When Ikuto Met Yoru
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Posted 6/27/09 , edited 6/28/09
Me: One shot time!

Ikuto: Why are you writing about this?

Tsukasa: Because it’s funny. ^^

Ikuto: No it isn’t. Why are you even here?

Tsukasa: What? I can’t visit you guys? –pulls out cat toy-

Ikuto: -hides behind author and hisses-

Me: Okay, I don’t own SC. On with the story!


“You were always holding onto your pain and tears all alone. It’s alright now . . . it’s okay for someone to sympathize with you and tell you what to do,” Tsukasa Amazkawa brought the little Ikuto Tsukiyomi into a hug. “Because you’re . . .”

“You’re free!” Ikuto’s egg hatched to reveal a small cat character. “Hey Ikuto, I’m Yoru, your Guardian Character nya.”

“Guardian Character?” Ikuto was a bit confused.

“I’m your would be self nya. You wanted to be free of Tadase’s mom back when you got my egg and wanting to free of your past has helped me to hatch,” Yoru explained. “Plus, you probably want to free of this guy nya,” he pointed a paw at Tsukasa.

“Hey, I can hear you.” Tsukasa complained.

Ikuto giggled at the chara.

“Ha, I made Ikuto laugh nya! Well, I’m going to show you what it’s like to be free nya.”

“What are you-,” but before Ikuto could finish his question . . .

“Character Change nya!” Yoru shouted.

Midnight blue cat ears parted through Ikuto’s hair and a dark blue tail sprouted from behind him. “What is this?”

“Come on Ikuto nya!” Yoru forced Ikuto to jump up onto the top of a telephone pole.

“Ikuto-kun!” some people started to give the founding king and Ikuto some strange looks. “Nope I don’t know that weird kid at all,” Tsukasa smiled.

“Yoru, stop people are staring!” Ikuto became angry with Yoru.

“Of course they are . . . you’re shouting at thin air nya.”

“No, it’s because I’m shouting at thin air, on top of a freaking pole!”

“Fine we’ll go down nya.”

Ikuto landed on the side walk next to Tsukasa, character change still taking place. “Ikuto-kun, are you okay?”

“I think so-,” Ikuto was cut off by the sound of growling.

“Oh no, dogs nya!”

“Those dogs won’t attack me, I’m not a cat,” Ikuto smirked at Yoru.

“But you do have cat ears and a tail,” Yoru pointed out.

“Oh . . .” the dogs approached the cat duo.

“Grrrrr,” the dogs snarled and started to chase them.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH!” Yoru and Ikuto screamed, dashing away from them, back and forth while in chibi mode.

“Ikuto-kun,” Tsukasa sweat dropped.

-Ten Minutes Later-

“I think they stopped chasing us,” Ikuto panted from inside an alley.

“Ikuto look out, muffs muss nya,” a fish was shoved into Yoru’s mouth.

“Oh no,” Ikuto’s eyes widened in shock.

“It’s okay Ikuto-kun,” There was Tsukasa, holding a cat toy. “Let’s have some fun,” the founding king grinned evilly and stuck the toy in Ikuto’s face.

Ikuto tried to fight it, but urge was too strong. “Nyaaaaaa!” Ikuto attacked the cat toy.

“Whoa , Ikuto-kun.”


Me: That's it. Please give me some feedback ^^
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