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The Thread Index (Unofficial - Use Forum Search)

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Posted 5/17/07 , edited 8/1/08
This index is being removed, due to maintainability issues. From now on, use the forum search.

If someone wants to volunteer to maintain this, please PM me.


This is the Anime Thread Index:
This is the Games, Music, Drama index:

Update May 17th:
Added a ‘Creative Works’ section, a ‘TV/Movie/Media’ section, and a ‘Web Related’ section (yes, I stink at categories), changed the Favorites section to ‘Favorites/Best/Worst’ and I practically added every thread, some were missed on purpose, I may have missed others unintentionally but most of the threads are now included. The Miscellaneous Category needs to go on a different post because it is huge at the moment.

The method I use to find threads is by going to Google:
*Type a keyword for the thread you want to find
*Next, type site:

Type: favorite book site:

However, this does not work with every thread hence, I decided to make this index. To look for a particular topic, simply press Control + F or the F3 key and type in the search box the word you’re looking for.
I did not list every thread because some of them are “news” for example, so there is really no need to list them here because those topics will remain in the front as long as they are newsworthy. Others threads not listed are either not worth listing, or I may have missed them. If you feel a topic should be listed here please feel free to post it, since the index is not perfect and new threads are constantly being posted.

The current (extremely vague) categories are:
*CR/Community related
*Creative Works
*Help threads
*Tv/Movies/Media Related
*Picture threads
*Other useful[?] links
*Web Related

If you have better names for the categories, or would like to suggest one please post them. All suggestions are welcome.


Addictions to Crunchyroll
All Crunchers should watch -- Posting, and you.
Ban Wagon
Best friend in CR
Buddy List
CR Manga Hosting? (Just an Idea)
Crunchy Supporting
Crunchyroll's awesomeness
Crunchyroll debate team
Crunchyroll, My anti-drug video
Crunchy Signatures
The Demographics of CR
Do we Appreciate Crunchyroll Enough?
Do you remember your very first buddy?
Firefox2 - Stylish addon (skinning CR)
General Link Thread
Has anyone really met their CR buddies?
Has CR become too serious?
How did you learn about Crunchyroll?
How long will you be on CR?
How much time do you spend on CR daily and what do you do?
Lame threads
Messages per Day
Mod Quotes
Most popular Crunchyroller
Music in our Profiles
One sentence threads
Proper posting etiquette
Same age
Searching for your username - Is it right?
Should Crunchyroll become Anime myspace?
Should Crunchyroll have like a section where everybody can learn languages?
Time on CR (Survey)
The Chain Messages Invasion! *Read First Post*
The history of CR
Things you like and dislike about Crunchyroll
The World of Crunchyroll
***User List
Ways to make CR more famous
What Did Crunchyroll Teach You?
What do you mainly do in Crunchy Roll?
What do you think about the CR point system?
What do you think is the best title to call the Cr users?
What exactly is the Crunchyroll logo?
What reminds you of Crunchyroll?
What's the best avatar you've seen so far?
What's the longest you've on CR at one time?
When is it the right time to stop getting on Crunchy Roll?
What would've happened if you never discovered Crunchyroll?
Where does everyone live?
Which Forum section do you like and visit most?
Which user has the best profile?
Who are you, Buddy?
Who is the most active CR user (forums wise)?
Who would come to a Crunchyroll convention?
Why doesnt crunchyroll have advertisers?

The Onigiri (unofficial CR magazine)

The Unofficial CR Magazine

The Onigiri
Issue 1
Issue 2


Creative Works Thread

Create your own Anime Story Video
Gran Integration Theory by CrashAriMP5N2O
Post Your Writings Here
Show Off Your Art
Show Your Anime Fanart
The Magic of the Ruby by MewMewcherry01
Waking Moment by sunwooz
Warriors of Change by keelo


