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Posted 7/5/09 , edited 7/11/09
minna-san, konnichiwa!!! roanne-desu! yoroshiku!!
etoo... i just wanted to help, for those fans hu wants to download songs and vids of Hey! Say! JUMP.
I, myself, have tried this sites too. and i have already downloaded a couple of songs and vids.

u cn download the following songs from this site:
-Ultra Music Power
-Your Seed
-Deep Night Kimi Omou
-Dreams Come True
-School Kakumei
-Star Time
-Too Shy
-Shin Gi Tai
-100% Yuuki
-Uruwashi No Bad Girl (Nakajima Yuto)
-Pefume (Yamada Ryosuke)
-Oretachi No Seishun (Takaki Yuya)

Just to name a few..

i've downloaded the following songs from this site:
-Hey! Say! (Lovely Complex)
-Bon Bon (Lovely Complex)

and as for videos...

well, not literally from youtube, i used the youtube downloader to download the vids
from that site. and i've downloaded the ff. vids.:
-Ultra Music Power MV
-Your Seed MV
-Dreams Come True MV
-Mayonaka no Shadow Boy MV
-Fan Vids...
and the complete 15 parts of the Jumping Tour.

i hope those information have helped you guys... >_<
ja nah!

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