Do you think Zero will be more agressive now? Even to Yuuki?
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Posted 7/1/09 , edited 7/1/09
If you read chapter 50 and 51 then you know what I mean ^^
He seems much aggresiver! And when yori asked him if he still wants to kill yuuki he looked so scary...I know yori didnt said it exactly like that ^^ But it was something like that...
So what do you think? And if yes, then will he ever be like before ?

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Posted 7/2/09 , edited 7/2/09
No, even if he seems aggressive, he has learnt to control himself: ch.50...he only hunts and kills vampires whose names are on the association's list and he isn't willing to kill Kaname anymore(well not yet!)
Now concerning his look when Yori has mentioned Yuuki's name...personally i don't find it scary but rather sad! Really his expression is heartbreaking!

abt your last question "will he ever be like before?" Zero is still the same, he hasn't changed that much and i'll even said that he has matured...when he had to hunt and kill a level-E for the first time(ch.13), he was faltering while now he can kill level-E without hesitation!
Personally, i find the Zero now better that the Zero of 1 year ago(but it's just my POV and like i said he hasn't changed that much!)
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