2008 Presidential Hopefuls
A child's life
Abused Men & Psycho Chicks
Age for marriage
America - Is this nation taking over the world?
American-Vietnam War
Americans are NOT stupid!!
Ancient Egypt
Animal Experimentation
Animals and Babies
Animal Protection
Anger: What does it take to make you snap?
Are people today becoming to reliant on medicine?
Are You A selfish person?
Arranged Marriage
Are Asians better than us?
Are humans superior to animals?
Are our actions determined, or are we free?
Are people born gay/straight/bi or
Are we ever justified in buying luxuries?
Asians are Vampires
Bible Debate
Black History Month
The Black Hole Theory
The Last Gentlemen
Body Building
Bush' bad rep
Bush Outlaws War Protest - Citizens Face Full Asset Seizure!
Can a blind man dream?
Can a guy and a girl be close friends?
Can man live alone?
Causes of Poverty
Children Neglected
Children suicides
Choose Adoption
Comic Books
Common Sense
Conscription (Drafting) - Your Views
Conspiracy Theories
Cosmetic Plastic surgery – Right or wrong?
Communist China
Communism Philosophy
Could cousins be lovers?
Counter Productivity Amongst Religions and Political Groups
Creationism ... and some other stuff, too
Criminal Minds
Democracy: Is this the best we have?
Death Penalty Debate
Deja vu experiences?
Discrimination at prom for sexual orientation
Diverse Cultures Thread
Discussion on sex
Do "nice guys/girls" really finish last?
Do you feel like you experience more racism for being Asian?
Do you think some cultures should change?
Do you think tanning at the beach is bad?
Do you think what you wear will affect you?
Do your parents know you 100%?
Do you want to get married?
Does America control the internet?
Downloading Anime/Movies
Drugs and Smoking
Fat People
Falling out of love?
Fictional love = Real Life love?
Firefox or IE7?
First Impressions
Food Not Bombs
Foreign Exchange Student?
Forgiveness or revenge ?
Funny Sayings
Gay Marriage
Gay Parents
Gender Study
Ghosts... Do you believe in them?
Global Warming
Great Britain or shitty Britain?
Greatest Inventions
HD DVD, Blu-ray or Internet Downloads- which will win?
HGTV: Consumer Electronic Show
High school - Boring? Satisfying?
Hijab: Oppression or beauty?
Homosexuality in the Media
How am I different?
How did you learn about sex?
How human treats animals
How many Black people watch anime?
How much water do you use everyday?
How to punish a child
How to judge artistic worth
How young is too young to date?
Human Rights - Personal Freedom
If God can do anything
If It Was Once And For All Proven That There's No God...
If you get married would you want a child?
If your daughter was pregnant
Intentional Obliviousness
Internet Popularity
Is being against something just a fashion?
Is God a He or She?
Is it logical to act on emotions?
Is our access to advanced technology making us lazy and dumb?
Is prostitution wrong?
Is the average stay at home mom's work really worth $138,095 a year?
Is Watching pornography strictly for 18 yrs and above?
Iwo Jima renamed as Iwo To
Jokes are half meant
Juvenile Violent Crimes - why so much?
Kalashnikov 47 (AK47)
Karate or Street Fighting?
Kevorkian released
Kyoko Hikawa
Legal punishment: right or wrong?
Life ....?
Life in Color
Life in general
Luck, Fate, Destiny & Karma
Love is
Lucid Dreaming
Mac or PC?
Macbook Users
Marvel vs. DC Comics
Minimum Wage Raise
Mike Powell : the Hero of the 'Hood
Moral Dilemmas
Net Neutrality
New Prime Minister
Notorious Emo
Olympic host China -Their Soldiers Killing Innocent Tibetans
Ominous Activities in China
On being mixed race
What do think about one night stands?
One Step Closer To Telekinesis
Online relationships
Online Safety
Our new Earth?
Paradoxical Catch Phrases
Personal Advice
Philosophy Questions Thread
Poke fun at my own people (America)
Police Officer suspended for doing his Job
Possible Exploration to Europa in 2015
Problems and Dilemmas of Our Time
Problems in the World
Purpose of Dreams
Putting an end to prejudice...?
Racial Sterotypes (in Relationships)
Racism & America-the pink elephant in the room
Religion:is it too controlling?
Right to Die?
Security Gone Worse These Days
Sexual Orientation
Sex ed teachers. Plat the Pedophile
Sex offenders... what is one?
Shakespeare gone?
Should Catholic priests be allowed to married?
Should marijuana be decriminalized?
Single-sex schools
Something that you believe in that seems impossible
South Yorkshire flooding
Spontaneous Combustion
Stem cells
Stepping up to the plate
Stereotypes of the Obese
Stopping Illegal Aliens from working
Stricken child crawling towards a food camp
Teenage Pregnancy
Teenage Sexism
The Distant future
The double standard behind double standards
The End of the World
The END justifies the MEAN
The Human Brain
The mark of the beast
TI calculator programming
Time Travel...Your Thoughts
The Translate __ for me Thread
Theories on Evolution
Things you cant quantify with words, but still scrabble to explain all the same
Thoughts on Illegal DVDs from Asians
To be normal
To date your friend's ex or not?
Too nice!
Treasures Under Ice
Truth disease
Underappreciated Shows
US plans to make war with Iran?
Utopian or Dystopic future?
Violent kid
Virginia Tech Shooting
Wandering eyes that follow teens
War in Iraq
Warrior Prince
What are your Religious Beliefs? [ Religion ]
What Country is the Best?
What do girls want?
What do you think about the topic Death?
What does Justice mean to you?
What gender do you want?
What is faith?
What’s lacking in the world today?
What is the Meaning of Life?
What/Who do you believe in? **Read the First Post**
What’s the definition of virginity?
What is the most evil?
What's the point of the homework during the vacations?
What is the self?
What is true strength?
What is your opinion on war?
What mental and emotional traits do you look for in the opposite sex?
What was the most stupid thing that you or your friend(s) ever did?
Which can 'tell the truth' better: Arts or Science?
Which one is better, Finish Uni or Go to work after High school?
Who is the better driver?
Who is the most selfish?
Who lies more often, men or women?
Who would you die for?
Why do people like to join a gang?
Why do you think some people hack?
Will there ever be a Non-white President?
Women or man can multi task better ?
World Community Grid
Would you chose death than a life devoid of happiness?
Your choice in friends
Your Internet views
Your life-dream, or the love of your life?
Your Personal Philosophy
Youth vs Experience
Zoos - Should we abolish them?


