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[News] July 2009
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 6/30/09 , edited 7/1/09
HMV Ranking on the 30th of June

Considering that MJ just passed away so people worldwide are buying his records for a tribute, Dong Bang still manage to get the top two spot for Overall Ranking. And the dvds are not even out yet!

No2 – Please Be Mine: All About Tvxq Season 3 Preview Storybook

source: hmv japan
credit: [email protected]
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 6/30/09 , edited 7/1/09
Lotte World opens ‘Star Avenue’

Taking a full step toward marketing Korea’s most sought-after superstars among overseas fans, Lotte World opened yesterday “Star Avenue,” a memorabilia hall that displays all things related to celebrities — just not the stars themselves.

“We believed that we needed something to appeal to the rising number of tourists to Gangnam (southern Seoul) region,” said Choi Hong-hoon, public relations team chief for Lotte World.

The opening ceremony was attended by several of the featured stars and hundreds of their adoring fans.

The Avenue, located on the first underground floor near the South Gate of Lotte World, is divided into five different spaces.

The “Star Showcase” corner exhibits costumes and accessories donated by the stars, along with a star magazine video featuring the latest celebrity news.

Nine stars are featured including Rain, Tong Vfang Xien Qi, Big Bang, Park Yong-ha, Song Seung-heon, Choi Ji-woo, Ji Sung and Kang Ji-hwan, along with Japanese celebrity Ikko.

“Star Center”, located at the center of the avenue accommodates a huge, 360 degree, high definition screen which features clips of the celebrities.

“Music Star” hall allows visitors to choose and listen to their favorite songs which they can burn in CD format to take as souvenirs. Fans can also send letters using a touch screen program.

“Drama Star” features recreated film sets of popular drama series such as Daejanggeum and East of Eden, where fans can pose next to life-size models of their favorite stars.

Hours of operation for the Avenue are from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. The entry fee is 10,000 won although anyone with a Lotte World Adventure “one-for-all” ticket will be able to enter free of charge.

Lotte World in Jamsil-dong of Songpa-gu, which is also home to a hotel, duty-free shop, department store and a musical theater, will celebrate its 20th anniversary on July 12.

When it first opened it was the world’s largest indoor theme park. Since then, Lotte World has become a signature amusement destination not only for children, but for adults as well who had eagerly welcomed the opening of the adventure park.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Lotte World has organized a number of diverse and exciting events, including a “Lotty’s Adventure Parade” featuring 200 brightly-lit, airborne actors and dancers.

On the day of the actual anniversary there will be a special event where 20 couples (who are 20-years-old) will cut a 20-meter-high birthday cake. There will also be a musical, samulnori (Korean farmer’s dance), as well as a lucky draw for overseas trips.

Lotte World and its adjacent Magic Island were the first Korean theme park in 1995 to open at night and, since then, have introduced many daring new rides such as the Gyro Drop (1998), Gyro Swing (2001) and the Atlantis ride (2003). Lotte World went through a major renovation in 2007. As a further expansion of the business, Lotte World plans to open a water park in Jangyu, South Gyeongsang Province in 2011 and will also participate in a comprehensive entertainment complex development in Shenyang, China.

Source: korean herald
Credits: DBSKnights + Smile. Love. [email protected] Entertainment News
Shared by: [email protected]

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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 6/30/09 , edited 7/1/09
Stand By U – Bigeast Message

Hello Bigeast!
This is S from the Bigeast staff.

In the Bigeast special version of [Stand By U],
there has been a volume up, resulting in an 8-page booklet.
We love Bigeast a lot. Please support us m(__)m

How does everyone feel after listening to the song?
“The day you left without saying goodbye, it seemed as if the road’s scenery and scent changed”
Anybody would have experienced this at least once, right?
Please think of your own experiences as you listen to it (T_T)
It’s a really good song, so please ask your friends around you to see if they’ve heard it!

Please have this around with you this summer!
Please create a lot of good memories this summer!!

Well then, see you (^_^)/~

It’s already summer~ ^^
Even though it’s hot,
let’s spend this summer having fun~!!^^

Please look forward to a-nation^^
Everyone, I’m always thankful~

One of the songs that I like the most in the whole world.
Everyone, please feel the love through “Stand By U”.

There were really a lot of people who came for the tour,
for that, thank you so much.
While standing on a big stage, we sang together with everyone,
and experienced the same feeling as everyone…
It made me really happy!
No. 1 Bigeast~

The tune this time, is a mellow LOVE SONG.
Please feel this man’s pain.
Please support Stand By U~!!!

