Corridor Of Nowhere
Posted 6/25/09 , edited 6/26/09
Some say your dreams are hooked to your emotions - others have a different philosophy. . .

BEWARE: ;~; It's scaaaaaaaary *BOO* !

A nice day, or so it looked like. I was driving in my friends car- just for a nice car ride, nothing trivial. I hadn't expcted anything out of the ordinary. I remember...tossing and turning last night. Unable to close my eyes and fall asleep. Then... I did. And this is what happens. We were driving along the street- and we had seen the McDonalds sign up ahead-

"Oh look! It's the McDonalds sign!" I shouted in the car, It had appeared out of no where. To lure us... We drove until we were close enough to see it, then- it disappeared.

We saw a path to our left, we followed it and ran until we came upon something...I had remembred running along this path with my Dad...or something.

And we had seen some sort of white 'house' up ahead.

We got out of the car and thought of going inside. Bad idea...

Once we stepped foot in it, it seemed like a corridor of some kind...

We both looked at each other and shared a few words- we were in a hurry SOMEWHERE...can't remember where. So we continued to run, run until we were finally out of the corridor. But it seemed FOREVER lasting, we eventually stopped and heard a distant scream that scared us half to death. "THIS CORRIDOR HAS NO END!" We became horrified. Than, we turned back around and ran for our lives- ran BACK to the entrance, we weren't at all trying to process deeper into the corridor.

We had seen...some girl. I knew her.

Sitting awkwardly in the middle of the corridor, her neck bent to the side, blood bleeding down her mouth. Her eyes opened up as if in shock...I began to panic already. SOMETHING evil is going on here...I tried to take my eyes off of her- and ran alongside my friend- hoping to reach an end! We kept running and running,

Until we stumbled upon a door, we entered it and seen little kids sleeping in beds.

One of them had locked they're eyes on the both of us, he murmured something...but we didn't know.

I was beginning to die this instant- this COULDN'T be happening I thought. Than I saw it; a closet.

I opened it and had seen the horrified sight of a person hanging from the closet!

Dangling...eyes opened and blood on them everywhere!

I shrieked the loudest I could and slammed the door shut.

Falling to the ground, something told me me and my friend had to find the end to the corridor...not to try and escape...but we were scared.

I remember...having this dream once before...Was it just Daja-vu? Who Knows.

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