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Never-Ending Love Story
Posted 2/6/11 , edited 2/6/11
Wow! You really got stuck with him now. I sympathize you and him for not being able to feel connected like the first time you guys met. I mean, you guys are connective, but it wasn't the strong, comfortable bond anymore. Let's see, if it were me, I think I would not go out with him anymore because I can't even tell what he is up to anymore. I can forgive him, but after the incident, I don't think I would ever see him as the sweetie that I was once a girlfriend. I say this isn't a bad comedy because there weren't any historical event that could have been laughed at. Instead o tragedy too, I think it is just a love story of decisions and indecisive relationships. Great story though! Keep it up even though it is only a part of your whole love life.
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Posted 3/20/11 , edited 3/21/11
hey i love it....
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Posted 3/20/11 , edited 3/21/11

Chrisa-daVinci wrote:

Here is a love story that means a lot to me… it’s up to you to decide if it is a tragedy or a bad comedy…
Anyway, here it~

Once there was a young girl, not even a teenager yet. She had lived all her life in the same city, being with the same people. But it soon was going to change: a boy moved to ‘her’ town, starting in the same class as the girl. Though both were shy humans, they quickly became friends. They were together everyday, all the time, whenever they could be together. But the boy got a secret; friendship had turned into a young, but fiery flame for him. Should he tell the girl, risking their relationship, or should he keep it to himself?

He decided, nervously, to tell her. And guess what? She said yes! A small love began. Not much changed from their previous relationship, but both knew it was different. And they were happy. Their friends didn’t tease them much, and both their parents liked their child’s ‘partner’.

But, of course, happiness doesn’t go on… hell stroke.

As they had been together for some time, they began arguing more and more. Mostly over stupid, silly things. And things crashed when one of their friends moved away from town. They had a HUGE argument! They became so angry that they didn’t spoke to each other for months.

Summer vacation came and disappeared, and so did the boy... He had moved back to his mom, leaving without saying goodbye. The girl found out the first day after the vacation. When the teacher told the class that he had left, the girl felt a lighting strike her. He was gone? Forever?

She hurried home, and sent him a message: ‘Where are you?’ But she got no answer. For months she tried contacting him, sending him messages on his phone: ‘Are you okay? What are you doing? … Are you coming back?’ She still got no answer. Almost given up, she wrote this message: ‘This is the last message I’m going to send you. Where are you?’ No reply; she gave up.

Summer vacation arrived again, and the girl suddenly got a message. From an unknown number, a text saying: ‘Hey, hun! How are you?Was it him? It didn’t sound like him, but people change, right? People can change a lot during a year, right? She called the number… and it was his voice she heard.

Contact was re-made. They began talking again. A few months later, he asked her to be his again. She said yes. They only met once. And for the girl, it wasn’t enough; the distance was too far and they were both too young. So, she broke up. But they remained friends, thought it now was a bit awkward between them.

Then, hell stroke again. The boy’s mother died. And he had to move back to his father, back to the town. Starting in the same class the girl was in. It was awkward, they hadn’t seen each other for so long. But they started hanging out. And soon, the boy asked her to be with him again.

She said no.

The reason? Because she had to leave town, for 1 year, maybe even 2. She didn’t want to go through the same thing. So, she packed her things and went to a ‘boarding school’. She lived on the school and rarely came home. The boy and the girl remained in touch.

A year passed, summer vacation came again. The boy, who was now a guy, was glad. The girl was coming back! Would she say yes if he asked her out again? He tried, but there was something he hadn’t thought about. Time changes people, and 1 year is a lot of time. The girl had thought about her past with him, and got shocked. Had things really been like that, had she actually waited a whole year for a guy? And, she had wished sinful things in the past, things she couldn’t forgive herself for thinking. The guy had also changed; without noticing he had gotten into bad company, tried drugs and had become more aggressive. So, when he asked her again, she said no.

They were going to different school; so even though they were in the same city, they would rarely see each other. Also, because of all the thoughts the girl had, she had decided: she would free him, giving him an opportunity to meet other people, maybe another love. And she wanted to try free herself, trying to find a new love at her new school herself. So, she said no.

The guy was heartbroken. And he began realizing the bad company he had gotten in. He used the fact that he had started at a new school to start over. Met other people, got new friends. He got free from the bad company. And the girl was delighted. The guy had finally proved himself. They began talking a lot to each other again, they were almost like they were before they became a couple; they were friends, laughing and helping each other out.

A ½ year passed, and the Christmas-ball at the girl’s school was nearing. Who should she bring along? She had gotten a few offers, but in the end, she chose to ask the guy. He said yes, and they went together, as friends. That was the best evening/night they had shared together in years!

