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[News] July 2009
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 7/3/09 , edited 7/3/09
Tohoshinki Staff Blog Update


From 02 July (Thursday) onwards,
Before it opened, the members also went there to play~♪

At the Harajuku Quest Hall, they tried out the PREMIUM PRINT SEALS,
and ate the Korean-style shaved ice, so they were very happy about that!!


At the open space, the members posed with the life-sized mannequins ♪
Jejung said 『It looks similar~~!!!』
They were all really excited (laughs).

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Translation credits: [email protected]
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"Under my sky" -TVXQ
Posted 7/3/09 , edited 7/3/09
Yunho signs for Yunho-sshi Forum

3:06 PM Posted by Kamerru


Yunho Knows About Yunho-sshi?!

haha it’s something like that…

Compared to other achievements, this may seem small to some people, but to me and the staff, this is a very big deal, an accomplishment that tells us that everything we’ve been doing here on Yunho-sshi Forums has been worth it. This is definitely a big step for us. *big grin*

My friend Jing sent me a very nice surprise. She had told me about this a few months ago, but I didn’t want to tell anyone else until I had it in my hands. Jing’s a busy person with some things that she’s dealing with right now so I didn’t rush her to send this to me, although I really wanted to. lol

Anyway, so we all know about TVXQ’s Mirotic Concert in Nanjing, right? Well it just so happened that Jing worked at the hotel the boys stayed at and she bumped into Yunho and in the brief minute she had, told him about Yunho-sshi Forums and got us this…

In case you really can’t see what it says… lol:

To Yunho-sshi Forums~
Thank you for your support!

She said Yunho looked tired, but was very kind and wrote this message although there were people with him (staff most likely) that were rushing him to leave. Jing thinks that it was because he was in a hurry that his hand writing was messy (although I think it’s really neat already and not to mention, that he wrote in English! OMG!)

Oh Yunho, you are the sweetest thing! We will always support you! ^_______^

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Posted 7/3/09 , edited 7/3/09
Omotesando Premium Showcase – First Day Fanaccount

Now, here comes the part where we really got to experience being a fangirl with the rest of Bigeast (who are all…mom-aged or older for the most part XD).

Today was the first time it really rained while we were here in Japan. We met up with Stephanie [[email protected]] and her mom at the station near our hotel and then we were off on our way to the Harajuku/Omotesando area. When we got there, we were in a line to get a ticket with a time and number.


Tickets..OUT! We had to come back at 5:30PM since people before us came early to get those first few spots since Showcase 1 opened at 12pm. Crazy right?

People waiting around the Harajuku Quest Hall to get into Showcase 1

Since we had…around 5 hours to spare so we walked on over to the area where Showcase 2 was going to be held, which was in some kind of mall.

Before it opened~

After, we wandered around Shinjuku for a bit~

We were all pretty hungry so, we took a ride over to Tokyo Station (while walking through Omotesando where those big pictures of THSK are displayed – refer to this post for pictures ^^) where we had lunch at this one restaurant. I had the katsudon which was pretty good. I loved the cold soba~ yummy. :] After that…we headed back to the Harajuku area and it was still early for us to start lining up. Sooo~ we decided to walk down Takeshita St. where we came across a Tohoshinki 200 yen crank machine where you can get keychains. We all got our favorites – Stephanie: Yunho and Jae, Marian: Junsu, and Me: Jae. YAYY! Haha but before we got there, there was a mom and son cracking that Tohoshinki machine..and then son had his concert “Secret Code” shirt on. Love those fanboys~

We walked down the street a bit more and then came across Tohoshinki picture heaven. DUDEE~ and the place was kind of shady looking too because you ended by going down this narrow, steep set of You’re pretty much underground…buying these pretty pictures. You take a piece of paper and write down the numbers of the pictures you want (each are 150yen). So…WE ALL WENT NUTS! There were a few Tohoshinki fans there looking at pictures too~ fun stuff. Stephanie’s mom had gone back to the hotel for a while so..we met up with her again and then went back to the picture store, took one last look, and then got the pics and paid. I spent 1350 yen on 9 pictures. x_x And..I want more! But I need to STOP. lol. We then came across a ticket place where they were selling 4 Toho Dome tickets…with one going for 150,000 yen (around $1,500). The store was playing “Doushite~” too – a live version of it. Quite cool!

