally found her voice, it came out hoarse and cold, "Tristan...? WHERE ARE YOU!?" She checked almost everywhere, in the rooms, bathroom, everywhere. She couldn't bring herself to look any further. And she couldn't bid herself to leave...she outside again, and she might get attacked...again.

If something bad were to happen...he would call her. Right...? Like last time...but last time was different. There was no more need to stay in the house, she couldn't just stay hidden like this, especially if she was alone, she headed for the open door, checking around left and right, and slamming the door shut behind her. She sighed, Why isn't he here...his mom isn't either.

The whole time as he walked she felt strangled with fear, if she were to see a single person, she would just freak out. Because nobody here meant good news. Well, not counting Tristan or his mom. What a foolish thing to do...risk my life here, AGAIN.

Her eyes wide the entire time, just hoping not to encounter trouble. Too bad, that she will. Yeah, as if I could escape without being harmed... In a blur, she caught a glimpse of someones shadow lingering behind her, Oh crap...

The stranger twisted her arm behind her back. She swung with the other hand but he caught that wrist too, and twisted it behind her back. She leaned back to keep her face away from his, "You bastard." This is really getting tiring...

It seemed like she was more annoyed, than frightened.

"Let go!!" She ordered harshly. But he didn't.

His face couldn't be distinguished in the shadows of the darkness, "Listen to me, unless you want to die early."

His gaze captured mine, but I was reluctant to keep looking away.


"Why are you here?"

I gritted my teeth together, "I have some business be honest."

"With whom?"

"NOBODY!" I lied, but then he increased the pressure onto my wrists, and so I told.


"Why would you come here just for him? Do you love him?"

Do I love Tristan...?

"I don't....even know."

"Well he isn't going to save you this time. He's a little preoccupied now."

His voice was unfamiliar to me, "WHAT DID YOU DO!?" I felt the words just rush out of me, without a single thought before I spoke out.

"Me? I did nothing..." His tone was laced with filthy lies. He wouldn't tell me this unless he had something to do with it...

A startled gasp escaped my lips, he had let me go. And I rubbed my wrists. He reached for his pocket, Don't let it be...a gun...

It was gun. He pointed it straight at me.

"Sorry, but it'll never work with you and Tristan. GO NOW!" The command was harsh.

Go...? Yeah right! He would shoot!

"You don't have to do this..." My voice was nothing but a plea.

I finally turned to meet him in the eye, but before I knew it, I felt my life flash before my eyes, it was done, I lost myself, everything that I tried to look forward to...seeing Tristan's face again...everything I worked so hard to do..."Nooo!" A gun shot was heard. THIS CANT BE HAPPENING...HE...HE SHOT ME! My eyes drifted shut, my mouth dried and my face and body became colder. A cool moisture from my closed eyes turned into tears running down my cheeks, as I lay on the cold hard ground all alone, bleeding to death...he had shot me, through the heart, a bullet through the heart. . . I can't move... I can't... speak...who will come find me? Will anyone...come find me?...

Several hours later, Daina's body had been found by the police, never would they had suspected someone like her, with such a kind heart would be found here, lying on the ground unconscious, it was a sight unbarring, it was a feeling they couldn't put into words, someone so sweet...had to die? No. She was strong, she COULDN'T DIE! It wasn't acceptable. With all they had, they tried everything to bring her back into our world, she layed in the hospital bed, friends praying she would awake. Doctors concern sinked deeply, her parents...had to go threw the toughest pain they ever had to endour, questioning why in the first place...she would be at that location, so far from home...the days and nights rolled by, there was yet no change in Daina's condition, she had...lost too much blood...

Her mother's grip on Daina's freezing hand tightened each second, she could not let go, ever. Not even for a second. As a mother, she had to support her daughter in any way possible, her father lay in denial about this...all of it happened too fast. When the doctors had called Daina's parents concerning the news, their world torn apart insistently...she was, in a coma. She slept, on and on. Seeing no sign of movement, nor twitch.

A month passed slowly, each day Daina's parents felt nothing but numbness, their lives were falling apart without Daina around, It seemed almost impossible to continue their lives without their precious daughter, but slowly, their patience had prevailed.

As they visited her room to see any changes in her condition, she started to regain that color in her cheeks, she wasn't as pale in the face, and she had gotten warmer. But still, her eyes wouldn't open.

A week passed; still nothing. Though they were filled with relief and love for god that she regained color in her cheeks, her face was no longer pale, and she had gotten warmer. Nothing else could be done, the nurses and doctors tried everything, it was up to Daina now. And the help of God. It was like a battlefield inside of her mind, she was fighting something...what was it?

