[M O D S] rules..
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Moderators rules

heres da RULES !!!!!!!

- do not make forum without disscussing on teh Moderators room.
- please be active.
- do not say bad words.
- do not copycating peeps here becuz it make someone feel not good.
- do not stole teh Members pictures. yuu have to DELETE the pic from the members that were requesting after yuu done they'r requests.

Moderators who did not follow this Rules will be removed from it's position. BUT if yuu pm mie ( jyasumin-chan ) why yuu didn't follow the rules will be turned back to it's position. got it ?
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I've got a question!I never deleted the member's picture cuz its hard to find in my laptop[I got many files ><],but I never use it,is it okay???
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I Have a Question! if someone Request,im Put the pic.But i dont use it.Is Allright?
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okaay ! ^ - ^
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