Source: []
Translation credits: [email protected]
Shared by: [email protected]

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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 6/30/09 , edited 7/1/09
090627 Mirotic Concert Day 1-Bangkok

it's 9.30 am when we arrived at Impact Arena,,too early because i'm too excited and want to take the best long queue at AR zone..
but it's very hard to reach the enter gate..everybody wants to go inside,,then like the press conference they keep pushing me,,hhhaaaaaaaa...but that's okey coz i got the best front of the stage,,
the stage is too high so i need to look up to see them..the sounds system right in front of me so my heart thumping before the boys come day one i'm not too pay attention to their songs because more attention go for their face and body,,ohh gawd what can i say???they're more more more handsome then in dvd or tv shows or whatever,,so beautiful for real!!

i can see jae's arm pit!!no hair!!! ahahahaha...and his lips so pink!!i like it!

in here i know why korean fans said yunho has small face,,ya it's true he has small face,,so i look at him seriuosly then i knew he's not just handsome but he's cute too,,aigooo

junsu is handsome!i swear to God!! because it's really hard to take his picture,,so i give you his DUCK BUTT!! LOL....

white yoochun with the piano,,he looks pretty!i think he has small face too but bigger from yunho,,he comes with curly hair very nice,,he replacing key for Xiahtic performance with purple jacket,COOL!

and the last but not least is PRINCE SHIM,,uri changmin...oooohhhhhhhhh...this kid really seducing me!!!!please don't blame me if i'm in love with him now,,he's too handsome and hot!!he has perfect face,,hmmmm...and the moment that i can't forget is i prepared a gift for whoever who will take my gift,,but i didn't see anyone throw something to the stage,,in the middle of their performace i decided to give it for changmin * i don't know why =D*

and i saw someone throw a doll to the stage, it makes me have a brave to following hehehebut i'm waiting after changmin look at my area..and when he did it i throw it and he saw it! i hope he will take it but he look at me and give me "no no" sign and smiling..OMOOOOOO............i'm not sad, at leass he noticed me,,i don't care he'll remember me or not..this is my first time and changmin smiling at me,,what a big SURPRISE?!!

then the dancer take the doll and the towel on the stage and throw it back to another fans,,and when he (i don't know him,sorry => )wants to go to the back stage he look at the hat and he come back to take it,,i was hoping "oh please don't throw it to another fans,,if you want to throw it,please give to me" LOLbut he take it and bring it to the back stage,,fiiiuuhhh..once again i don't care who will take it,,as long he/she is a part of DBSK hehehehehe

Credits: erni and echonkz + sweetfig
Shared by: DBSKnights
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 7/1/09 , edited 7/2/09
Tohoshinki Interview on Oricon website – July 1st

Close Up

Q1: What do you want to do in your off time?
JS: Yoochun seems to like to travel; I myself also want to travel somewhere too! I want to go to the ocean.
YC: I want to travel somewhere~. Since Junsu wants to go to the ocean, uhm… I’ll choose to go to the desert then (laugh).
JJ: I want to go to Tokyo Dome. Even though we’re going to have a concert at Tokyo Dome this July, I’m never able to see my own concert (as in he wants to be in the audience); moreover, I want to go there for other events and not only concert. Like, a baseball match would be good too; I want to go to a Tokyo Dome that is full of people.
CM: I want to go to the forest or mountain or anywhere with nature. I want to go to those kinds of place to rest/heal myself.
YH: I want to come back to my parents’ house. Although it’s not somewhere special, the place makes me feel very good. In front of my parents’ house there’s a park, and it is my favorite place to be. That’s why I want to go there.

Q2: Items that you want/have an eye on right now?
JS: For now I don’t have anything in mind particularly…
YC: I want a pirate ship. But since I know that it would be hard to get one, it doesn’t have to be a pirate ship, a ship is also fine. Then, I’ll sail the ship to the ocean and do things like eating there. (T/N: You just want to go to the ocean with Junsu, don’t you XD)
JJ: I want 2 iPods. For why I want 2, one is for me of course; the other one is to give to Yoochun for his birthday because I have to (laugh). But lately I don’t have time to go buy them. (T/N: Jae thinks 5 iPods are still not enough for him… :S)
CM: Isn’t there a thing you use to cover your eyes on the plane? Eye mask? Yes that one. If I have it it’ll be dark so I will be able to sleep.
YH: Snowboard. I want to go snowboarding when winter comes. I always rented them but haven’t owned one. So this time I want to own one for myself. (T/N: You can borrow from Yoochun from TFPII LOL)