Best Gift You've Received
Best Place you Ever Visited
Best Thing you can do for a Girl/Guy?
Best Ways of Getting Friends?
Best Insult/Comeback?
Best thing about your parents
Best Thing you've Ever Done?
Best and Worst Feelings
Best Gift You've Received
Best Place to Purchase Animes
Best Thing Ever
Favorite Animal
Favorite Artist(s)
Favorite Japanese Food
Favorite Actor and Actress
Favorite Authors
Favorite Book
Favorite brand of clothes
Favorite Chips
Favorite desktop themes
Favorite Drinks
Favorite Fantasy Character
Favorite Food
Favorite Grade
Favorite Hats
Favorite Holiday...Why?
Favorite Japanese Candy
Favorite Japanese Word
Favorite Movies
Favorite NBA team(s)
Favorite Pick Up Lines
Favorite Pizza Place
Favorite school subject
Favorite Sport
Favorite Sport Superstar or Sport Hero
Favorite Sports Team?
Favorite Starbucks drink
Favorite Quotes
Favorite Ramen
Favorite Restaurants
Favorite Villain (it doesn't have to be from an Anime)
Favorite weapons
Funniest Comedians
Horror Flicks
hottest guy/girl in the world
Scariest thing that has ever happened in your life
Top video sites
What was your Best Birthday?
Coolest thing you own?
Which Western Conference Basketball team is the Best? (USA)
Worst Break Up
Worst job you ever had
Worst Pick Up Line?
Worst State to Live in?
Worst Present Ever
Worst Thing Your Teacher/Boss Ever Said to You
Worst Vacation Ever
Worst Way you Have Been Punished?
Worst Wound you've Ever Gotten?


Anybody knows how to make/find animated avatars?
Anybody knows how to make AMV's?
Does anyone need help with mIRC?
Downloading torrents
Fixing Avatars
How do you download videos from regular sites?
How do you upload dramas that come from the television to computer?
Linux Users
Need help burning DVDs
The HELP Thread
The Tech Thread (Computer Geek Stuff)
Uploading .MKV, .OGM files onto crunchyroll
Where can I download ____? (Movies/Series)