After that, we looked at all the showcase signs with times on them..trying to find out where we stand. We crossed the bridge and went where there was another line. 15:30 people weren’t really lined up yet but…we just stood there until it was time. I was quite amazed at how organized everything was and how the fans organize themselves so well too! Everyone was asking each other what number they had on their ticket and if you had a lower number than the person you were asking, they’d tell you go to please go infront of them. Gah, they’re so nice and patient. The ladies infront of us started talking amongst themselves about Tohoshinki and all of the “Secret Code” concerts they’ve been to. One lady had a “Secret Code” tote back that comes with the Premium Seats. But yeah..they were really nice and tried to talk to us a little. ^^ Waiting in the line was the worst part…our feet and legs were already so sore…and it didn’t help that whenever a big truck would go across the bridge we were standing on…if felt like an earthquake. x_x

When it was our turn to walk across that bridge…looking back and seeing how many more people were waiting in line made us feel a little better. lol. We got kind of confused of how the line went once we got to the other side of the street so..I just followed the ladies infront of us and one of the staff people took us inside where we waiting a while on the staircase. Everyone was kind of mixed up at this time but…we all manage to get back into our spots with the number on our ticket. Marian was 161, I was 162, Stephanie was 163, and her mom was 164. We split up with the ladies infront of us so I went to go check our numbers again with the people infront and then ladies saw us and told us to go in back of them (aww, they remembered us! <3). Once we got to the top part where the showcase was held, I guess one of the ladies was showing her cell charms and one of them was Jae’s necklace charm…so another lady infront of us pointed at the spot where a necklace would hang towards me (but I didn’t know what she was doing at first) and then she pointed to the lady who had the cell charm~ awww XD yes – I’m a Jae fan. And the lady with the premium ticket tote said “same same! :]”. Aww, they’re so cute. XD As we were inching closer to getting into the showcase…there was an announcement that something was sold out of the other ladies infront would turn back to us and say some like “shoyu koto…*does two arm cross “X*” meaning they were sold out. =[ But that was so cute~ lol. I swear...I love Bigeast. <3

The patbingsoo station~

and finally, the place where you pay 500yen for admission~ they give you a little pamphelet on what's for sale, what you can do, along with a page where you get stamps~

First up was the premium goods line~ since the shoyu kotos were sold out...I got one of everything else (except for the little figurines since 1.) they're so expensive x_x and 2.) how can I take that back

The premium seal machines~

The little capsule mini cd collection was sold out too so...we all decided that we're going back tomorrow morning EARLY so we can get in early, get everything else we wanted, and then leave early. Hope our plan works!!

Then we headed over to Omotesando Hills where the event was being held on floor BF.

First concert exhibit~ HEART MIND SOUL 2006 TOUR

LIVE SIZE TOHOSHINKI - They dimmed the lights and then brought them slowly on with the start of "Stand By U" playing in the background. and when the song was over...they dimmed the lights if they really were performing. ..kinda creepy...but cool. haha

There was a little video message playing from Tohoshinki playing~ awww…so cute. <3

I took a videos of the whole showcase room~ it was quite an experience~ I didn’t really know where to…just enjoy ^^

towards the end of the exhibit, they had a wall where you could write messages to the them~ I didn’t do one…but I’ll do one tomorrow. ^^


There was a special big stamp at the end too so…Marian and I went stamp happy.
Though the wait was so tiring, we all had fun and now have stories to share and cherish. ^^
We went back down that one street in Harajuku to find a place to eat~ great way to the end the day with some goood food~

credit: [email protected]
shared by: [email protected]
Please do not take this out alright since there is her personal pics

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Posted 7/3/09 , edited 7/3/09
Junsu As A Middle School Student Fanaccount

My mom’s friend… Her husband is in SME, and the friend herself knew about DBSK. When I came to Seoul a few weeks ago, she was all excited. When I told her my favorite member was Junsu, she blanked for a second.

“Hold on, Junsu? Xiah Junsu?”

And I looked at her, a little confused. “Y-yes…”

She smiled and said, “I think my daughter’s old English tutor used to teach him in middle school… Lemme give the tutor a call.”