Q3: Thing that makes you feel touched lately?
JS: I got hurt recently. For that reason I couldn’t dance at the concert, but even so the fans at the concert were watching over me with gentle smiles. I was really touched; the smiles have become my strength.
YC: It’s pretty recent, but for my birthday, everyone was celebrating it for me. Everyone went to a bar, and the moment that the clock passed 12, they said “Congratulations!” to me. I was really touched by that.
JJ: Right now, I’m playing a game, and in that game, there’s someone playing a character using me as the model. Within that server, only 0.1% of the population is stronger than my character. It’s an Internet game, so there are a lot people playing it. That makes me feel very touched and happy. From now on I’ll also try my best.
CM: I got touched while watching anime “ONE PIECE”. The storyline is very good, and I really love it. That’s why it’s very popular in Korea too.
YC: Whenever 5 of use were doing greetings on stage and I saw the faces of fans, I got touched. I realized that a lot of people have come to see us. That’s why, I’ll also do my best, and from now on, I want to keep having that feeling of being touched.

Long Interview

Q: “Stand by U” is a very sad ballad, isn’t it?
YH: When I first listened to it, I felt that it was somewhat similar to our previous song “Doushi te Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou?”. But this song is certainly more realistic than “Doushi te Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou?”. I think that everyone, including us, has once experienced a love like that of the song.
JJ: Right. Even if it’s not totally the same, there must be a part in the lyrics that apply to each person. I myself have experienced that kind of thing, so it was easy for me to put my emotion into the song.
CM: I also sympathize with this song. That’s why when we sing it; I can naturally put my emotion into the song. I think many people would experience same thing as the person in the song, that’s why I believe that it would reach the hearts of a lot of people.
YC: In fact, we are singing this song on the tour, and when we sing it, the fans also seem to be able to feel the song. When “Stand by U” starts, everyone enters their own world. We never had a song like this before, so it brings a very fresh feeling too.
JS: Moreover, with this song, it’s not like we sing it with a loud voice or sing it with a climax; from the beginning until the end of the song, we sing it very ‘quietly’. We haven’t really sung a song this way before, so I also think that it brings a very new feeling to us.

Q: Right, this song is very hard to sing. However, I think that if one listens to it carefully, they would be able to feel the song.
JJ: That would be good. Because when we sang it quietly, it was hard to express the emotion, there were a lot of words in the song, and the pronunciation was also hard. But when we got used to it we were able to sing it with emotion; moreover, it was like a new challenge to it, so when we achieved it, it made us happy too.

Q: This song ends with a lot of regrets, as for you, is there anything that makes you regret?
JJ: Just now. Today, I didn’t to eat breakfast so I felt very hungry. That’s why I wasn’t able to wait for my manager to by lunch box for us, so I went ahead and ate cold Chinese noodles. Then I saw that the lunch boxes were so delicious, arghhhhh, I wish that I hadn’t eaten the noodles.
JS: Such a small regret (laugh).
YC: But I don’t really have that kind of big regret either. Because if there are things that make me feel regretful, I would not drag them along with me. I’m the type of person who faces ahead and thinks about the future.

Q: That is very good.
YH: Sure, I think we are all like that. Aside from Jaejoong’s tiny regret (laugh), we don’t really have any regret with our work/what we have done.
CM: Since we’re all human beings, I think there are times that we feel regretful. But I never think about doing things to fix it. Instead, I will think of how to not make the mistake that makes me regret once again.
JS: If we do that, I believe we’ll be able to grow more.

Q: “Stand by U” is a very sad song, but “Tea for Two”, on the other hand, is a very sweet one. It is so sweet that when you listen to it, you would feel shy (laugh).
YH: It really is a very sweet song about an ideal couple. I’m very jealous. Right now I’m very lonely, so I wish that someday I would be able to experience a sweet love like that. (T/N: You already have more than what you wish for XD)
JS: But if things are so perfectly happy like that, aren’t there things that also make you feel uneasy? Therefore, only after I overcome the uneasiness would I stay happy ever after. That’s the feeling I put into this song.

Q: What uneasy thing should be overcome?
YC: Cooking (laugh). The girl in the song was reading the recipe while trying her best at cooking. I think it’s a very important thing.

The whole interview and more pictures can be found here.

Translated by linhkawaii @ livejournal. [soompi]
Shared by: [email protected]

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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 7/1/09 , edited 7/2/09
Mirotic Concert in Bangkok: The Charismatic Jung Yunho

Jung Yunho

as right now I can remember more about Yunho than Jaejoong (I’ll dig up more about Jaejoong later on)

Remember what Yunho wrote in his site about Jackson passed away? He wrote.. “blah blah blah May you rest in peace, Smooth Criminal!”