It was in the middle of the night, 3:30 am. Daina regained conciseness. Her breath uneven and trembling, labored breaths. She was alone the the room, her eyes struggled to stay open, and her mind swirled, the room started to spin.

She heard something, just outside of the door, about...Tristan's mother?

"But she can't take any more bad news..." The voice was quite, as if the doctors were keeping a secret.

"I know that! But what are the chances Daina can get threw this? Even if she were to awaken...-"

"We have to tell her when she wakes up, Tristan's mother...passed away last night."

My mind crashed, more pain weighed on me, PASSED...AWAY!!?! My stomach was in unbelievable pain, the bullet wound...the bandages around my stomach. It really hurt if I tried to get up even slightly.

The following morning, I heard murmurs around me, people were around me. Was it mother and father? TRISTAN!?

"There's good news and bad news, the bullet was just inches from getting at her heart, she was saved from sure death just in time, bad news- she'll take a while to become herself again, meaning she can't do things she'd normally done, she would take at least months, or even a full year to recover fully. She needs lots and lost of rest, we will give you the treatments that are needed, medicine and many more. She needs to take it easy at home, no stress. And please, don't- and I can't stress this enough- DON'T mention that kid Tristan, or anyone of the sort, he may have been the cause of all this."

[ Hospital Room ]

I feel as if a drape has been hung over my exactly did I end up here... The stench of the place, make me noxious. It's hard to breath...this bullet wound...I can't believe I got shot...and for what reason? What exactly was my motive? I can't think about it anymore...I'll just get numb and pass out again...I couldn't find my voice to speak. I felt paralyzed from neck down. When will I leave this place...? I NEED TO LEAVE NOW! My mind struggled to function, I couldn't understand a thing. It was like I just was brought into this world as a new born baby, I didn't understand...nothing. This changed my aspect of life completely. And why hasn't Tristan visited me to make sure I was okay!? Does he even care...? And his dead...dead just like that. Her illness I'm not even aware of. I strained to turn my neck left and observe the big teddy bear that had been sitting next to my bedside, Who was it from...? And vases also, with pretty carnations inside the lid. I sighed, it even hurt to sigh. I was aware though that a month has already passed by me, and I thought about summer school...what had became of it? What would the B o E think? It didn't matter...I just couldn't take another minute of thinking like this...

And it wasn't good for me. My parents had visited again, I kept track inside my mind, they came about 20 times once each day, they really cared...Since I wasn't able to speak for some unknown reason, when ever they would ask me how I was doing, they would give me options, If I'm doing good, I would nod. If I'm doing bad I would shake my head.

" are you feeling today?" My eyes drifted open slowly, my vision a little blurry of the doctor hovering over me in all white, I nodded slowly but respectfully. He knew what that meant. "Good...I have some news, you'll be able to leave this hospital tomorrow, is that all right for you?" He asked, I was eager to leave yes, and it was for my own benefit. I nodded one more time, my eyes giving off that painful aura. Would this wound ever heal...? I wanted to ask the doctor. "Very good seem stable today, you'll be back to normal in no time!" But would my heart...? I tried to create a small smile, but my lips cracked. I still needed to keep it easy once I came back home...this is going to be hard.

I fell into my own subconscious again, and before I knew it my eyes opened widely, hectically scanning around the room I was in, I was still in the hospital. Everything was so white, and the smell of the nausea...makes me want to puke.

The next day, I felt mildly better, I was beginning to be myself again, I left the Hospital smiling, but, in a wheel-chair. My voice was beginning to come back to me, that was good. I could talk to my oh so worried parents, thank god for that.

[ The Results Of The Bet ]

I was at home sweet home now, still in bandages around my wound of course, Mom and Dad were up hand and foot for me, giving me anything and everything I wanted. They needed rest though, because I knew they haven't slept a second while I was in the hospital.

"M-mom...I'm okay, please rest. You too Dad..." My voice was small, fragile.

Mom and Dad both wore tragic expressions, they decided since I was beginning to get my voice back- and walk on my toes for at least 7 seconds, it was an improvement. But my heart didn't feel any better.

Tristan's mom was...dead. What ever happened to Tristan? I hope he didn't. . . "No." I shook my head at the ridiculous thought, never to dare think it again. Tristan was a GANG LEADER. He wouldn't end his life like that...though it seemed his Mother was the only one there for him, what ever happened to Tristan's dad though? I'm worried...

A Month or Two Later...

I was relatively better than last month, no more aches, my stomach would still hurt from time to time, but it was okay. I could walk again. I was Daina again.