[2008] Speed Racer
24- the TV show!!!
300 (Movie)
A look at the upcoming 2007 Summer Movie Theatre Scene
Agard, SG-1
American Cartoons
American Idol
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
Battle Royale [Movie] streaming link
Best Movie Line Ever
Bill O’Reily
Bridge to Terabithia [ Spoiler alert ]
Conan the Barbarian
Criss Angel
Dead Silence [Movie]
European Films compared to Asian Films
Family Guy
Favorite Foreign Film (non-Asian)
Favorite of the 6 part Jersey trilogy
Garfield a tale of two kitties [Movie]
Grindhouse Movie
Hell’s Kitchen Fans?
Hercules the Movie
Heroes (The TV Show)
Historical Accuracy in Movies
Horror movie questions
Hot Fuzz[Movie]
Interesting News
Jericho (TV series)
Last movie you saw
Lost (TV Show)
Movies: Scary or Comedy?
Movie Links
Movies or cartoons that remind you of your early childhood
Movies that made you cry
Movies you are looking forward to watching
Mr. Bean
Next [Movie]
Non-Anime shows you watched as a kid
Pirates of the Caribbean
Reality Shows
Resident Evil: extinction
Rush Hour 3
Shows I Miss
Surprised and blown away
Supernatural (the TV show)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The A-Team!
The 'Everything Goes' Adaptation Thread
The Simpsons
The Sopranos
The Twilight Zone
The "Whys" of Asian Cinema
Titanic - What was so good about it?
Transformers (Movie)
Warcraft - The Sunwell Trilogy
Warner Bros. Next 3 projects: Live Action Teen Titans Movie, Live Action He-Man Movie and a new Thundercats Movie
What About Brian
What was your first scary movie?


Cool Anime Pictures
Desktop pictures
Funny Anime Pictures
Funny pictures
Image Board (Read First Post)
My desktop ( workplace pictures )
Photos from your country **Read First Post**
Picture of my Love
Pictures of Your Pet(s)
Show Off Your Art
Show Your Anime Fanart **Read the First Post**
Scary pictures
Travel Pics (Landscape and Cities...)


Are you left brained, or right brained?
Are you immature?
Ethnicity / Height
Favorite Color and Sexual Pattern
How much is your life worth?
How Sinful Are You?
Internet Addiction
My Heritage - Facial Recognition
Personality Test
Time on CR
What animal are you?
What Color Should Your Eyes Be
What is your EG
What Kind of Superhero Are you?
What famous leader are you?
Which Anime Character Are You?


An Email Gone Wrong
Any YTMND users?
A video that makes you laugh!!
Avatar Stealing
Bit Torrent Sites
Charter Communications is selectively blocking access to websites
Club Penguin
Deviantart account
Direct Downloads
Do you guys blog?
Do you have a Friendster Account? Post it here
Do you remember the very first website you have visited?
Does anyone have Ameba?
Friends don't let Friends use Internet Explorer
Funny and Intelligent Videos
Funny Sentences found on the World Wide Web
Funny YouTube Videos (Only Animes)
Great Sites for Gif Anime Avatars!
Instant Messenger ScreenNames (AIM/MSN/Yahoo/etc)
Johnny the Homicidal Maniac(webcomic?)
Links to Keep you Awake
Mixi [Japanese social network site]
Online Parties
Online Routine
Popular Youtube Video Blogs
Post your account
Video Streaming Sites
Website for submitting stories
Web/Online comics, does anyone read them?
What is the best downloader
Which Social Network do you prefer? (MySpace, Friendster, Facebook…
Windows Live Messenger
Youtube Sucks

Other Useful links you may have missed***

Anime index (not forum index) Lists all unlicensed series
Index of Music Artists
Index of Dramas
Videos to be encoded
Closed threads
CR Staff
High Quality video demo
Unofficial chats
*** Crunchyroll IRC chatroom
*** Gabbly Chat
**(Gabbly chat Firefox add-on.
***Offsite Chat box.
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Posted 5/17/07 , edited 5/18/07

