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Fira's Guess

Friday 10/04/2009

(Hayo’s Castle)
Mady - do you like to walk with me?
Shitoro - as you wish
(They were walking in the castle’s garden)
Mady - I need you
Shitore - for what???
Mady – hmm ….you know in what I’m asking your help
Shitoro - sorry ..Not interested
Mady - why????
Shitoro - now after I got my life I don’t plan to destroy or run it by being a part in a war, not again
Mady - so you will just wait and watch???
Shitoro - I believe so
Mady – but.. I can’t ignore your strength as you know
Shitoro – hmmm so.. What are you going to do?
(Mady stopped walking, but Shitoro didn’t, and he continued his walk)
Mady – ok..I think I have to find another method to convince you then?
(Shitoro stoped walking too)
Shitoro – inform me .. What are you waiting for?
Mady – it seems you believe you can defeat me?
Shitoro - ...
Mady - hmmm all of Hayo family’s members are similar, so where is your second son?
Shitoro - he is in a mission
Mady – hmmmm.. Sound interesting, I must see him before I leave, any problems?
Shitoro - no
Mady - so I will take my leave now
(Mady disappeared)
Shitoro - ....
(In Midoriiro’s city at the Sora tournament)
Ayoma – oh it’s very huge, hahaha what do you think Ironoside?
Ironoside – yeah.. it’s a large place to fight
Dani - yes I think so too
(Ayoma hit Dani)
Dani – ouch…now what…what was this for?
Ayoma - No buddy asked your opinion
Dani - hmmm ..oh restaurant lets go and eat
Ayoma - nooooo be with us, or I will take an action which will make you regret and wish that you didn’t go
Dani - oh yes sir
Ironoside - so let’s go and register in tournament
Ayoma - yes that’s exactly what we should do
(so they went to the place where people register for tournament)
Register Man - can I help you?
Ayoma - we want to register for tournament
Register Man – each group can have only 2 persons?
Ironoside - no I am alone and those two are together
Register Man - for each group 500 Zet.
(Ayoma gave Register-man 1000 Zet, and afterward they gave their names and they registered)
Register Man - tomorrow we will decide the groups that will fight each other so you can check later to know your appointment
Dani - oh Mr. can I leave this girl and be with Ironoside?
(Ayoma hit Dani)
Ayoma - oh thanks so we will leave now
(and they came out from Registration’s place)
Ayoma - so let’s go and find a hotel to rest for tonight, tomorrow we will have a big day
(in Green’s Castle)
Toria Shano - Kora?
Kora - yes Shano-sama
Shano - Kora can you tell me where is Fira?
Kora - no but I will...
(Fira show up behind Kora)
Fira - what do you want Shano?
Shano - what happened to Shino?
Fira - I just find her as the same position as she is now
Shano -...
Fira - Kora leave us alone
Kora - as you wish master
(Kora left the place)
Fira – Shano.. I saw something there and I think you should know about it
Shano - ???
Fira – in the forest there was a strange fight, in that battle there was a incredible attack, and that assault I think it was the same attack that happened 50 years ago
Shano - what kind of attacks do you mean?
Fira - the black blood’s attack that used to destroy Osthai’s military
Shano - imposable but black blood dead
Fira – maybe.. hmm.. but his power Darkness won’t be vanish so easy
Shano - why you think that?
Fira – because hmmm.. He informed me about all of this before
Shano - he? You mean 1000s words-man?
Fira - any way be alert that no one discover about this, in fact until now if the people heard about this... hmmm …what do you think they will do? I will search for that power's source and I will destroy it, but I hope I am wrong about the attack and that power
Shano - but you are alone...
Fira – I didn’t told you this because I wanted your help, and just to know all this was my guessing nothing more
(after Fira said that he vanished fast)
Shano - I wish all what I heard will remain as guess as well
(soldier came)
Soldier - Shano-sama… princess Shino has awake...................

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter17

Writer : Ironoside
Posted 7/5/09 , edited 7/5/09
This chapter …..… wakaranai!!! Hmmm ….Bad bad.. Horri ble …………terrible ……miserable………..not interesting ………I just can’t believe what I’m writing XD: fun ..i’m just making fun ……….It was extremely breathtaking …I like this girl Ayoma she is really akuma-chan, she loves hiting this Dani hahahaha … Arigato gozaimasu “ironoside” for your hard working and gomen nasai for trying to fool you
keep going writer don’t stop ..can’ttttttttt wait to read the next one
Itekimasu,,ja naa… =DDD
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 7/16/09 , edited 7/16/09
great chapter hmm i want 2 know more about black blood well i guess i have 2 read the next chapter 2 find out and finally she wakes up good morning sleepy girl
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