This was me —> ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif

“Hello? Is this {name taken out}-sshi? Did you have Xiah Junsu from DBSK as your student before? Before he debuted? Oh, you did? What kind of student was he?”

Then the lady burst out laughing. I stared at her, anxious to hear what was being said. The lady thanked the tutor and hung up. Then she turned to me, grinnning, and told me, “The tutor said she never had a student like Junsu before. No matter how many times she told him something in English, it just wouldn’t go through!”

sweatingbullets.gif And that’s when I remembered Junsu’s debut video. He tells the judge that he can do everything well except for studying, lol.

Credits: zhuuzhuusoba @
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Please do not remove without full credits
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Posted 7/3/09 , edited 7/3/09
TSC 4th Live Tour - Final in Tokyo Dome DVD To Be Released On Sept. 30, 2009

On April 8th, 2009 Tokyo Dome additional performance was announced for the 4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~The Secret Code~.

The final performance at Tokyo Dome on July 5th, 2009 will be recorded in a LIVE DVD. This LIVE is going to be a memorial video.

The first benefit, nationwide arena tour, off-shot image and video recording.

Price: 5,800 yen [tax included]
Release Date: 2009/09/30
Code: RZBD-46326 / 7
Label: rhythm zone

Recording Contents: to be determinated

Booklet, 8 pages
Nationwide Arena Tour
Image off-shot

Credits: REDsMILE
Translation: RoSa @
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Posted 7/3/09 , edited 7/3/09
Two Tokyo Dome Memorial Campaigns

☆ Campaign 1:

For customers who buys Tohoshinki’s old double CD + DVD:

☆ 1 poster for nominal purchase 1500 yen
☆ 1 poster + 1 bus card case for nominal purchase more than 3000 yen

* The purchase of new product “Stand by U” is excluded.
* One person can only makes 1 single transaction.
* There are 2 kinds of poster.
* Posters and bus card cases both are limited in quantity.
* Posters and bus card cases will be available in certain quantities for each day. So the goods wont be sold out only in the first day concert, July 4th.

☆ Campaign 2:

* Customer who buys “Stand by U” DVD, CD in the concert venue will be given plastic bag.
* The purchase of “Stand by U” Tokyo Dome memorial is excluded.
* Plastic bag is given for one each: CD or DVD.
* Plastic bag will be available in certain quantities for each day. So the bag wont be sold out only in the first day concert, July 4th.

source: toho-jp
trans: [email protected]
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Posted 7/3/09 , edited 7/4/09
Fans Fill Up Omotesando For Tohoshinki’s Exhibition Event

Tohoshinki will hold their【4th LIVE TOUR 2009 〜The Secret Code〜 FINAL in TOKYO DOME】on the 4th and 5th July. Filled with anticipation for this event, fans flooded the【TOHOSHINKI PREMIUM SHOWCASE 2009 in OMOTESANDO】which opened at Noon on 2nd July, at Harajuku Quest Hall/Omotesando Hills Main Area B3F!

Before the event opened, all the members of Tohoshinki came to visit, and they tried out the original photo seal print machine and the original capsule vending machine (capsule toy) in advance. The members were all very involved in the production of the event, thus they looked moved and satisfied as they looked at all the contents for the event.

As for their new single 『Stand by U』which was released on 1st July, it ranked and maintained at number two for the Oricon Daily Charts, and they have already shown a huge leap by selling almost 120,000 copies of the single so far. This weekend, history will be made at the Tokyo Dome, and the performances will be awesome!

07.02(Thurs)〜07.06(Mon)Harajuku Quest Hall / Omotesando Main Area B3F
Entrance:¥500(tax in.)

◎Single『Stand by U』
2009.07.01 RELEASE
RZCD-46286/B ¥1,890(tax in.)
RZCD-46287 ¥1,050(tax in.)