13-year-old dead after Vancouver brawl
2007 Anime North
A Bird At My Window
A Funny Story About yourself
A Puzzle
A rememberance thread fallen soldiers
A world with no parents
ACen (Anime Central) Anime Convention
Adobe Photoshop?
Advice on dating a girl
After you die where will you go, Heaven or Hell?
Alternate Anime Sites
Animating in flash/easytoon/other
Anime Phone Themes
Anime Tattoos
Answer All these questions and nothing will happen :P
Any one here in a band?
Anyone here speak Russian or come from Russia?
Anyone in Japan?
Anybody From Alaska?
Anyone from South Texas?
Anyone Here Play Isketch?
Anyone Thai on here? :] ** Read Second Post! **
Are all Anime Lovers Perverts?
Are There Any Khmer People In The House?
Are there any other Albinos here?
Are you a morning or evening person?
Are you currently suffering from allergies?
Filipino Thread
Are you a Middle child?
Are you a party freak?
Are you a patient person?
Are you proud of being Asian?
Are you a Psycho
Arts or Music?
Asian food is the best!
Asian Online Shopping
Ask Miriam - Broken Down Car
Australian Accents
Basic need... what is it for you?
Before you die
Best Features
Biggest fear of moving to Japan
Boy/Girlfriend or Best friend? Who would you choose to save?
Break up
Broken bones
Boxers or Briefs?
Burger King® VS McDonald's VS
Can girls fight like guys?
Can someone live in Japan and not speak Japanese?
Can TaB really give you cancer?
Celebrity Thread
Cell phones
Children Toys
Chinese Rocks!
Chinese New Year
Chips Ahoy! or Oreos?
Chris Benoit and family murdered?
Chris Rocker
Chuck Norris facts
Cliffnotes or Sparknotes
Color pencils,markers
Coolest Japanese Name You've Ever Heard
Cool Illusions
Cool It Or Lose It
Cool plots for a manga
Comcast or Direct TV
Comic Relief - Red Nose Day Friday 16th March
Comic-con Experiences
Common Japanese names
Contact Lenses
Crackfic--love'em or hate'em?
Create your own Super Hero
Creative and Unique Business Contact Cards
Crunchyroll or Myspace: Which is better?
Crunchyroll or Youtube?
Curly hair or straight hair?
Dane Cook
Darksucker theory
Dead baby jokes…why?
Define the term - FOB
Deleting Earth's Animals
Did you love the 90s?
Disguised as strangers.
Disneyland/ California Adventures
Disney's Hidden Sex Messages!
Do asians ( in the U.S. )only hangout with other asians?
Do you enjoy cooking?
Do you find any of your teachers hot?
Do you get PMS? (for girls)
Do you have an annoying or mean friend?
Do you Like Where you Live?
Do you like your school?
Do you like your name?
Do you love your country?
Do you think cats are cute?
Do you think freckles are cute?
Do you want to go to Japan just because of the Anime?
Does age matter in Love?
Does the military interest you?
"Don't Be Fooled"
Drift Racing
Dual Questions
Dumb sayings
Easter and Good Friday
Eating healthy
Eating vs Cooking
Elevator Disco!
Embarrassing Moments
End of Year Ball - Is it worth it?
Ever been fired?
Ever been betrayed by a best or close friend?
Ever been jumped?
Ever been in a life-death situation?
Evil Good Guy
Family Guy or South Park?
Father's day
FC Barcelona
Final Will and Testament
Find That Onigiri
First Kiss
First thing you do when you wake up
First thing you will do if you become Bill Gates
First Time You Were Drunk
[email protected] Project
Food Cravings
For an un-suspecting person
For those lviving in Japan
Friendship or Love
Friendship. Real or not?
Funny things about Yourself?
Future Plans
Going to a funeral
Going to Japan
Gothic Lolita
Gothic vs. Emo
Good Cheap Cellphones
Good manga viewers?
Good News and Bad News
Good things about America
Goodwill Worker Finds $5000
Gorilla vs. Bears
Great way to learn Japanese?
Guilty Pleasures?
Gospel and Christian Japanese bands
Habits (What habits do you hate?)
Haiku Poems
Hangout Spot
Happy Birthday
Happy Pi Day
Happy pretending?....
Happy Valentines Day
Happy White Day
Happiest moment(s) of your life
Hardest Thing to Say
Harry Potter Fans
Has anybody made fun of Because you watch Asian stuff to much?
Has Anyone Ever Tried Middle Eastern Food?
Have you been made fun of for learning Japanese?
Have You ever been Freakishly Lucky?
Have you ever cried while sleeping?
Have you ever had a pet that died?
Have you ever kissed someone spontaneously?
Have you ever lied about things like your age or ethnicity to anyone?
Have you ever met a celebrity/Do you know one?
Have you ever wanted to slap a teacher?
Have you lost someone precious to you?
Have you ever thought you were going blind?
Hey CR wats with all the sex ads
High School Stories, Scandals, Pranks, and Controversies
Historical Accuracy in Movies
Hockey Fights
Honorable Teachers
Hot Dog on a Stick
How are you today?
How are your parents?
How can you tell when you really love someone?
How cool are you?
How did your last date go?
How dirty is your room?
How do you court ladies?
How do you feel about the rain?
How do you get back on the person you hate?
How do you like your eggs done?
How do you like your pizza?
How do you make friends?
How do you make your loved one feel that you love them?
How do you relax?
How do you spend your weekends?
How does it feel being dumped by someone?
How Does it To Feel To Be In Love?
How does your room look like?
How fat are you?
How fast is your internet connection?
How fast is your typing speed?
How Grungy are you?
How's the weather?
How's your summer vacation?
How late do you stay up?
How long do you think you have left?
How many Black people watch Anime?
How many computers at your home?
How many friends do you have in real life and on CR?
How much of your HD space is filled with Asian videos?
How much money do you have? *Read first post*
How tall are you, and how do you feel bout it?
