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Hi! The translations will be here now!

No disscussions about the translations(like, who will scan the manga and stuff-Pls do it at the translations disscussions post!) except for comments! Please feel free to translate though!

Well, to not get confused, I had post what this group had translated so far from page1:

Chapter 1:
(please follow with the manga in the photo album!! Or else u wouldn't understand!!!)

page 1: "I'm going to see u again" the boy with the rabbit ears promised me (me is tama-tan)
page 2~3: skip (theres nothing)
page 4: A long time ago the boy with the bunny ears I met said "Until I come back I want u to take care of this." 7 years later after that...
page 5: Tamatan: "Yay!!Super★Happy♪ The carrot was soooo cheap!" Nya-chan(the girl with the long hair): "Tamatan is sure a steady person. Just becuase u don't have a mother, u do the housework all by ur self." Tamatan: Unnnnn... By the way.."
page6: Tamatan: "I love bargain sales★" Non-non(the girl with the diamond pin): Ur still young but Tamatan says grown-up stuff-" "Hey look, that's El's poster." Tamatan: "Huh?" Non-non: "Shes so cute. Shes sure a popular person; idol El-chan! Always on t.v!" "If i was to become a maiden, I'll want to become one like El-chan" Tamatan: "Wahhh-"
page7: Non-non: "And then the goal is to... become a cute bride!! Kuuuuu- sooo maiden----" Tamatan: "A bride soo kyunkyun❤Nya-chan: "Though, Tamatan already has a fiance." "The one which gave u the strap." Tamatan: No, no, no!!! Not fiance Nya-chan!" Nya-chan: "But ur always keeping it safely-"
page8: Tamatan: I'm going to see u again. The boy with the bunny ears. Is he really... will he really going to visit me again?? Non-Non: "Lets go Tamatan!" Tamatan: Like that,like this it was a super★normal day. That day...
page9: Tamatan: Until that time it was.. A random boy: "Hey whats that?! Is it a airplane?! is it a bird?! No!"
page 10: A random boy: "Its a UFO!!"
page 11: Non-non: "What is that!!?" Tamatan:"Super★UFO!!?" Nya-chan:"Hannhh" Non-Non:"Le, Lets run away!!" Tamatan:"!"
page 12: Nothing
page13: Tamatan: Ahhhhhhhhhh!! Nya-chan:"Ah...!!,tamatan where are u going...!? Tamatan: Its bunny-ears!! The boy with the Bunny-ears!! Could it be... Could it be.. bunny-ears kun!!? Bunny-ears kun came!? Just like the promise!!?
page14:Usamimi-kun:"Oh, u were here Tsukigami." "Are u happy that u came to this planet?" "Just because of that, u shouldn't run away" "Come here Tsukigami"
page15: Usamimi-kun: "You want to meet too ya?" "To the legend Tsukihime" Tamatan: Doo.. Kyuuuuuuuuun!❤
page16:Tamatan: That super★kind smile!! Some other people: "Akane-sama please hurry." Usamimi-kun:"Ah, I'm going now." Tamatan: Its absolutely that Usamimi-kun from 7 years before!! Just like the promise he visited Tamatan- "Kyawawawawa❤" Some people: "U did it nicely."

P.S- The things with " and " is talking. If it is without, its thought. Hope u enjoy it!
P.P.S- This is not the REAL translation from the manga. I just translated it from my own words so srry if theres anything u don't know. Please ask me in the forums then. Hope u enjoy Doki2 Tamatan!

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Heres from page 17:

page17:Usamimi-kun:"Sorry. NASA's story say. No...One month before they came." Old man: "but the report to the citizen isn't complete yet.." Usamimi-kun:"This situatuation is going fast. As soon as possible we need the whole citizen... the whole people around the world... and Tsukihime(Moon princess)...Tsukiotome(the stage before becoming a tsukihime)'s cooperation...
page18:A random girl:"yesterday's UFO was so awesome! Is it a real UFO!?" Another random person:"A alien was riding on it!!?" Tamatan: Powannnnnnn(Daydreaming) Non-Non: "Good morning Tamatan. Was yesterday's mail true!?" Tamatan: "Yah! Finally that guy came for me!!""From a far place after 7 years he came to see Tamatan~♥""Just like the promise★" Nya-chan:"Indeed your fiance-"Tamatan:"EHehehehe★" Someone:"Oh~"
page19:Miharu(the girl with the heart hair style):"Tamatan has a fiance~? So unbelieva~ble." Non-Non:"! Miharu! What is that type of talking!" Miharu:" I want to meet Tamatan's fiance at least once-, if its true-" Non-non: "What did she say-!!?" Tamatan: "Non, Non-Non-" Non-non:" That Miharu is soooo disgusting~ Such a good girl who acts cute and such a sarcastic girl" "But I don't know why she's so popular with the boys-" "That time before theres a rumor that she took one of our classmates' boyfriend..."

