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Like the title says, we read, write and discuss about fanfictions.

If you want your own work to be here, please just write it down on this forum. ^^

The format:



Here is an example of mine:

Title: 私の未来、私の家族

Author: Shimizu Keiichi (saiunkokulover)

Status: On-going

Rating: K+ or T

Genre: Romance/Humor/Family

Pairing: Azuma x Kahoko

Summary: Hino Kahoko and Yunoki Azuma are now married. Both are living a very peaceful and carefree life with each other. They both now have a child of their own. But along the way, someone is going on between them and causing misunderstanding. Troubles come to their relationship and wants to take them apart. Would Azuma be able to save his family or would he fail? Will Kahoko take the pressure happening around them? Will both of them keep their relationship stronger than ever and protect their beloved child along the way? So many questions left with unknown answers.

Link: 私の未来、私の家族
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I'll try making one. Haven't made any la corda fanfics.
Tnx for this topic!
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Title: "Cendrillon"

Author: Aoi-Len-Keiichi (Tsukimori_Len and saiunkokulover)

Status: On-going

Rating: K

Genre: Romance/Humor/Fantasy

Pairing: Kahoko x ?

Summary: One day, Kahoko woke up in a strange place. Everybody looks familiar yet all of them are different in some ways. A dream? Why is she being called Cendrillon here? And who are the princes? Let's follow her journey to find the person whom she loves.

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Title: "Kimi No Soba Ni"

Author: Hakuryuu No Miko

Status: On-going

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort/Angst/Friendship

Pairing: Unknown. Hino x ?

Summary: -"We will meet again, someday"- After all these years, Len was willing to wait for her and so is Kahoko. But, what if one day Len got engaged to none other than Miyaji? How are things going to be settled? Miyaji x Len x Kaho x All LCD boys


Note: I'm on hiatus. I have this writer's block on my head preventing me from writing anything. TT^TT Oh, and please read and review~! NO FLAMES PLEASE!
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Title: Never too late
Author: Neko Meow
Status: On going
Rating: T
Genre: Romance/ Family
Pairing: Len Kaho
Summary: She was a homeless orphaned before but now was living in a big mansion. How will she live in a life she doesn’t aware of. Live in a life with this unfriendly guy who she doesn’t know very well but in spite of everything she’s always on his side.
Is it ok if it is a AU if not then I'll post another one, just tell me
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