Well, ‘Smooth Criminal’ is absolutely one MJ’s song which has a lot influence on Yunho’s solo CHECKMATE. The suits, the choreography… what I told to my friend about the difference of XIAHTIC and CHECKMATE was, “In XIAHTIC, Junsu was like a bad guy on street trying to seduce sexy women. While in CHECKMATE, Yunho was like a young handsome businessman trying to seduce his secretary.”

They made change in the opening of CHECKMATE in first day and second day. The first day, it started normally, just like one you always see in all video. While in second day, the performance started with spotlight shone Yunho’s back up dancers one by one while Leadersshi finally appeared by hanging on the air with that carriage they use for Hey! performance.

Just as Junsu, Yunho also lipsyched the song. Yet, he’s seriously sexy!!! I mean, the song will have less sexy effect if that dancer lady was not around, really. So I dont mind to see her there. I know it may causes explosive jealousy effect if you got Yunho’s touchy moment got captured like the last time, but trust me, none of their touchy moments lasted more than 5 seconds.

This guy didnt really shine in vocal area if you compare him to other members, to see he’s mostly in charge in base note and rarely got main vocal role which requires difficult vocal technique. However, in dance area… he’s definitely the “it” member.

Yunho stood exactly in front of me for more than 5 minutes. I stared at his ass open mouth-edly without having an idea to capture it, lol *sorry!*. He also danced there, in front of me and my poor-almost-fainted eyes… to see how those muscles moved along with the dance, I can tell… if you happen to get punched or kicked by his hands and legs while he’s dancing, I bet you’ll definitely knocked out. He danced with power, no wonder those muscles never leaves him.

One sweet moment about Yunho I remember was in Wrong Number performance. During Jaejoong’s rap, Yunho was waiting for his part with his dancers behind, right? Well, at that time, I saw him checking the condition of his dancers, like “Are you okay?” “You’ll remember where you need to stand, right?” because I saw the dancers nodded and shook heads while he’s asking them. Yunho being the most caring member of TVXQ’s staffs is absolutely not just a rumor.

He also loved to goof around …………. and flirt around, lol. As I told you before, Yunho was the runner up of the most flirty member in the concert. He seduced his fans by smiling, pointing them, then touching his chest while he’s singing (I wonder how those girls can remain stood up after that ^^), Yunho also waved and smiled at us (me and everyone who stood around me). He made a peace sign when one of the fan trying to capture him with her cellphone (lucky her!). Playing with the official staff’s camera… And this one happened in front of me:

One of the backup dancer (who I need to stress here, WAS REALLY HANDSOME) kneeling down in front of him, and Yunho acted like he was blessing him (his palm on to the dancer’s head), ^^;;; but then Yunho kneeled down as well, joined both his palm (for showing respect/thankful), took the dancer’s arm, asked him to stand up

I dunno why, but I think Thai fans love to see YunJae a lot, and at some points, I guess Yunho just tried to satisfy them ^^;;; he huddled up Jaejoong and when Jae looked at him like “What are you doing?” Yunho just smirked XD. The Thai fans also screamed so loud when YunJae got their duet at Love in The Ice, lol. I wonder what was in the boys’ mind to hear that XDDD

mmmm…. I really cant think of anything hasn’t been told about Yunho here… sorry if I happen to miss a lot of facts, since just few hours ago I got fever so my brain may got clogged out ^^;;;;

One thing about Yunho to conclude everything:

He’s the most charismatic member. You may have known this, but to see him in real life, it has definitely different effect. How he lead his members, how he took care his dancers, how he serviced the fans… even if you dont know which one is TVXQ’s leader, by seeing Yunho, you’re going to know who’s the one.

And another one… it’s really funny to see Yunho trying to act cute when his manliness remains strong, lol. I was like, “Oh Yunho… please….” XDD

Sorry if I cant report a lot about Jung Yunho (and it will be worse when it comes to Jaejoong, I guess) since I only have two eyes and they’re already stuck on YooMin ^^;;;;;; But I hope you enjoy what you have read

credit: [email protected]
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 7/1/09 , edited 7/2/09
Stand by U - 2nd at ORICON Daily Chart

According to ORICON Style daily rank released on July 1st, Tohoshinki’s 28th Japanese single “Stand by U” has been sold for 94,838.

