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Posted 6/26/09 , edited 11/1/09
Heres how you would tell-

fav. mangaka-
Dream (that you want that should be in your true life)-
A short Detail of Yourself-
Picture-(if u have!)if you don't have your picture or don't wanna give,then just write there "X"or you can also give anime pictures!

Heres mine!

fav. mangaka-Who else!Minami Kanan and Tomoko!
fav.colour-baby pink,sky blue and black
Hobbies-Do anything in the internet!watching animes and reading mangas.
A short Detail of Yourself--Who never want to show her sadness and always wanna be happy and so she always kept in smile and she don't want to hurts people.She is a huggee freak of 4 things-anime,manga and music and internet.She can't live without themselves.She loves sports also and also like to play vollyball,tennis,badminton and basketball.She is a grammar mistake maniac(not so good at English Language)-And thats me!!!
Dream (that you want that should be in your true life)-I Mangaka or Doctor?
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