Shortly after the ball, the guy said to the girl: ‘This is the very last time I’m going to ask you out. I know it causes lots of stress for you, so I’m saying this for the last time: would you please go out with me?’ The girl was shocked, what should she answer? Part of her wanted to say yes, but another part of her wanted to let him go and find someone better that her. Should she give him a chance and start over, or should she stick to her previous answer?

In the end, the girl got so unsure and confused that she didn’t gave him an answer. She stopped talking to him, meeting with him, what should she say?

A bad period started for the girl, because of the stress and because of other things. She started skipping school, a whole month she didn’t go to school, which led to a new hell: the school contacted her parents, saying she would get kicked out if she didn’t show up soon. Deeply embarrassed she went to school the next day together with her mom. Luckily, she didn’t get thrown out, her education was safe again. But now she knew one thing; she wasn’t going to even considering going out with the guy before she could control her own life again.

The girl and the guy began talking again, but only really rarely; he was hurt and confused, and she was busy making her life right again. After some time, the girl got her life back on track, and once more the summer vacation came. The girl was now ready.

Yesterday, the girl asked the guy if he would like to go with her and some of their friends to the movies. He said yes. They went to the movies together, sitting right next to each other. And guess what? It actually wasn’t as bad as the girl had feared! Sure, it had been a bit awkward, but they had talked and agreed to meet again the day after.

I wonder; what’s going to happen this year?

As you may have guessed; yes, the girl is me. This is my ‘never-ending love story’.
I have left out lots of details; this is only a raw version of what happened. Only the most important things are written here. Remember that, this is only a part of the story.

Did you like it, hate it? What would you have done differently? Anything else??

Love [and its look-alikes] is cruel, sarcastic destiny. Or is it?

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Posted 5/31/11 , edited 5/31/11
I wonder if I should reveal the end of this story?

That summer ended, and when autumn arrived, they got back together. On her request.
The times together were good, and they even started talking about taking the next step.
But.. nothing happened. The girl grew impatient, and began questioning the relationship.
She realized that she had drifted too far apart from her guy, but how should she tell him?
Around Christmas she decided to end it for good, but it took another month before she did.
They lost all contact again, lived their lifes separately. Why stay in touch anymore?

Spring arrived and pasted, so did summer too. Then when autumn arrived again...
The girl got an invitation from her ex. Actually, her best friend and him had gotten together.
Though she no longer wanted to face him, for the sake of her friend, she went anyway.
It was very awkward for her, but.. then she hit it off perfectly with one of her ex' friends.
He was older, tall. Blond hair and green-ish eyes. Kind and funny. Caring.
They spent the whole evening together, not caring much about the others.
The next day they got secretly together, and went official not long after.
He amazed her, this new guy, how well they clicked and how similar they were.
Their relationship went fast and steady, not like the girl's previous relationships.

The relationship between her friend and ex eventually ended. The friend broke it off.
And just like that, the girl had no reason to see her ex anymore. She was happy.
For months it went well, but slowly she gained shame and doubt. Did she deserve him?
He seemed too perfect for her, and she felt pained in her heart when she saw his smile.
After talking with several people about it for a long time, she couldn't take it anymore.
At the same day as he wanted to propose to her, she let him go. Let him be free.
He understoond, but was very sad, though he promised to always be there for her.
And she knew, this guy is someone who more than anyone deserved to be truly happy.

As for her first ex, she found out through people that he had been talking ill about her.
Especially to her latest ex, he had been telling horrible lies. She was shocked, angry.
So when she heard he had cowardly left the town, cutting all contact to everyone.
Well, she was bitterly happy and swore that if he ever returned, he wouldn't be welcome.

And so ended their young teen love and story. Pained, but much more mature than before.
NOW THE WARM SUMMER IS COMING AGAIN - can you guess what happens next?
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Posted 6/2/11 , edited 6/3/11
great! a 10 thumbs up.. (lol if a have 10 thumbs, but i just got 2) ahahhaa... 10 claps for you :D
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Posted 6/3/11 , edited 6/3/11

zhakuconde001 wrote:

great! a 10 thumbs up.. (lol if a have 10 thumbs, but i just got 2) ahahhaa... 10 claps for you :D

Haha, you're funny
Thank you~ ^.^
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Posted 8/20/11 , edited 8/21/11
I'm speech-less. i mean, im a girl as well but i've never been in a relationship like that but i'm not going to tell you what to do with your life.
It seems like you pull your self through and even the boy as well. All i have to say is that, If your heart says that he's the one then stay with him, it's a hard decision to make but i know that you will make the right chose.
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Posted 8/23/11 , edited 8/23/11
wow great story
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