That number placed Tohoshinki as ORICON daily single chart 2nd after Arashi’s “Everything” which is sold for 135,053 on its first day.

Eventhough for this time Tohoshinki missed to get the number 1 spot in ORICON daily, but to compete in local music shares at the same day with idol group Arashi yet still getting a successful result is not easy.

Tohoshinki’s single “Stand by U” consists of 3 songs, including “Tea for Two” which is used as theme song for Nihon TV’s best information program “Miyaneya” and their old single “Sky”. “Stand by U” itself is brought to fulfill the hopes of many fans to listen another sad ballad song after their previous ballad “Bolero”.

Meanwhile, on July 4th and 5th, Tohoshinki will finally close their 4th live tour The Secret Code Concert by holding the last two stages at the great Tokyo Dome.

source: SPN + Oricon
summarized by: [email protected]
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 7/1/09 , edited 7/2/09
THSK’s Sales For First Half Of 2009 Brings In KRW$33,000,000,000

Japanese rankings chart, ORICON, revealed the “First half of 2009 Sales Ranking” 30 June. On this sales ranking chart, Tohoshinki ranked #8, bringing in ¥2,500,000,000 (KRW$33,000,000,000).

In first place is their nationally renowned group EXILE, with sales of ¥5,400,000,000, and second place goes to Arashi with sales of ¥4,400,000,000. SMAP and Koda Kumi follow Tohoshinki closely, ranking ninth and tenth place respectively.

As can be seen, Tohoshinki’s impact and status has reached that of the A-list standard.

The sales ranking this time only included the sales of albums, singles and DVDs released this year. If the profits included the sales they made through concerts and advertisement deals, Tohoshinki’s sales results would be even more spectacular. Their national tour will come to an end on the 4th and 5th July, at the Tokyo Dome. Currently, it is difficult to obtain tickets, and ticket prices through bidding, have soared above ¥1,000,000; proof of their indisputable popularity.

With regards to rumours of Tohoshinki disbanding:
On 26th & 27th June, they wrapped up their 3rd Asia Tour in Bangkok, but they will still have concert performances in July and August in Japan. A staff from their management company said, “Up until the end of the year, their performance schedules are extremely tight, and the members think that the rumours of disbanding are ridiculous. Tohoshinki has climbed the ranks of J-pop singers, from the lowest ranks to what they are today, a recognised J-pop group. The results of the ranking this time, also holds a lot of meaning to them.”

Source: [将爱]
Translation credits: [email protected]
Shared by: [heyjj +]

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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 7/3/09 , edited 7/3/09
DBSK the First Korean Artistes to Perform at Tokyo Dome

Dong Bang Shin Ki will be the first Korean artiste to perform at the Tokyo Dome, proof that the group has become one of the top stars in Japan.

The group will have their last concert performance for ‘Tohoshinki- 4th Live Tour 2009 – The secret code’ on 4th and 5th July there.

The Tokyo Dome is the dream stage where the top and popular singers like SMAP, GLAY, Ayumi Hamazaki etc had performed on. It can accomodate 50,000 audiences and is about 4 times as big as the largest indoor stadium in Korea.

For their 4th concert tour, Dong Bang Shin Ki had performed at 9 different cities, meeting up with about 250,000 fans through their concert performances.

Meanwhile, from 2nd till 6th July, they will be performing in Tokyo for their event ‘TOHOSHINKI PREMIUM SHOWCASE 2009 in OMOTESANDO’.

Credits: Sookyeong
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 7/3/09 , edited 7/3/09
MIROTIC Concert in Bangkok: The Singing Angel Kim Jaejoong

When I saw him in real life, I dont think he’s as princessy as in photoshoots. Kim Jaejoong IS a man and spreads manliness in him, despites his androgyneous look.

One thing left in me about him was….. FRINGE!!!


His fringe is an epic, he seriously needs to cut it shorter. Jaejoong often swapped his fringe upside, then hung his head, let it fell again ^^;;;;;;
When he danced in the few beginning performances before he got sweating a lot, I so love to see how his hair moved silkily, I really want to touch it!!

The same as Yunho, Jaejoong also stood in front of me for quite a long time, but too bad it was during ballad song so he didnt dance D:
The girl behind me was screaming “JEJUNGGGGG!!! JEJUUUNGGGGG!!!!!” when he was there in front of me, yet Jae didnt even turned his head, so she — refused to give up — started chanting “YUNJAEEEE!!! YUNJAEEEEE!!!!”

XD you go, girl

Jaejoong’s voice is………………. stunning.
He’s definitely the rocker of TVXQ.