Source: [Yahoo Japan Entertainment News]
Translations: [email protected]
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M Singles Ranking

1.Everything 嵐
2.Stand by U 東方神起
3.たんぽぽ / 海賊船 / 其の拳 遊助
4.涙サプライズ! AKB48
5.MW ~Dear Mr. & Ms. ピカレスク~ / 夏Dive flumpool
6.暑中お見舞い申し上げます ℃-ute
8.Flower GACKT
9.明日の記憶 / Crazy Moon~キミ・ハ・ムテキ~ 嵐
10.sad to say JASMINE

Credits: REDsMILE
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Posted 7/3/09 , edited 7/4/09

2009.7.3 『The morning part!』

Waaaaah! We don’t have time…

But for the time being, here’s a report on the rehearsal that took place this morning.
The 3 groups, AKB48, 東方神起 and flumpool have finished up.

During intervals, we managed to ask questions about all kinds of topics…
・AKB48⇒ Talks about 板野-san’s birthday
・東方神起⇒ Yunho-kun talks about tomorrow’s Dome concert and what it’s like living together
・flumpool⇒ From this month onwards, their tour will begin, and things about Fukuyama-san

Although I want to write about other stuff…
Frankly, we have to stop.

So we’ll write again when we have time!

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Posted 7/3/09 , edited 7/4/09
Bigeast Station Episode 118

JJ: Tohoshinki Bigeast Station, today we have Jaejoong and
YH: Yunho and
CM: Changmin.
JJ: DBSK’s 4th Tour <The Secret Code> is only left with the two days in Tokyo Dome
YH: It’s finally going to end.
JJ: Wow, it’s really awesome. 4th and 5th of July… Although we have to endure for two days but is indeed coming soon! How are you guys feeling? Nervous?
YH: Ah.. I’m still not feeling that nervous~ But I’m feeling abit nervous for the dancing parts
JJ: Right.. But honestly, because it’s Tokyo Dome, is it really possible?

YH: Yeah.. We used to say that we hoped to stand on Tokyo Dome stage, but in reality, how can it be accomplished so fast? It’s quite unbelievable now.
CM: I never thought it was possible.
JJ: We never really thought about it..
YH: To be able to stand on the Tokyo Dome stage.. It’s really unbelievable.
CM: This person is abit drunk -points to YH-
YH: Right.. my heart is full now (He pronounces full wrongly)
CM: Nothing’s wrong (JJ laughs)
YH: Full, correction.
CM: We must work hard today too.
YH: I’m dozing off.. These few days I’ve been dozing off.
JJ: Yunho might be feeling very nervous already.
CM: Oh.. really nervous.. but it’s okay.
YH: Yeah I guess it’s okay.
JJ: Anyway, the last two days.. In order to ensure that the atmosphere isn’t brought down, we will work hard together.
YH: Right.
JJ: Tohoshinki Bigeast Station, let’s hear the first song for today.. Tohoshinki’s~
Everyone: Survivor
JJ: Tohoshinki Bigeast Station, today the hosts are JJ and
YH: YH and~
JJ: Today we would like to mention some messages that everyone has left behind regarding the single “Stand by U” that will be released on the 1st of July.
YH: Okay, bring it on.
JJ: Okay, we shall start with YH.
YH: Radio name “dedeksonumeru”. “Hello.I have been listening to you guys happily. When I first heard the new single, <Stand by U>, I felt that the song was excellent. Finally got it today.
CM: Your reading.. it’s fine right?
YH: No problem~ “It is indeed excellent, it’s so good that I’m in a mess. The melody is beautiful, too good. Even the lyrics are the best. I’m speechless. I have been listening to it repetitively the whole summer. Thank you for such an awesome song”
CM: Thank you.
JJ: Thank you.
YH: I feel really happy when I hear you guys say this.. Really..