How to annoy people
How to dump someone or be dumped
How to get rid of boringness and sleepiness
How start a conversation with a girl
How would you like to die?
How would you rather live your life?
How would you take over the world
I'm anti-High School Musical. Are you?
I Am Sad
I am so over you
I need a laptop
Identify yourself as a right or left brain person
If teachers were students
If you are in the scene?
If you could control a person's mind for one day
If you got 3 wishes what would you wish for?
If you like someone how are you going to confess to he/she?
If you were a celebrity, would you mind the publicity?
If You Were a Twin
Imported Cars
If everyone have the same face
If you could be any Mythical creature what would it be?
If you could change something in your body or your character what would it be?
If You Could Change The School
If you could go back in time for 10 min
If you could go out with any celebrity who would it be?
If you could kill a well known person, who and why?
If you had a cloner
If you had only a little time left
If you've been to Canada, what did you think of it?
If you wanted to learn a fighting style, what would it be?
If you were a celebrity, would you mind the publicity?
If you were the last person on Earth
IQ tests
Is anyone a fan of the books, Twilight and New Moon by Stephenie Meyer?
Is anyone a foreseer?
Is Hell Exothermic or Endothermic?
Is how you dress rated G, PG, PG-13, or R?
Is it easier to make friends with guys or girls?
Is it ok to do it or not?
Is it right to live with your parents at the age of 30?
Is there any Indonesian here?!
Japan lost in asian cup
Japanese architecture
Japanese commercials!!
Japanese Kanji
Japanese Lessons
Japanese Pranks
Jokes Thread
Joke or Prank
Just one wish!
Kids that you hate in your school
King of Hell (Comic Series)
Knut the bear
Korean Food
Korean guys
Have you ever been in an accident?[/b
Hong Kong
Housing cost
Hottest actress
Last thing that goes through your mind before death
Last Wish
Latest book you've read?
Learn How to say[Languages]
Leek Spin: Love it or Hate it?
Leopard (Mac OSX ver. 10.5)
Life is boring?
Life within the Yellow Pages
Lifetime goals
Line rider
List 3 things that you are looking forward to the most in '07
List of Japanese Words You've Learned
Lolita complex?
London Expo 2007
Longest Romantic Relationship
Love or Money?
Love turned into Obsession
Lover or Child?
Mac Users
Many ways to scare the guy who is dating your little sister
Map Sex Offenders In Your Area
Martial Arts
Martial Art Stories
Meek or Aggressive?
Methods or ways do you use to prepare for a test
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson or Paris Hilton?
Microsoft's New Computer
Mink Trick
Miyamoto Musashi
MLB Team
More Illustration Awesomeness: ShinyBinary
Mosh Pits
Most Beautiful Women/Men Thread!
Mortal enemy
Myths of Your Country
N-Gage QD
NBA playoffs
Near death
Need advice about a girl
Name something that exist and you want it to unexist!!
Name the places you have been to in the world
Nightmares and Dreams
Ninjas or Pirates?
No More Sushi
Noodles vs. Big mac's?
One Thing That Happened To You Today
Only for the Scottish [Scotland]
Oronamin-C anyone?
Parkour, Free-running, Tricking, Gymnastics
Pathways of Fresh Water on the Earth
Peeps Marshmellows
Pen Pals
Personality or looks?
Pet Peeves
Piano music sheets
Pink Prank Project! (PPP) [Pranks/Joke]
Plans for Valentine’s Day
Play any sports?
Post here if you live around Chicago
Post you computer configuration
Pride in your country
Pro Wrestling
Punks, Emo or Goths?
Questions you never get the answer to
Quitting Already?
Quote of the Day
Quotes that made your life better
Random facts... about yourself
Randy Orton or Triple H and then Finlay or Undertaker?
Rant Thread
Rejection Lines
Remember Your First Date?
Riddles, Puzzles and Brain Teasers!
Romantic Poems
Russell Peters
Would you sell your soul to the devil to save your best friend?
Scared! or out?
School mascot
School spirit week
Sharing Weird Habits
Shocking things that happened in front of your eyes
Should Japan have won Miss Universe?
Sick Jokes
Smokers United
Someone that help you through hard times!
Spanishspeakers thread
Spartan Soldiers.....they're gay?
SpeedBit Video Accelerator
Spiciest food you ever tasted
Spiderman or Batman?
Spring Break
Standards for dating
Stars in jail
State your socially unwelcomed thoughts here
Stupid things your school says
Summer or Winter?
Summer Holiday
Super Baby
Tails and Ears
Tall vs. Short
Tamagotchis and virtual pets
The Beer Thread
The coolest video you will see today
The greatest inventions of all time
The Hard Drinks Thread
The Kind of Friend You Are
The Nicest Thing You Can Bless Someone With...
The Problem with Exes
The R.I.P Thread
The World is Overrun With Zombies
Theme Parks
Things that One Sex can do but the Opposite can't
Things you can't joke about with girls
Things you’ve done and accomplished that startled you
Things you like that people hate.
Things you like/love
Things you've experienced that others haven't
Things you would never do for your girlfriend / Boyfriend
This Job Sucks!
Time to spend studying for the ACT/SAT
Tongue Twisters
Too nice!
Top 10 Things only found in America
Track Runners
Transform your face
Type of girls: Cute or Smart?
Travel Planner
Twin b-days
UFC, MMA what do you think?
Ugly dog contest! The past and the new winners!
Universal Remote
University/College Classes
"Upgrading English" - English v. 2
Urban Legends
US tourist attractions
Vietnamese Club
Vietnamese Food
Virtual Swear Jar
[vote] you like dramas better or movies?
Wanna watch an anime
Watching Anime at school
Websites to learn Japanese