His solo performance, 그것만이 내 세상 (Geugotmani Nae Sesang) was beautiful on first day, but not as beautiful as the second day (I told you everything went better on second day!). It was a difficult song, ultimate high note, less space to breath. But Jae’s vocal as well as breathing was just PERFECT. His voice is like a BIG WAVE.

For the whole performance I concentrated to catch up if Jae even made 1 small tiny mistake (which would be acceptable, as his song has a high level of difficulty), but NO, everyone! All Jaejoong’s fans should be proud as Kim Jaejoong’s score was a definite 100!!! not even 1 point less!!! (^o^)/ (you must believe me, as none of the two judges here (Demay and I) were Jae’s hardcore fans so you bet we’re not biased, at all — the fact that we fell in love with Jae’s voice in the end, that’s a whole different story, lol)

The higher the note, the stronger his power. Jae who used to be breathless in slow tempo song, amazingly held up his breath perfectly. When I looked at the big side-screen during the solo, I could see the priceless figure of Jae fought hard with those high powerful notes ………

………… and he got an absolute win

I squeezed my friend’s hand when Jae successfully hit the end of high note.

However, one Jaejoong’s defect in his singing (yet didnt show up in his solo, but in other ballad such as Love in The Ice) was… he couldnt hit a certain high note directly without climbing the previous notes… mmm… okay here’s the example:

let’s say actually Jae must hit note 7 directly from note 3. However, in practical, he couldnt go straightly from 3 to 7, but he needs to go to 3, 4, 5, 6,.. and finally reached 7. That’s my only correction about his voice in both days ^^

On the top of that, I feel so lucky to see in a very close space, Jaejoong did the super high falsetto in Tonight performance. I was like O.O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; really couldnt believe a man could seriously made such high pitch!!! I couldnt even do that myself and my voice is sopran! lol Jae bent down sooooooo low before he stood up straight again while was doing the falsetto part.

Kim Jaejoong was an adorable dork, and his dorkiness was just out in the middle of nowhere when no one was ready to accept it ^^;;;. I remember all of sudden Jae grabbed Yoochun’s hand while was kneeling down, and looked at him with his sparkly puppy eyes. Yoochun who was in the middle of singing his solo part was absolutely not ready to be hung by such a cutie puppy, and all he could do finally was smiling sweetly, and grabbed his waist XDD. I’m not sure where was Yunho at that time, maybe went flirting with the camera???

Jaejoong also a type who couldnt holdback his laugh.

It was in Wrong Number performance, where they were in the middle of the stage, held up gun on to each other with serious killer-kind-of expression?? And on the first day.. Yunho was late pulling out his gun…..

………….and Jae laughed ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


When I saw that, I couldnt believe my eyes XD I was like “Can he really do that???”

Even Yunho didnt laugh! But Jae laughed sooooooo wide XDD

A good thing he faced the backside stage, or he would ruin the whole serious atmosphere, lol *pat Jaejoong*

The other funny thing about this guy…. is how slow his reflex was ^^;; or maybe it was Junsu who was too fast, I dunno.. but here’s the thing:

Junsu was walking in front of Jae peacefully. Jae followed him. All of sudden, pffiuuuu!!!! a towel flew away from the standing area straight to Junsu’s face. Just like Keanu Reeves in Matrix, Junsu successfully avoided it by only swaying a bit of his head.. and only few seconds after that, now it’s a doll, flew away to Junsu as well! and again, Junsu could avoid it safely!!!! The ducky butt continued his journey happily~


Both towel and doll, hit Jaejoong’s face


I’m sorry Jaejoongie… it was too comical! XDDD

Jae showed a lot of wide smiles in the concert, not just cold smirk, and I so loved his wide smile
He looked so happy to be on stage with his members ^^ and from the way he looked at them in ment part, I could see how he cherished each of his members. I dunno how I could see that! But he always smiled~ and smiled~ everytime he saw the members’ face!

