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Post Reply Does this really happen in the manga, or is it just fan art?
Posted 7/11/08 , edited 7/12/08
in manga :]
kaoru n hikaru r so cute. HAHA
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Posted 7/11/08 , edited 7/12/08

alirya wrote:

Does this really happen in the manga, or is it just fan art?
lets hear frome yuo...

that totally happens in the manga! i can so totally remember that!

it was when kaoru brought haruhi on a date and kissed her to make hikaru realize his true feelings by making him jealous. and even though kaoru loves haruhi too, he knows that hikaru loves her more, so he gave up.

definitely one of the sweetest parts of the manga so far!
Posted 7/15/08 , edited 7/16/08
looks like fanart ,, bt ive read in wikipedia ..
" The twins later on discover that, they too, harbor feelings for Haruhi. But Kaoru doesn't love Haruhi enough to want her only for himself, so he ends up letting Hikaru be the twin who loves her romantically. "
and there is also another part said that Kaoru kiss haruhi on her cheeks in the manga n tell her that he loves her bt he prefer his bro in the manga .
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