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Just a simple forum for character discussions.

I persionally like all the characters in this film, I was quite fond of Ashitaka and Moro though. I enjoyed the English version of Moro's voioce. San was also a favorite character. I found that Jigo's face annoyed me, with the huge dot near his eyebrow and his nose.

I adored the way San ran, it was pretty cool.
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i loooovveeee moroand ashitaka!!!!!!!oh san was purty cool too.....TOKI WAS FUNNY!!!(i have watched this movie more that 20 times and cried at the end)
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I loved this movie, I don't know why but ashitaka is one of my favorite characters in anything anime, I recently watched it, which I havn't for a few years(though I remembered the whole plot), and it was like watching it for the first time allover again it is that good a movie. But I don't know what it is about ashitaka that makes him one of my favorite characters, maybe because he is persistant in not taking sides
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