Thats all today! please wait more for the translations!!

P.S- This is especially to the translators: Page 17 was especially hard for me to translate so if theres any mistakes pls correct it! Thanxies~ :D
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Hi! Amu924 here!

I kind of know Japanese so I think I can translate this! (Japanese Classes are there in my school...I'm in advanced class...)

page 20:Tamatan:"Uuee--- She took one of our classmate's boyfriend~!!" Nya-chan:"Its taken love--" Class:" Stand! Bow!"Class:"Good Morning" Teacher:"Good Morning, yesterday's U.F.O was great---" Non-non:"We saw the real thing-" Classmate:"Wow!!" Teacher:" Be quiet!!" "I know its suddenly but let me show you the new transfered student, I bet you'll be suprised~"

page21: teacher: "Alien, Tsukiakane no Miko-kun"

page 22: Tamatan:"!!" Akane:"Teacher, please stop calling me alien, its quite unpleasent" Teacher:"Oh,sorry, sorry" Tamatan: Usamimi-kun!! Usamimi-kun He finally came to meet Tamatan!! And plus being a transfered student in my school...!! "Ah...!,ahno!!, Usamimi-kun!!"

page 23: Akane:"You rude person!!" Tamatan:"UGyaa!!" Akane:"I am the prince of the Serenia kindom! You shouldn't be calling me rude names!!" Tamatan: "Ah... Huh~?"

Yup! thats all for now!

Ok, the same things apply to my translations! Just like Choco!! I can see that Akane(Usamimi-kun)'s talking is sooo hard to Understand!!!!
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I can't say how good this is because it was a first draft that was checked over by other translators (like, months and months ago now, and my teacher didn't check it over so... too lazy to double check since I'm still working on Chapter 6 translation) So I don't know what the actual translation will be...

I'm also not really sure (and I'm not sure if Koge Donbo is either) if the Moon Princess is just one person or if they all can become Moon Princesses. Nya-chan seems to think they can all become Moon Princess, but the way Akane-kun speaks, and the original legend itself, it's not certain if he's 'looking' for the Moon Princess, or if he is 'making' a Moon Princess, or if it's something between the two....

Anyway... (I hope scanlations will be out soon everyone >_<)

Page 22:
- Now now Miko-kun, calm down.
- Tsukiakaneno Miko-kun is from the Moon, the people are called the Selenia.
- Yes, that’s right – our moon. 1000 years before a Princess from the Moon came to this country inside a bamboo in order to learn more about this world.
- BunnyEars-kun? What.. what is this?
- Tama-tan doesn’t understand~
- This matter is really a secret to us ordinary people and
- The orders come from NASA itself!
- It’s troublesome to talk about why, but Tsukiakaneno Miko-kun has his reasons for being here
- Yes, I am looking for something.

Page 23-24:
- Legend of the divine Moon God!
- !!

Page 25:
- Uwaa- Amazing!
- Ball-shaped animals appeared!
- You are the ones chosen by Selenia to follow the legendary path of the divine Moon Gods in order to achieve “Evolution” with them.
- …?
- “Evolution” is simply put, a way of raising, or bringing something up.

Page 26:
- These are Moon Pets?
- They’re cutee ♥
- They’re not pets! They are sacred Gods!
- One of those was with Tsukiakane-kun yesterday…
- Teacher, are they going to be raised by the class?
- They are not class pets!
- If the Moon Gods achieve ‘Evolution’ with a person, then that person is a Lunar Lady.
- Only a Lunar Lady can achieve ‘Evolution’ with a Moon God
- And because of that the lady will then become a Sacred Lunar Lady.

Page 27:
- And so, the Moon Gods are the final stage in order to see if the Lunar Lady is the Moon Princess which you are all of course familiar with.*
- Moon…Princess..?
- Come to think of it, he said something like that yesterday…
‘- You too would like to meet
- the legendary Moon Princess’
- One more thing, it does not mean for sure that a Lunar Lady is the Moon Princess

- Also, the moon princess is in all of space the most precious person
- And is loved by all the world
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