JJ: We would still want to continue working harder!
YH: JJ’s the best (T/N: YunJae moment?)
CM: Alright… radio name “Changmin son(?)” (T/N: I couldn’t understand it) “Hello everybody. Stand by U Is definitely a great song, following “Why I Like You?” song’s style. To someone who likes you the most (T/N: the person exagerrated the “most” part by repeating it), I’m really looking forward to it.
YH: Like the most~ Thank you!
CM: “Because this is a great song~ I am so happy that I seem to like you guys even more. Everyone who listens to it will be enchanted by it, I especially like the amazing lyrics. What do you guys think? Tell me a part of the lyrics that you guys like!” I personally prefer th epart where I sing..
JJ: What is this??
CM: Ah.. it’s good.. especially the part where I sing, there was this sentence “Everytime I receive a message, I hope that it will show your name” It seems so real, like as if you have this kind of experience before. Even if you break up.. Not even breaking up.. Just liking a person, won’t you always hope that person would send you a text message? Thinking liket his, you’d always not let go of your phone.
YH: Yeah.. I also like that part of the lyrics where I sang.
CM: Which one?
YH: My part was “Because until now, I’m still screaming your name out, alone” Don’t you feel heart ache?
CM: Yes a little bit..
JJ: It is very natural, and flows well.
YH: Right..
CM: IT is indeed very natural.. JJ yah~
JJ: I think, instead of liking a certain part, I prefer the whole song..
YH: Yeah.. that atmosphere.
CM: Which part of the song do you especially like the most..
JJ: If I must choose, mine is very simple.. the last part.. “I only think of you”
YH: “I only think of you” (He starts singing)
JJ: Only that feeling is the best.
YH: A kind of memory that never changes.
JJ: Thank you for your message.
JJ: The next message.. Radio name “Sally”, “Hello everyone, I have been listening to bigeast station happily.. The new single this time “Stand by U” is very cool, the song is also filled with warmth. But it feels as if you have been defeated. The feeling is very fresh about confessing but not receiving the same kind of feeling back. I think it the long-term, if I continue listening to this song, the song will be my favourite. Not giving up during this period, always listening, let it be my theme song.. really very happy.
CM: um…..
YH: Why do you keep saying um..
CM: I am showing that I agree!
JJ: Ah.. there’s still one line “It is indeed Tohoshinki”
YH: Thank~~~~~~~~~~ You
All: Thank you so much.
JJ: We have finished introducing the song~ We have heard alot from the messages just now.
All: Thank you
JJ: I hope all of you look forward to the new single “Stand by U” releasing on the 1st of July. Now, we shall let everyone listen to this new song..
All: “Stand by U”
JJ: Now is the time for a few messages from Tohoshinki. Firstly, the new single “Stand by U” will be released on the 1st of July, I hope everybody look forwards to it. Next would be the start of the Tokyo Dome concert. Alot of things have happened during Tohoshinki’s 4th tour <The Secret Code>
CM: Indeed..
JJ: We will work hard till the end for these 2 days concert, 4th – 5th of July
YH + CM: We will!
JJ: We are also waiting for more messages from all of you! Please visit our website at toho is spelt as T-O-H-O On the website, you can view new photos from our recording as well.
- How do you say it in Korean, You know?!