Weird hypes at your school
Weird instructors
Weird stuff that humans do
Weird things you can do with your body
Weird things your parents, friends or family say
West or East?
What annoys you about the opposite sex?
What are the odds of this happening?
What are you going to do before the DOOM day?
What are you wearing today?
What are your favorite made-up catch phrases?
What are your phobias?
What book store do you buy your manga at?
What can you do that most people can't?
What car(s) do you have?
What career do you plan on going into , or are currenlty employed in?
What did you always play when you were a kid?
What did you buy today?
What did you just eat
What do you do at Night
What do you do before going to bed/sleep?
What do you do for Excitement?
What do you do if you are alone in your room?
What do you do when not on Crunchyroll?
What do you do when you're bored?
What do you do when you embarrass yourself in front of others?
What do you do when you're in love with someone you can never have?
What do you do when you like a girl?
What do you dream of doing?
What do YOU drive?
What do you hate with a passion?
What do you look like?
What do you need to get off your chest?
What do you play and what songs can you play?
What do you secretly like to eat?
What do you think about having a brother/sister?
What do you think about Portugal?
What do you think about your parents?Do they love your brothers and sisters more than they love you?
What do you want most in life
What does it take to supress your anger?
What Does Your Name Mean?
What fears are hidden in you?
What gets guys/boys pissed off or mad?
What Guys Are You Into?
What if your girlfriend/boyfriend asks you if you want to be marry with her/him?
What interests you?
What is the Best Part of a Man's Body?
What is the chance of bumping into your soul mate?
What is the Cheapest Way To Get To Japan?
What is the element you want to control?
What is the most difficult course/major in college?
What is the most evil thing you’ve ever done?
What is the most unintentionally hilarious moment...?
What's the most used feeling?
What is the nastiest thing that you have eaten?
What is the saddest time of your life?
Whats the most random thing you have ever done or said?
Whats the stupidest advice you've given someone?
What is the stupidest unwritten rule?
What is the Weirdest Outfit You've Ever Worn?
What is the worst thing about summer?
What is the one word you use the most?
What is your dream job?
What is your ideal fantasy person?
What is your first name?
What is your greatest fear?
What Is Your Last Name?
What is your lucky number?
What is Your Priority?
What is your race/nationality?
What's your exercise routine?
What Japanese food looks gross to you?
What keeps you awake?
What kind of girls are people into?
What kind of monster are you?
What Kind of music do you listen to when your reading manga?
What kind of Perfume/Body Spray do you use?
What Kind Of Pet You have
What makes it difficult to NOT have sex?
What makes you blush?
What makes you happy?
What makes your best friend special?
What motivates you?
What news reader do you use?
What occasions which make you angry?
What Radio Station Do You Listen To?
What talent do you want to be born with?
What things would you want to make disappear in life?
What type of school are you currently in?
What Was Your Ex Like?
What was your first Love?
What is your very first electronic gadget?
What would life be like if Computers were never invented?
What would you do if…
What do you do if you like someone who is/thinks is in love with someone else?
What would you do if you saw an alien?
What would you do if you were the opposite gender for a day?
What would you do if your significan other was a really, really bad kisser?
What would you do with $6 million?
What would you name your son/daughter?
Where do you buy chocolates?
Where do you imagine you will be 10 years from now?
Where does everyone live?
When did you lose your Virginity?
When is the right time to tell someone that u are dating, that u love them?
When you Have to Let Go
Which Football (soccer) team do you support?
Which is better? Veoh or Crunchyroll?
Which one is harder to choose: meeting new friends or saying goodbye to friends?
Which super hero/villain would you be?
Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle would you be?
White girl with Asian Guy or Asian Girl with White Guy
Who do you love most?
Who do you think will win the NBA finals?
Who do your friends say you look like?
Who flirts more boys or girls?
Who is a virgin and proud of it?
Who's chinese mandarin?
Who is more paranoid, men or women?
Who likes Anime more, Boys or Girls?
Who likes candy?
Who likes ice cream?
Who owns an iPod?
Who was In Vietnam or has Vietnamese friends?
Who/What do you think you were in your previous life?
Who Would Win?
Why do most people like myspace?
Why is it so hard for guys to answer phone calls?
Why the human race is doomed through stupidity
Why would you regret?
Will translate manga/anime/drama/movie
Windows Vista
Wonders of Photoshop [Extreme Photo Retouch]
Worst Person/Type of Person to be Stuck in an Elevator With
Would you befriend your ex or hate him/her?
Would you choose the one that you love or the one that loves you?
Would you get a tattoo or not?
Would you kill to save someone or yourself?
You're Untalented
What can't you live without?
You know you are old/young when..
You know you LOVE to sing
You too can appear to be reasonably intelligent
Your avatar
Your Biggest Lie
Your choice in friends
Your Dream Car
Your in-born gift and talent
Your Last Meal
Your most desired name?
Your sign
Your Vacation in Asia

