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Shino's Apology

Friday 17/04/2009

(in Ren’s Room in the Green Castle)
(Shino's mom came in [shano]’s room)
(in Shino room there were Nasam [Doctor], Onas [king], Otara and Kora too)
(Shino was in her bed and her Eyes were open)
Onas - how is she doctor?
Nasam - she is recovering but she still needs more rest my lord
(Shino saw her mom)
Shino - mom?
Shano - oh my deer
(Shano started to cry and she went close to Shino and hugged her)
Otara – why?...Why you left the house without t....
Onas - Otara...
Shano – how do you feel now…. does your body hurt you anymore?
Shino - I am okay now mom..I’m really very well
Shano – ah…thanks god that you are fine
Shino – am… mom
Shano - no it’s alright my dear, don’t bather yourself to say any extra word
Shino - please let me say it, I want to do that……….
Onas - let her talk so?
Shino - mom, dad, sister ... everybody sorry that I troubled each one and made you worry on me
Onas - then it's acceptable Shino, but remember next time when you plan to run away from the house at least tell me. Now I will leave I have several works to do
(Onas smiled at Shino and left)
Nasam - Shano-sama for medicine..
Shano – yes, but let’s go outside. My dear I will leave and back
(Shano and the doctor left Shino’s room also)
(after that Otara started to walk toward the door)
Shino - sister?
(Otara stopped, but she didn't look back to see Shino)
Shino - I am sorry that I didn’t inform you about this
(Otara looked at Shino)
Otara - it's ok but don't make me worry on my little sister again, and sorry if I became mad in the last few minute
Shino – no no. its ok and thanks sister for forgiven me
(Otara smiled at her and she went outside also)
(Kora wanted to go out also)
Shino - Kora?
Kora - yes Shino-sama
Shino-tell me.. What happened there? I didn't want to ask my sister about that but I need to discover what happened to Ironoside?
Kora - Ironoside? And who is that?
Shino - there was another boy with me right?
Kora – a boy ...
(Kora started to remember)
...Ironoside - tell your little princess thanks any way
...Ironoside - I am sorry for what happened to her
...Kora - this is because you dared to attack princess. Full Power Fire Attack
...Otara - Kora stop he wasn't going to do that...........
(Back to real time)
Kora - I ..I.hmm... I beat him
Shino - what???? You beat him???? What do you mean by this???
(Kora started to tell her about what happened there)
Shino - but all what he did was for protecting me and then... . You don’t know where that girl took him?
Kora - no but one thing I ……I believe on what Otara-sama said that woman loved that boy so much
Shino - why??
Kora - your sister analyzed that girl and in our way back to the Castle she told me that she supposes that girl was strong enough to kill us, and with her strong will of putting her life on protecting that boy , there was no chance for us to beat her)
Shino - I hope he is fine now and his memory back to him....
(At night in the hotel's hall)
Dani - Ironoside can I sleep at your room tonight?
Ayoma - huh??? What?
Dani - what I scare to sleep alone
Ironoside - ??? o-Ok no problem
(Ayoma wanted to hit Dani, but Dani avoided her attack)
Dani - hahahhaha it won’t work all the time.
Ayoma - ohhhh ….hmmm do as you like. Ironoside I wish for you a good night and Dani?
Dani - yes
(two times Ayoma hit Dani)
Ayoma - I hope you get nightmares and evil dream too
(Ayoma went to her room)
Dani - oh that evillllllllll did it again
(Ironoside smiled little)
Dani – what??? You are laughing too? Hmm, I wonder why she doesn’t hit you too.
Ironoside - maybe she hates you or maybe she likes you that are the reasons why she hit you.
Dani - oh she likes meeee...
(Ironoside with smile started to move toward his room)
Dani - hey say it completely then, ohhhhh no…wait….wait for me. I will come with you also
(Dani fallowed Ironoside to his room)
(In Ironoside’s room, Ironoside was on his bed and Dani on the ground near the lamp’s switch)
Ironoside - can you switch the light
Dani - oh yes 10 Zet please
Ironoside – oh thanks… I suppose I have to do it by myself then
Dani - noooo no I’m joking hahhha
(Dani stands up and when he touchs the switch the lamp blows out)
Ironoside - !!!!!
Dani - oh sorry I lost the control on my power for a second
Ironoside - lost …control????...Power???
Dani - oh I didn't tell you, I am prince of electricity
Ironoside - .........................................

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter18

Writer : Ironoside
Posted 7/6/09 , edited 7/6/09
(Ayoma wanted to hit Dani, but Dani avoided her attack) Dame, That evil Dani he learned the trick .Kedo , (two times Ayoma hit Dani). She know it how to reply on that baka Ne.. hahahah
Btw…that was kawiii when you wrote (Ironoside smiled little)
Dozo, Dozo Oni-san don’t stop, Ganbatte
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Posted 7/16/09 , edited 7/16/09
i start 2 like Ayoma she reminds me of someone i know hey i was hoping 2 find about black blood ohh never mind next chapter i guess it better be or ironoside u are dead .. jk
go go writer
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