JJ: Now it’s the “How do you say it in Korean, You Know?!” Section.
YH: Uknow! Uknow!
JJ: This section is named “How do you say it in Korean, You Know?!”~ And we will answer your questions regarding Korean Language. Today, as usual, we received alot of messages, thank you so much!
YH & CM: Thank you!
JJ: Okay, so we will hurry up and start~ Today, we will start from me, JJ~
CM: Ohhhhh.
JJ: Radio name “Niwahaku”. “I always feel happy when I listen to this program. I am currently dating a guy now, he is korean”
YH & CM; wow~ wow~ wow~ wow~ (T/N: LOLOL!)
YH: Congratulations!
JJ: hahaha~
CM: It looks really lonely~
JJ: “My boyfriend likes to sleep alot and I wish to use Korean to wake him up. In Korea, what do you say when you want to wake someone up?” If its me, I will just say “Wake up” in Korean normally, maybe with a slightly louder voice.
CM: Mm.. Right..
JJ: “Wake up” is “Yi Lo Na”~ Right~
CM: MmMm~ (T/N: So changmin-ish!)
JJ: Although it is “Yi Lo Na” but you must say it louder and near the ear.
CM: Let’s demonstrate.
CM: … Good.. Just say it louder.
YH: Right..
CM: Ah…
YH: Yeah~ The atmosphere now is really loud..
JJ: What?!
CM: If you really want to shout, there wouldn’t be a use for Korean already.
JJ: Then what would you say? Mr Changmin?
CM: Using the same word, but don’t have to say it so loud. Instead, use a sweet feeling.. (JJ: Try it out~) Wouldn’t this method be better?
JJ: Then please demonstrate..
CM: YILONA~ YILONA~ Use this kind of method to say..
YH: Not bad..
CM: You’d have a good mood when you wake up.
YH: With a little bit of flirtatious sound to it~ Definitely will wake up~ (T/N: I would have no resistance towards his flirtatious tone!)
CM: Mm…
JJ: Then could you please wake us up from now onwards using that tone~
All: Hahaha~
YH: It is that kind of feeling..
JJ: Haha~ Okay~ Let’s look at the next message.
YH: I shall do it~ Radio name “nachan no mama”. “Me, my 17 year old son and 9 year old daughter all like you guys”
CM&JJ: Thank you.
YH: “From last year, my daughter has been saving water and electricity just to save the environment. She even went to clean up the beach and did many other stuff. Have any of you did any of these kinda things before? Also, how do you say ‘waste’ in Korean?”
JJ: Doing things in order to save the environment..
CM: Mm..
YH: Isn’t it summer now? (CM: Yeah) Won’t all of us use air-conditioners? (CM: Oh~ Yeah~) Fans and sorts. (CM: Oh yeah~) especially electrical ones (CM: Oh yeah~) Also, we can use a fan to pass the hot summer days.
CM: Oh, so it’s like that?
YH: Yep, Everyone, for the sake of saving the environment, can try to use fans instead.
JJ: Great~ Thanks for the answer!
CM: Thank you! (JJ keeps laughing)
YH: Aside from this answer, the important one is how to say “waste” in korean.
CM: “waste” in korean. how do you say it?
YH: A ga wo~
JJ: A ga wo~
CM: A ga wo~
YH: A ga wo~ A ga da~, if we compare these two, a ga da would be more suitable.
CM: Right..
YH: A ga da~
CM: A ga da~
YH: Changmin’s face a ga da~ (CM: Mm~) Okay, its that kind of feeling~ I hope everyone would use it alot~
CM: Thank you! (JJ: Thank you!) I will work hard!
JJ: Let’s look at the next message~
CM: Okay. radio name “xiuxiu changmin”~ (JJ: xiuxiu!!), “Hello everyone, previously on this section of the program, you mentioned something about Changmin disrespecting people and bullying others recently.”
YH: Indeed.. no manners..
CM: “Changmin is a very gentle person, please tell me who to say this. Also, please tell everyone and Changmin-jun is a good person”
YH: Tell everyone, Changmin~
JJ: This is abit bad~ It’s really not like that, you liar~
YH: Exactly~
CM: about this~ “changmin is a gentle person”, in Korean it’s “changmin nong cha qi akang salangmia”~ “changmin nong chiongma qi akang salangmia~”
JJ: Great, does everyone know? It’ll be up ’till here for today.
CM: Nono, there still is~?! Isn’t there?! I must tell the listeners that Changmin-jun is a good person. But this is abit…
YH: Okay okay, I know~ I know~ you don’t have to say it already~
CM: Why must you emphasize that I’m a good person, I am not a bad person in the first place. (Sighs) Don’t emphasize that I look like a good person~
YH: But I think you really are~ hehe~
CM: What!!
JJ: Then let me say it.
CM: Great, sorry to trouble you.
JJ: Changmin is really gentle (CM: Yeah!) Okay, we’ll end it here. Today…
CM: Thats it?
JJ: “How do you say it in Korean, You know?” How was it? You must use the phrases introduced today! “Changmin is gentle”, can also be used!
YH: Yep~ It’s summer, use a fan.
JJ: What has this got do with now?! STOP!
YH: Because I use, so it matters.
JJ: If you want to know how to say something in Korean, send a message. We’ll be waiting for you. Tohoshinki Bigeast Station, let’s here the last song for the day. The coupling song for “Stand by U” that will be released on 1st of July.. Tohoshinki’s~
All: “Tea for Two”
JJ: Tohoshink’s Bigeast Station has once again reached it’s end. We are waiting for everyone’s messages. “I want to know the answer”, “How do you say it in Korean~ You know!!”, “Toho Psychology” and “Love Situation~ Loving U”. Each section is waiting for you~ The address for your messages is here~
YH: The website for the program is (repeats it), please send ur messages. Toho is spelt as T-O-H-O!
JJ: Great~
YH: Yep~
JJ: How are you feeling today?
CM: Very happy.
YH: Yep~ Only these few?
JJ: These few?
CM: Mm..
JJ: When were you the most happy?
CM: The happiest place~ It would have to be when we were discussing about the new single.
YH: Definitely.
JJ: Indeed, very happy~
CM: We hop everyone would hear the new single this time “Stand by U”.
YH: Right~ Also, we must still use the fan during summer time~ Hehehe~
CM&JJ: hahah~
JJ: Mister Yunho~ Mister Yunho~
YH: What’s the matter?
JJ: So for today~ (YH: Ahhahahaha!) we shall end here~ Ah~ It’s sad~
CM: Right~
JJ: ‘Till the next time we meet, this was brought to you by Changmin and~
CM: Jaejoong and~
YH: Yunho.
All: Bye!