His voice was also cute when he said “Bye! Bye!” at the end of Song For You, I guess.. he sounded like a duck, and dunno why I heard it as “Arigato!” lol

Jaejoong’s dance was actually so so, to compare it with TVXQ dancing machine such as Yunho and Junsu. But a thing that cant be ignored from him, was his expression while dancing!!! The more he got exhausted, the sexier his face would be! Mouth slightly opened… teary eyes… *Q*

Ha ha ha.. okay! So that’s it!!! I hope I can satisfy all parties here with my reports. I’m again really sorry if I could only focus to 2 members and not 5 of them at a time. If only I could do that, stucking my eyes on to each of them the whole concerts, I would do! really! They’re all too delicious to be passed

Really hope I can go to DOME concert *sigh* I want it sooooooooooo bad!!! I dont care if I have to be sick twice than I am now after that!!! >.< So, to everyone who is coming, please enjoy your opportunity to the highest level!!! And make the 5 members (YES. INCLUDING THE SEXY BEAST CHANGMIN) cryyyyyy!!!!!!! (^o^)/

Now I’m going back to ordinary update TVXQ fighting!!

credit: [email protected]
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Channel [V] Thailand Music Video Awards 2009

Plz vote for the final round

and the nominees are:

VA0901 ———– 1. BIGBANG
VA0902 ———– 2. SHINee
VA0903 ———– 3. SUPER JUNIOR
VA0904 ———– 4. TVXQ!
VA0905 ———– 5. Wonder Girls

How to vote

Press VA09 follow with the artist code and send it to 4221441

So I believe you should type VA0904 and send it to 4221441

trans: [email protected]
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Omotesando Showcase Fanaccount

—-Before Entering the Actual Showcase—-

I went to Harajuku to see the showcase, knowing that DBSK wouldn’t be coming. But still, premium fangoods were going to be sold and costumes would be available to see up close. Meeting up with two Shinkians, we went when the showcase supposedly opened – at noon.

And holy cow, we should have come an hour or more earlier. By 12:30PM, the tickets were gone. While you actually pay 500 yen at the DOOR, you have to get an entry ticket with a time. The first time started at 12:00, then the next one at 12:30, and then the next one at 13:00 – all the way to 17:00.

We came at 12:15PM, and we ended up with 17:00… For each half-hour group, there were 330 tickets. Today, when we went in the morning, over three thousand fans were gathered in front of the Harajuku Quest Hall. Most of them were older Japanese women, and I was really amazed at the sheer number of people. On the other hand, I was also really happy that DBSK had so many fans in Japan. It’s different seeing it in real life… Like, more powerful?

The three of us decided to wait until 17:00 for our turn. We tried to kill time at a cafe, walked around Harajuku, etc. When we came back at 16:00 to catch our time frame, we discovered that the showcase was nearly two hours behind. We couldn’t believe it. The showcase ended at 20:00, and there was a second part in Omotesando Hills that ended at 21:00.

We decided to wait it out. While we were standing around, I caught the eye of a lady who was staring at me. She was with two other women. I smiled and I asked, “Tohoshinki?”

I can’t speak a lot of Japanese – barely any, in fact. However, there are just some universal things that you can do to communicate, haha. The lady grinned at me and nodded.

I told her, “Tohoshinki ga suki desu / I like DBSK.” She grinned even bigger. Then I said, “Junsu,” pointed to myself, and made a heart, trying to tell her my favorite member was Su.

She SHOUTED and laughed out loud, pointing to herself and saying, “Junsu ga suki desu! Junsu ga daisuke desu!/ I like Junsu! I like Junsu a lot!”

Her two companions turned to us and started noticing us. The Junsu fan said some stuff in rapid-fire Japanese. My two friends were Jaejoong fans, and immediately pointed to themselves and said, “Jaejoong!”

One of the women laughed and excitedly clapped. She also said, “Jaejoong!” and pointed to herself.

I looked at the third women and smiled, trying to ask (with just facial expression, XD) which member she liked. She said, “Aiiiii, Yoochun!”

Her two friends laughed with her as the Chun fan hid her face behind a fan. It looked like they were making fun of her in a friendly way, as if they did it a lot? We all laughed, and then we showed each other our time tickets. When the Su fan saw how late ours was, she asked something.


I was like, Huh? Then the Jaejoong fan pulled out her camera and started showing us pictures of DBSK’s pictures plastered on pillars! In a subway! The three of us got all excited and the ladies pointed down the street. One of my friends knew more Japanese than I did, and understood the directions somewhat. We thanked the ladies and walked down the street forever, looking for Omotesando station.

At the station, the Su fan had told us to just tell the station staff, “Tohoshinki”, and they would point us in the right way. The first officer we encountered, we asked, “Tohoshinki?” His expression didn’t change as he flourished his hand down a long hall way.

We hurried down the hallway after we thanked the officer. And holy cow. When we got to the pillars… There were at least fifty other people there, cameras and cell phones out. Everyone was taking pictures of the pillars! It was really cool, and we could really feel the DongBang love.

