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Posted 6/25/09 , edited 6/25/09
All you have to do is type a couple of sentences continueing the story. LET'S BE RANDOM!!!!


I was sitting in meadows but suddenly the sky started to get darker it started to RAIN MARSHMELLOWs. OMG wtf is happening I say as I ran towards my mushroom home.
Posted 6/26/09 , edited 6/26/09
my mushroom home looks like a mushroom but its rainbow colored and it gets bigger every year idk y but i like it. I finally reached my house my cat gave me the wtf look since i had white fluffy stuff all over me
Posted 6/28/09 , edited 6/29/09
shut up, Mimi go drink some milk or something btw Mimi's my cat and the best part is that she can TALK!! and her retort was well fine then be a hairball and went off. stupid cat i muttered
Posted 6/28/09 , edited 6/29/09
the marshmellows were coming down but not only that chocolate was boring down too which made me want to make some smores. . . .yum
HEY MiMi get me some crackers i'm gonna make some smores. i went outside with my crackers this is gonna be fun i thought. Now how am i gonna do this?? hmmmm
Posted 6/28/09 , edited 6/29/09
then Mimi said why dont u get 2 buckets and put them outside let them fill put them on the crackers get some melk and eat em nyaaa~
THNXS mimi i did wat she said
the smores were yummy so good that i turned fat heheh im fat now i thought to myself and the best part there were still tons of smores left
Posted 6/29/09 , edited 6/29/09
knock knock knock knock someone was knocking on the door obviously i had to crawl to get to the door that's how fat i was but i gave up so i was like Mimi get the door NOW fine nyaa~
Posted 6/29/09 , edited 6/30/09
who is that nyaa~
i'm sorry the stranger said but its raining too hard so can i stay here
hey you fatso wat ya think nyaa~
don't call me fatso and ya let him stay
sup dude
Posted 6/30/09 , edited 6/30/09
hey wat happened to you went on a food rage
Posted 7/2/09 , edited 7/2/09
shuddup jack who asked you to talk gersh you sound like me mother
Posted 7/5/09 , edited 7/5/09
hey dont CALL me JACK its JAKE JAKE I tell you
why do u call me Jack

cuz JAKE sounds like that guy from twilight with the long freaky hair >=P
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