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do u guys have any funny phrases or sentences? well im kinda bored right now and need a good laugh...
so heres some funny phrases that i think is kinda funny:

This one is from a church bulletin and its true:
-Sunday morning sermon: Jesus walks on water
Sunday night sermone: Searching for Jesus

-Its ok Pluto, im not a planet either
-i (blank) mad libs
- Sex: do it for the kids
- Without me, its juse Aweso
- " i used to do drugs, i still do, but i used to, too!" Mitch Hedberg
- "And Karen is with us- a West Texas girl, just like me!" -Bush
- "i would still invade Iraq even if Iraq never existed:- Bush
- "i have no idea" Tom said thoughtlessly
- "i have diamonds, clubs, and spades" said Tom heartlessly
- "Its always a bad thing to say "always" and "never"- Barack Obama
- "We're no longer a superpower, we're a super-duper power"

Yeah..i can only think of a few right now heh heh//not every single one of them is funny i have to say..but my fav is the Jesus walks on water one XD

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F / Youtube!
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"I'm so mad I could quote Twilight."
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Dammit, man, I'm a doctor, not a physicist!
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