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Posted 6/24/09 , edited 6/24/09
Hey everyone.

It would be great to get some messages up for marawan, up on the main page. So if you would like to say something to him or about him, Please leave a message here and I will put it up :)

Love From Amber~x
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Posted 6/27/09 , edited 6/27/09
Where can i find u again?...could i turn back the time n say what i wanted to say since i left?Can u read my words right now n say''Everything's alright ''Ely''!''...i think u Do!!Can u forgive me?Our time together as friends was so ''small''...n i have only one thing left from u.A few words...a poem...i wonder where would have we gone if i wouldn't leave?Can i still say''hEllo Marawan!'' as i used to do it?But i am here now.So let's talk.I know now u probablly don't have to mutch time to talk to me,'cause the others r worried about u.N they talk to u too.So please,give me a few min to make it right.I think i can hear u.I think i....Yes!iT'S NOT WEIRD AT ALL.
Remember i talked a whole night with u?I was up til 5 a.m n i just ..talked to u.N right now,it'll be our second night when we'l talk like we used to do it.Just u n me.For a few min.Then u can go back to the others.
Sit down Marwan.Right beside me.Can u see the horizon?Can u see the line tht unites earth with sky?Do u have the feeling that if u were there u'd touch the sky n be in 2 places at the same time?U could be part from Sky's kingdom n Earth's kingdom.U could be an angel n a human at the same time.They say tht death means the end of the ones who they love.Everybody cries when a funeral takes place.But r they aware of the fact tht their beloved ones wont let them alone?We cried when we knew u r gone.But i think i was the last one who found out this.Remember i left without saying Goodbye?i won't get a second chance to talk to u again,cus i can't turn back the time.But i do it now.N the last word which u'll read won't be''Goodbye'',cus u r NOT gone.I am talkin to u right now.
Marwan,it's me,''Ely''.Did u hear my real name?Maybe Marlin told u...Let me introduce myself:I'm Ralu.Just 4 letters.Very nice to meet u.I want to tell u something...Can u look into my eyes?I am right beside ur grave...but i can hear u.When wind blows,ur voice whispers in my ears.Hold my hands,just for now.I AM SORRY!! U WERE AMAZING!U R AMAZING! u'LL BE AMAZIN FOR NOW N FOREVER!! I am sorry for leavin like that.I am sorry for...for startin to..like u n the leave u.My heart was crushed in that moment.U were there.N ur heart was like mine.I want to believe that now ur heart is better.that now u found everythin u ever looked for.Cuz mine it's ok.I love ur msitery Marawn.I love ur joy Marawn.Ur brother was the one who helped me understand tht u r alright.Can i tell u how it felt when i found out u left?I couldn't cry.i wish i could do it.something was stabbing my stomach.Something was blocking by breath.Something was keep whispering me tht i've done a terrible thing.I was guilty.I'm guilty n i'll be guilty.That's why i want u to listen to me now.My angel knows u.My angel will never forget u as i wont do it.I want to thank u for being there for my angel.u've met him here,on cr. I hope he's ok,cus u can see him better than i do it.I close my eyes,n talkin like this doesn't seem weird.u can finally fly Marawan.Am i right?Now look again at the horizon..wot do u see?Can u see now the line tht unites earth with sky?I can...N now u r in 2 places at the same time.U r in my heart,our hearts n u r there too.U r the same human as u were in our eyes n the new angel tht Heaven has now,for the eyes of our souls.Stay safe Marawan,cus for this time,i DO know where i can find u when i want to talk to u over n over again.It was just ''Ely''.she's alright now.How about u?
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Posted 7/1/09 , edited 7/1/09
i will miss and love u forever <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 x10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

u were a amazing friend ..............awsome person..........knew how 2 make ppl laugh and smile

WHY DID U HAVE 2 LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i knew how u died -.-
Posted 2/3/10 , edited 2/4/10
Dear Marawan,

I barely knew you and only when we actually started talking was the day before your surgery. I really wish I got to know you cause everyone seems to miss you. Sometimes I wonder if people in heaven could really see things like this. I know you're in a better place not in and with September now, take care of her and if you couldn't tell she loves you so much. I'm happy you guys aren't hurting anymore, one day I'll be up there, don't forget to save a spot for me.

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