Youth camps!
Zenvironments - Really cool illustration / sketch
Zune vs iPod
Posted 5/17/07 , edited 5/18/07
So why this was gone for a period of time is because you were updating it? hmmmm wonder what you put on there*checks*. thanks.

Good Work!
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29 / F / California
Posted 5/17/07 , edited 5/18/07
Good job mauzy. I'm proud of you.
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29 / F / UK
Posted 5/17/07 , edited 5/18/07
^-^ *claps* - i wonder how many jokes you will get about double posting though!
Thankyou for the time and effort! ^-^
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27 / M / Germany
Posted 5/18/07 , edited 5/18/07
I was wondering why it disappeared. Good job.
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Posted 5/18/07 , edited 5/18/07

s_j_b wrote:

^-^ *claps* - i wonder how many jokes you will get about double posting though!
Thankyou for the time and effort! ^-^

haha it was either double posting or having only half the threads listed
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77 / M / Here
Posted 5/18/07 , edited 5/18/07
Yay..its Back and Updated.

The history of CR [Locked Thread]
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F / Under a sakura tr...
Posted 5/19/07 , edited 5/19/07
Why do you even bother to do that? And I don't mean it in a bad way. I am just wondering why you spent your time in things like that

thought it's a good think what you are doing, now that i think about it
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Posted 5/19/07 , edited 5/19/07
^ well it makes my job easier, instead of looking through all the pages in the forum, we can quickly search here
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Posted 5/20/07 , edited 5/20/07

^ that is actually the Facebook thread... which is already on the list.
(maybe there was a name change? )

edit: and it's spelled "Universities" ^^
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24 / F / ♠♥♣♦~philippines~...
Posted 6/1/07 , edited 6/1/07
can anyone find the gaia online thread...
and here's the link to the christians thread:
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Posted 6/1/07 , edited 6/1/07
^ The Gaia online thread should be indexed in the Games, Music, Drama index:

And I already added the Christians thread. Thank you.
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24 / F / ♠♥♣♦~philippines~...
Posted 6/2/07 , edited 6/2/07
thx also.. and sorry..^__^
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Posted 6/2/07 , edited 6/2/07
^ what do you mean? do you need help searching for topics?
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