New Members: This is an overview of the history of our group.
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Posted 7/1/09 , edited 4/23/12
Greetings, New Member!

I am Toyoki Ryusei, Original Group Founder and Captain of the 3rd Division. I would like to personally congratulate you on joining our Bleach Role-Playing Group. I trust that you'll be a valuable and trusted friend for all of us here.

First off, I would like to give you an overview of what our group was all about. We are a serious/not-so-serious organization that has a main focus of Role-Play(RP). We are composed of highly dedicated and indeed, talented people who wish to take RP and the Bleach storyline to the next level. We have been around since February 11, 2008, and have been very successful, one of the top Bleach Groups in all of CrunchyRoll. Here, we establish our own place in which we experience great fun and plenty of comaraderie.

As of June 12, 2011 the Hardcore Roleplaying aspect of the group is discontinued due to inactivity and inability of some members to be committed to the RP. The New Gotei 13 has been officially remade into a social group. So if you like, or even, liked BLEACH at SOME point in your life...feel free to join us and talk to us in our chat. We're a friendly group of crazy people...if friendly and crazy can go together....I believe this is the only group that makes that possible! So kick back, relax...and have fun getting to know people from all over the world. TNG13 is known to create and strengthen friendship between people halfway across the world from each other. I have lost count of how many times people have came up to me and thanked me for bringing him/her together to meet this other person they became close friends with. They tell me that they still remain good friends to this day. We're great people, and we'd love to have you with us!

However, if you came to this group expecting some seriously good roleplaying....please stop by GODAI. That is where our Hardcore RPers, will be located. We're continuing the story we left off here at TNG13.

As of April 22, 2012 the roleplaying group GODAI has disbanded. However, the RP is not necessarily dead. A good friend of mine, shinsonic23 has created various RP groups each with different settings and storyline. So if you are still interested in RPing with us, contact him. We do have quite a lot of original members from The New Gotei 13 in those groups. Nonetheless, thank you very much for showing your interest in the RP with us at Crunchyroll!

God Bless. May the Gotei 13 Live Forever!

~ Toyoki Ryusei
Group Founder

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