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Posted 6/30/09 , edited 7/1/09
For the Members:
1; Only request 2 times a day, maximum of 2 requests each
2. DON'T request until your previous request had been finished
3. Upload 8 pics for each request
4. Feel free to re-pose if we skipped your request
5. Pics must be in high quality
6. DON'T rush the mods, we are busy ppl to you know
7. Those who decided NOT to follow these rules will be SKIPPED
8. Have fun ;]

For the Mods:

1. Plz do any request if you see any
2. Remember to put PENDING [username] when doing an request and DONES [username] when request is finished
3. Upload the Profile gfx in the Profile gfx album when finished


--->Text(tell me what you want written on the avii):
--->Size: (tall/thin,short/wide, normal)
--->extras: (stars, hearts, brushes etc)
--->mod reuqesting:
--->pic: (in spoiler plz)
---> Have you upload 8 pics yet? (yes/no) [please give us links to the photos you upload]

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Posted 7/1/09 , edited 7/1/09

--->Size: profile size
--->extras: (stars, hearts, brushes etc)make the pictures the background of the profile or something else idk
--->mod reuqesting:anyone who can make rllllly good profiles
--->pic: (in spoiler plz)-

---> Have you upload 8 pics yet? (yes/no)- yes
the last 8 photos so far that i uploaded
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