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Pre-Concert Fanaccount – Tokyo Dome (Day 1)

Anita and Wendy were staying at the Tokyo Dome hotel. I went over at seven in the morning, and we went to go stand in line at the CD and DVD shop. It didn’t open until ten AM. But we weren’t the first ones there. As the time went by, more and more people lined up after us (we were in the front row of the line). The fans came prepared for the long wait, lol. They had umbrellas to fend off the heat and towels/plastic garbage bags to sit on. They also brought water, paper-like fans, and food.

Then, at half an hour before ten, the shop opened. It opened early, and the three of us quickly followed the crowd in. They only let in a few people at a time. You could buy the Stand By U single (Tokyo Dome version), and also buy ALL of their CDs. They had EVERYTHING, even the nonstop remix albums O_O And they also sold both CD and DVD versions, gave out one poster if you spent enough money (you could choose from ten different ones), and you got a special vinyl bag + card holder thingy (or looks like one) if you spent more. There were also piano books available. Three of us. One of them had the OJBH cover, the other had another album, and the third was the SBU single. I got the last and latest one by luck, because we didn’t know the piano book would be for sale.

After we bought those, we went over to the line for fangoods. HOLY SHIZZ. It was the longest line I have ever seen. At first glance, it only looks like it runs from the stands to the bridge to the plaza. But in reality, the beginning of the line is at the bottom floor. You go up these steps to the plaza – where a maze awaits you. Then you cross the bridge and go over to the stands where they sell the goods. It took three hours.

And then, when we actually got the fangoods, the staff were really patient and calm. They were fast and efficient as well. I believe the three of us lined up for the biggest fangood store (there were three, I think?). And there were 24 different cashiers, so the line moved pretty fast. Only…it was REALLY long =__=

That was all. We were pooped by then, and we stumbled upon the photo selection shop. There was a huge DBSK poster thingy, but the line was long. We didn’t really feel like waiting any more (we were starving by this point), and decided to eat lunch and rest up before the concert.

—Concert is in a few hours now x] —

We’d like to give a special thanks to mandasoh at for the translated maps and information biggrin.gif They really helped!

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Jaejoong is also a Japanese girlband fangirl

Jaejoong recently expressed that he has been getting fond of songs by girlband Bright. The girl quartet, whose members were born from 1990-1992 are also under rhythm zone, the same label as Jaejoong’s band Tohoshinki.

His favorite song by then is Brightest Star.

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090704 TSC Staff Reports – Tokyo Dome

2009/07/05(Sun) 0:30

It’s so exciting!

Tokyo Dome after-party, right now a lot of ppl coming (^O^)

Women, men, singing, dancing, or screaming!

All Tohoshinki’s fans are hanging out well together, the best!

2009/07/04 (Sat) 22:58

It’s over…

Today’s Dome is over!

It was the best LIVE!

Thank you!

2009/07/04 (Sat) 15:35


2009/07/04(Sat) 19:50

Tohoshinki’s Dancer!

Yuki san!

when he’s asked about the members, “At the dance classes, they’re all so competitive!” he said.

2009/07/04 (Sat) 18:19

Just before the stage…

Yuchon began playing the piano ♪

and Changmin suddenly appeared, singing next to him!

2009/07/04(Sat) 17:48

Preparation, OK!

YUNHO is ready!

Starts the stage cooly!

2009/07/04(Sat) 16:13

during the massage.

Junsu while watching DVD ♪

2009/07/04(Sat) 14:34


Taking a break..

