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Posted 6/25/09 , edited 6/25/09
Greetings fellow member of the flute clan. The forum will teach you many things, from beginning to

play the flute to tips and skills that many performers use.


The flute belongs to the woodwind family. This is because previously in history, flutes were made

of wood. A close family member with the flute is the piccolo.

Flutes were invented in the 12th Century.

Flutes have 3 types, the alto, bass and concert.

Flutes can play 3 octaves. From low C to high B.

Flutes are made out of 3 major parts; head joint, body and the foot (i think).


1st Octave

2nd Octave

3rd Octave


It is recommended to use a tuner to tune for a more accurate sound. If you don't have a tuner, try

an ear of a professional. If the sound is too sharp then pull the head joint out a little bit to get a

more flat sound. If the sound is too flat (this is more unlikely to happen unless you are playing

outdoors), push the head joint in a little. Just remember;

Flat = Push Head Joint In

Sharp = Pull Head Joint Out

If the Head Joint is right out of right in and can not go any further, use your cleaning rod to see

and check if the line on the back of the cleaning rod is in the middle of the embouchure hole. If the

head joint isn't in the right place, then that means your flute is out of turn. Follow the steps to

correct the top bit.

Loosen the top bit about what you think how far off the line on the cleaning rod is in the middle of

the embouchure hole. Get two towels and fold it about 2 times, place it over a firm surface. Grab

the flute head joint and then push the head joint gently inn.

Now turn the head point around so that the line on the end of the cleaning rod is in the middle of

the embouchure hole.

NOTE: No responsibility is taken if the flute is damaged through this procedure.


Hard to fit joints together

This is cause by rusting of the parts or uncleaned fingerprints. Before you pack you flute away, be

sure to clean off the finger prints even if it's just the joint parts that overlap each other. If this

procedure still does not work, try a out a little bit of lipbarm to make the joint more smooth and

easier to attatch.
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