Maybe I needed to get shot? It was like a wake up call for me or something...

Just one thing I needed to do before I could become whole, I needed to see Tristan.

And the bet, he had won hands down. I've fallen in love with the guy...I think I had been in love with him since day one.

I just didn't want to admit it, I always thought of myself as the type who would NEVER get into these kind of dangers, these people...People like Tristan. But I'd never had so much fun with Tristan than with anyone.

I was free to do whatever I want, I told my parents I was going to go visit an old friend, and I was. In the cemetery. Mom and Dad did there part, like the Doctors ordered they didn't stress me, they didn't mention Tristan. Even though I thought about him every waking second, I took my medicine and God did his part to make me better.

I sighed going into the bone-chilling cemetery, through the gates, and locating Tristan's Mom's grave. After wondering around reading other graves and people who had died, I finally found hers. I was carrying her a bunch of different kind of flowers, I placed them down near the grave, saying a few words,

"How are you doing? I'm doing good...I'll take care of your son from now on...he'll be in good hands..." I said, starting to sob, And...I love your son, soon, we'll marry, and then..." I stopped, rubbing my eyes of all the tears, they poured all over her grave stone, "Sorry...just look at me-" I laughed through my sobs, but the sobs wouldn't stop. I sniffed and got up, gazing at her grave and the flowers that layed there. I couldn't promise that though...

Good-bye...I'll be with you again soon...

[ Good-bye Tristan ]

When I got back home all teary, my parents wondered where I was, an old friends. I was telling the truth. They understood. Dad always thought there was no room for someone like Tristan in my life, a gang member in my life? I would have to think about that. But no matter what Tristan was, it still didn't change the fact that I loved him. And his mom...she helped me realized that...

I still remembered I had that picture of Tristan in my bedroom... I would always find myself looking at it before I went to sleep. It helped me not cry so much, a little bit though.

When I woke up in the morning, around 10am both my parents had a surprise for me waiting outside, I had no idea what it would be.

"We're leaving this place, Daina. Somewhere safer..." Mom said, and I walked up to them in my Pj's while I looked down to see them already prepared, suitcases and all. Dumping them in the car, "...L-leaving...?"

I would leave behind all my friends, the Board of Education would never hear from me again, but this WAS for my own good, this place was no longer safe for me, and the person who had shot me...well, he still hadn't been caught. He was still out there- and that made me so scared for my life, again. I wouldn't work with students who needed help anymore, My mom wanted me to be a doctor, it was strange for me. My dad liked that idea too, but he wanted me to just live a care-free life, he didn't want me to see blood as a Doctor, if I would ever become one.

That made sense, I still remember the fresh bullet wound...

And so, we left. I pack all the things I needed, and the house we lived in for all these years- we'll never come back to it. People would think we've gone missing. But it was for the safety of me. Who knew after taking on this extra curricular activity my life would change for good?

It started to rain, and I stared past the window and watched the rain fall hard on the road, I stared hard out the window, for this would be the last time I would see MY town, the wind gusted and I did everything I could to try not to break down and cry. I HAD to be strong. I wasn't going to live in this town anymore...I'd watched all the houses go right past me, Dad drove slow for my sake- I lifted up my hand and splayed it on the window, my single breath made the window get fogged up, and I drew a little heart on the fogged spot, I didn't want to leave this town. It was home for me- but I guess this was good-bye. I don't think I can keep my Tristan's the looks of things I wouldn't see Tristan parents wouldn't allow it. . .

Dad stopped the car after about a 4 hour ride- all I did was think. And stare out into the rain, we were long gone now. We were going to live at my grandparents place now, I liked it there when I was a kid. They were glad to see my, but mostly surprised too. They had thought I would never be back. Hell, I didn't either. I guess I'll never find out all the mysterious that happened in that town...who had robbed my school files? Where was Tristan?...

Back in town, in the cemetery a figure loomed over some flowers placed by a grave, the boy kneeled down and picked up the flowers, "...D-Daina...?"

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Looks good so faarrrr :3
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how can chicken be steven...?
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*JAWS music*
And then someone jumps out of the shadows and shanks her O___O
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29 / M / Archangelus
Posted 6/24/09 , edited 6/25/09
And that would be me
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27 / F / In my own little...
Posted 6/24/09 , edited 6/25/09
D:< IT WAS YOU?!?!?
*yells at tough man behind me* Get himmmmm >:D He shanked Daina!!! D:> HOW COULD YOU ANGELO I THOUGHT YOU WERE OUR FRIEEENNNDDD!!!!!!! *cries in a corner for Daina*
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