He’s seriously looking at the member’s movement.

2009/07/04 (Sat) 13:34


Flowers sent by Bigeast and Tohomobile!

2009/07/04(Sat) 15:01

Rehearsal starts!

The rehearsals has started!

From the stage, Jejung confessed to Sam-san, saying 『I love you』 (laughs).

2009/07/04(Sat) 15:00

Only the dancers are…

in the middle of rehearsals!

The stage is so huge, that’s the highlight!

2009/07/04(Sat) 15:00

It’s has started!

Finally, the Tokyo Dome performance!

This is the panel of the dressing room where the members wait at.

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090704 Thank You Mail from Tokyo Dome

For everything, we want to say many thanks.

This is Tohoshinki!!

Great~ it’s amazing.

That’s the only words to express Tokyo Dome today

It was so impressive (ToT)

The feeling of us becomes one

The best~

The best… best…

Today, really thank you to everyone

\(^ ^)

We’ll work hard again tomorrow

source: tohomobile
credits: dnbn + [email protected]
trans: [email protected]

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Tokyo Dome Fanaccount

THE CONCERT WAS AWESOME. The stadium was completely full and the red sea looked great.

I was really surprised when they came out and did their solo’s.
Junsu with Xiahtic, Yunho with Checkmate, Changmin with Wild Soul and Soulmate with their new song ‘Colors’ written by themselves.
IT WAS SO GOOD. I can not even stress how much I loved it.
Changmin did really well! I think it could have been my favorite solo performance.
Soulmate’s duet was just O.M.G.
And HoSu’s dance performances = totally sexy.

LITI! THEY PERFORMED IT LAST. My gosh, it’s my fav performance of LITI to date.

And I was with Changmin’s mother in the elevator! loooool. I didn’t know at first, but I thought she looked REALLY familiar, so I was going through my brain trying to figure out who’s mother it was. Yeahh, she still looks pretty young! And she’s not as tall as I thought she would be. <333

Tokyo Dome Song Order (I’m pretty sure this is correct):
01. Secret Game
02. We Are
04. Take Your Hands
05. Stand Up!
06. 9095
07. Force
08. Purple Line
09. Mirotic
10. Heart, Mind and Soul
11. Wasurenaide
12. Xiahtic (Junsu solo)
13. Colors (Soulmate duet)
14. Checkmate (Yunho solo)
15. Wild Soul (Changmin solo)
16. Begin
17. Nobody Knows
18. Taxi
19. Forever Love
20. ‘O’ – JBH
21. Choosey Lover
22. Sky
23. Somebody To Love
24. Summer Dream
25. Survivor
26. The Way U Are
27. Share The World
28. Break Up The Shell
29. Stand By U
30. Kiss The Baby Sky
31. Bolero
32. Love In The Ice

And there were ments, videos in-between.

OH AND YEAH. The Jaechun duet is a ballad. =)
It’s super good, IMO! I hope they release it officially.

credit: `[email protected]
shared by: [email protected]

another account:

The concert at Tokyo Dome was great! All the boys did really well.

Changmin, Yunho, and Junsu had solos and Jaejoong and Yoochun did a duet together.
Changmin’s solo took my breath away. His vocals was awesome.

I really like Jaejoong and Yoochun’s duet. The song was really good and I hope it will come out in a CD soon. ^^ The high notes they did was great.

Junsu perform Xiahtic and Yunho performed Checkmate. Both were really good and I’m jealous of the female dancers that got to dance with them. LOL.

The sad thing was that I was on the top so they were far away, until…they rode this car thingy and came to this mini stage in the back. It was great to see them closer. Jaejoong’s waist is really skinny!!!

After they perform Bolero, I thought it was the end and people in the back were chanting Tohoshinki and they came out again and perform Love in the Ice!! ^^ I was so happy. It was a great ending.

Afterwards, my friends and I went back to Tokyo Dome Hotel and we were in the same elevator with Changmin’s mom. OMG. I thought she was familiar until someone yelled Yunho’s mom and then I realized it was Changmin’s mom. She’s very pretty and elegant looking. Some of the fans shook her hands. I wanted to say hi but was scare that I would scare her.

I guess I’ll stop here.

credit: [email protected]
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