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My older brother that's 5 years older than me, no matter the face or character, we don't resemble each other. Especially when you talk about the brains [meaning like, how clever one another is :3]! My brother is, Really good in studying!! He always helps me in that sense too. Sometimes we would play soccer TV games together, but it'll always be me losing. No matter how you think of it, we're totally far away. Skips one sentence coz' can't see something *whistles nervously*

My brother, he's really into (the details) of music and movies. During elementary school, grade 6, "Boku to Kanojo to Kanojo no Ikiru michi" that drama on TV spot, we saw the cool guitar playing, and I asked my brother, "What's that song?". And then, he answered easily, "It's 'Reptilia' by The Strokes". Then, I was like WOAH I'm exaggerating here. He is my master that teaches me a variety of music!

Even though he is my respected brother that knows a variety of things, the interests (hobby) he has, is much more childish than mine.... When I was changing the TV channels, then when I changed to this channel, and changed to another channel, he suddenly said "HOLD ON!". And that was a Anime program (laughs). This part where he hasn't forgotten about his teenage heart is cute. It's already a good year. If he mends his way of being a scaredy cat it'll be good too. When he enters the bath and I open the door, he would bend down and get a shock in a unusual way (laughs). Ah, but the part where he's afraid of bugs is the same as me. If there's a bug that comes out at night, the both of us would run to our mother. I guess it's that part that we're the sameー♪

Daiki's Hey! Say! JUMP family tree:

Chinen = pet

Ryutaro = grandfather, Yuto = grandmother

Inoo = Cousin

Keito = father, Takaki = mother

Yamada = youngest brother, Himself = brother, Yabu = sister, Hikaru = brother


My brother is now grade 5 in elementary school. His body is rather small, which is cute! During the concerts, I had to go to diffferent places, and when I finally went back home after some time, he flew over to me and said "Let's play!". Recently, he seems to be into the toys from Koma, and he'll play with me, that's why we'll buy for him and me. When he sleeps, he looks super cute!! Even with such a brother, I noticed some changes recently. Just until some time ago, even though we always have fun, he'll cry too and go "Stop it~" then he'll start getting angry, and punch me too! As a boy, you'll worry but will be kind too. But it'll seem like he's being rebellious. You're safe as a brother♪

My brother and I have totally opposite characters. I'm like my father, that always gets bored, while my mother, is the one that always helps us whenever she has the time, and sometimes exacerbates the situation (laughs). For example, the washing powder (the one where you normally add into washing machines~), she would mix up the salt and it.... And that's where my brother resembles my mother. So before eating, they would take out the washing powder instead. So that's why before anyone says a thing, I'll be the first to help out if I can, and it feels noble to do so! Being such a trustworthy person, my dog, Tamu would lick me. But why is he the only one that gets bitten in the family (laugh). Maybe Tamu thinks that that is his brother.

Family Tree:

Chinen = pet

Ryutaro = Grandfather, Inoo = Grandmother

Hikaru = cousin

Yabu = father, Keito = mother

Takaki = youngest brother lol, Himself = brother, Yamada = elder sister, Daiki = eldest brother


My sister that's just 1 year younger than me, has striking resemblance with me. Our height is almost the same, her hairstyle is boyish! No, the correct way to say it is that my hair is sorta girlish... (laughs). To start off with, she's the kind of boyish girl. Of course it reflects on her fashion too. There's not a time when I see my sister wearing skirt. It's always pants! My sister would sometimes wear my old clothes, so our style is the same~. When we were younger, we would be mistaken as twins.But I think the other way. Just how does my sister feel since she oftenly gets mistaken as a boy...?

My sister looks like boy externally, she's like a boy inside too. She plays soccer in her free time, plays game (guessing that it's video games), during playing, she plays with me. Our interests are really similar. She seems like my best friend! Now the TV game that we're really into is the zombie series (laughs), brother and sister playing a tag team, the zombies that are in our way should just come without reserves!!

Even though I really like animals, I lost to my sister. She had already planned the names before getting Kuu our toy poodle and cookie, a chihuahua. During this time she said "it's time to get a pool for the dogs in our garden", and so, we got a pool for them. So when it comes to dogs and such, I think that she's really kind~.