(I’ve seen a lot of photos of this place, so I’ll only share one, lol)

—-The ShowCase—-

We went back to the Harajuku Quest Hall and nearly died. It was 18:00, and they were on the time group 15:00. We went to a cafe to kill time, went back around 19:00. It closed in an hour, and we were really worried that all the waiting would be for nothing. But then, the THSK staff directing the groups began to send in large groups. We quickly jumped in the flow and were directed up an elaborate stairway. Then we were ushered into a small, dark stadium with lots of lights and such installed in the ceiling. When we paid our 500 yen, we were given a pamphlet with a stamp on the back (the stamp was proof we paid at the Harajuku Quest Hall, so that we could get in for free for the second showcase at Omotesando Hills). In the front wall, there was a large white overhead sheet where DBSK music videos were being played (Purple Line, Doush!te, Survivor, Share the World…).

Immediately, we were ushered into a line for premium fangoods – and by the time we got there, the Soy Sauce keychain was long-since sold out. The mini-CD collection and premium seal stamp were gone, too. There were hankerchiefs, figures, crackers, and keychain circle stuffs left.

There were photobooths were you could take a picture, and it would look like you were in a picture with DBSK (it was their T album cover, and their Secret Code cover).

Then we rushed over to Omotesando Hills, afraid we would run out of time. We had an hour before the second showcase closed (it closed at 21:00). We got a second stamp on the pamphlet when we got in, and there were costumes set up around the perimeter of the place. It started with the HMS Concert costumes, then the FITB ones, then the T ones, then the Mirotic Con ones, I think? (Not sure about the last one – it’s the one with the red gloves). The last one (gloves) were real-life-size mannequins of DBSK in costumes.

After these costumes, there was a folded wall kind of thing where you could write messages to DBSK on little square stickers. I lost my pamphlet there ^^;;

Then there was a small video screen where it was showing a message from DBSK to the fans at the showcase. I couldn’t understand it, lol. A little ways from that was a big white square that had their signatures. And omg, Junsu’s had a funny smiley face on it, XD

Then there was a final, large stamp and that was it. It was an interesting, and VERY long day, XD

Credits: zhuuzhuusoba @
Shared by: [email protected]
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Oricon Daily - "Stand By U" 2nd Day

*2 東方神起 24,946

31 東方神起 (share the world)
28 東方神起 (The Secret Code)

total: 119,784

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN
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Omotesando Event

Tohoshinki’s <TOHOSHINKI PREMIUM SHOWCASE 2009 in OMOTESANDO> started in Omotesando on the 2nd of July. So far, such lines as “Omotesando is full of Tohoshinki” “Omotesando train station is swarming with Tohoshinki” etc was introduced in BARKS article. The day the event would be out, it had come to be the situation in Omotesando where ”Even the dogs which pass by, they’re also Tohoshinki fans”.
The event started from July 2nd, 12 o’clock. Despite the drizzling, before the event was opened, there was a big line outside the centre with many fans who couldn’t wait for the weekend’s Tokyo Dome concert.

source: [email protected]
trans: [email protected]
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Stand by U Tokyo Dome Souvenir Version (Limited Quanity) Sale Notice

At last, as the 「東方神起 4th LIVE TOUR 2009 〜The Secret Code〜 FINAL in TOKYO DOME」draws near, new souvenir goods have been added, and it has been decided that the「Stand by U Tokyo Dome Souvenir Version」will be sold at the Tokyo Dome venue! The goods will be sold outside the Tokyo Dome, please purchase from the CD booths!

[Item specifications]
「Stand by U Tokyo Dome Souvenir Version」
RZC1-46338 ¥1,000(Tax included)

■Paper Jacket Cover (Jacket photograph is different from the commercial version)
■Mini-poster enclosed (lyrics, personal messages of appreciation from the members)

※Messages are printed

Stand by U
Tea for Two

Special Contents(Credits roll video for 4th LIVE TOUR 2009 〜The Secret Code〜、「Stand by U」(Drama ver.)video clip, etc)
※Please note that for the CD EXTRA, it can only be played through the computer.

[Sale information]
■Tokyo Dome: 4th July (Sat) & 5th July (Sun). For both days, the sale will start from 10:00.
■Online site mu-mo shop: 7th July (Tues). The sale will begin from 16:00.
To access mu-mo’s site:

※Please note that for both Tokyo Dome/mu-mo shop, only a limited number is available. The sale will end depending on how quickly they are sold out.
※This item can only be purchased at the Tokyo Dome (CD booth & goods booth), and cannot be purchased outside aside from mu-mo shop.

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Translation credits: [email protected]
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