Oh yeah, for anyone's that curious, Yamada's Hey! Say! JUMP family tree :

Chinen = pet

Hikaru = Grandfather, Inoo = Grandmother

Yuuto = cousin

Takaki = Father, Daiki = Mother

Ryutaro = Brother, Himself = Brother , Keito = Sister, Yabu = Brother

The first ever memory of my life, would be around when I was 2 y/o. I couldn't stop crying, so my mother came to me from far. The both of us were admiring the tulips at home, and I naturally smiled. "Once you smell the outside air, you stopped crying." that was what my mother said. Till now, when the atmosphere at home changes, I'll take a walk outside.

Even though my mum is really good in the sense of being healthy, her sense for making bentos is not-so-good. The side dish is either pickles and wieners or, omelet and broccoli together . Do think about the taste when combined together! Or somehow like that (laughs). Lunch would be the leftover that I can't finish and I go "why?" before I start eating it.

When I was in elementary school, I changed a little,at my study desk, I would take the thicks shavings of my pencil and put it in. When, I close it, it become soft and stuff, in addition, I'll put cake under the sheets and put books under the bed. Mum became really worried and talked with my elder sister but, it was just a meaning of being artistic to me, and how to get through mum's obentos (laughs).

Hikaru's Hey! Say! JUMP family tree

Yabu = Dog

Inoo = Grandfather
Ryutaro = Grandmother

Keito = Cousin

Yamada = Father
Chinen = Mother

Yuto = Youngest brother
Himself = Brother
Elder sister = Takaki
Daiki = Eldest brother

As I grow older, my impression of my mother changes. As I was a naughty boy in the past, I'll play pranks and make them angry during night time and I'll think "So noisy~". But, as I grow up to be an adult, too, I realised that what they say is because they thought about me. Kind, but when the bad thing is that she's really very strict! And that's my mum. When I was joining Johhnys, my mum was with me at the auditions. Just before going in [to the audition room], I suddenly said "I don't want to go!", then she let out "It's fine if you go home or just accept it, it's fine for me". Then suddenly, "Just accept it, won't you" she had said, and picked up an angry pace. In the end, I think that it was something that would allow a child to have their own thinking.

My mum is the worrying type. Just a small matter and she'll worry over it, so she'll immediately contact us by mail or phone. For example, "Have you eaten your meal already?" or, "Have you done anything good with your friend?" and so. It's not just me that she'll contact, but us 4 (brother and sister) (laughs). In return, my mum is the one that is the closest to everyone in our family♪ With such a mother, we'll talk a lot. About money (laughs), life and other stuff. If we have someone that we like, we certainly have to introduce them. As a young mother at her 30's, we have more of a friend-feeling between each other♪


Daiki = Pet

Keito = Grandfather
Ryutaro = Grandmother

Inoo = Cousin

Hikaru = Father
Yuto = Mother

Chinen = Youngest brother
Yamada = Younger sister
Himself = Brother
Yabu = Eldest brother

I'm really good friends with my 22 y/o elder brother♪ At home, I don't call "Brother", but I call him by his nickname. That is why, he is more like a friend than a elder brother. When we play games together, and if we get hungry at nights, we would go to the convenience store together, and buy onigiri. Not long ago, I played tennis together with brother and his friend at his part-time job. It was my first time playing tennis in my life, so I got a home run (laughs). It was really fun, it would be good if we played together again. ...But I had a muscle-strain the very next day.

Elder brother is a much more social person than me, so that's why I don't know people that he knows. He's always light-hearted when talking to people. If he coincidentally meets Inoo-chan, he'll go "Yo! Workin' hard in university? Department of science and engineering, right? It's hard, eh~" (laughs). He's someone that's happy going , that's why his al~ways carrying a smile. But, there was once when he got angry when I was still in elementary school. That time, I was watching TV at the room, and brother wasn't in the room, and then, brother is al~ways in my room watching TV. One day, he said "It's jammed up in here, hurry up and get back to your own room" in a rough voice, and then he came in, looking really angry. The brother at that time was really scary, and I can never forget that, and we never fought before!

Ok. Yabu's family tree

Daiki = pet

Chinen = grandfather, Yuto = grandmother

Takaki = cousin

Keito = father, Yamada = mother

Ryutaro = youngest brother, Hikaru = Younger sister, Himself = brother, Inoo = brother.

Sorry i only have this 3...
Over all there only have 6... so i just post them.

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more here! and here!!
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Is it me or Chinen is always taken as a pet?!

I hope you find more of this 'coz it's interesting~
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this is so cute!!! love it XD
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where's kei?
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Uwahhh~!! Sugoi!
Thank you for the translation. ^w^
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