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“I still don’t get it.” Kyuhyun said as he rolled over in the bed that he had been assigned, now laying on his stomach. It was about two months after Kyuhyun had joined Super Junior.
“What is it?” Ryeowook asked and lay down next to the younger one.
“The others, they are just… I can’t get a grip on them… except Eeteuk and Yesung.” Kyuhyun answered.
“Ah.” Ryeowook nodded and then began explaining to the newcomer:
“Teukie is our umma, he always knows everyone and everything. But he has a tendency of getting colds, he hasn’t got the best of health. Heechul is Heechul, do not try to understand him, he is one of the nicest hyungs you could ever have. He knows more than he lets us believe. Hankyung-hyung misses home a lot, and if you ever have issues with dancing he is the one to turn to. Yesung-hyung is the best, he is probably the only one I can tell my troubles to with out him freaking out over it- but you know that… ”
Kyuhyun nodded and smiled, Ryeowook took that as encouragement and kept going:
“Kangin-hyung looks like he doesn’t care and is strong, but on the inside he is just a child. He actually has his cute moments, and he and Heechul are the only ones who can scold Teukie. Shindong is a great friend and someone that gives very good advice. Sungminnie-hyung is cute, he can do martial arts and is stronger than he looks, when he is mad – he is scary… Eunhyuk is silly. He can do anything and everything that he wants, you’ve heard him rap-it is very good.”
Kyuhyun rolled over to lie on his back again staring at the ceiling, motioning for Ryeowook to continue his short rant about the members.
“Donghae is good at dancing, singing and he can rap too, he listens when you talk. Shiwon is a gentleman and a really nice person, but all the hand gestures can be too much sometimes. Kibum loves to be by himself but actually he loves to be the centre of attention at times. Oh! And Donghae loves aliens…” Ryeowook smiled, as he remembered the first time that Donghae had shown him his movie collection and the ‘evidence’ that he had found on the internet about aliens being a reality.
“Aliens?” that word caught Kyuhyun’s attention, as he crooked his neck to look at his hyung.
“Yup.” Ryeowook nodded and asked Kyuhyun to tell him about what he thought about the other members.

“Our Hyungs are strange…” Kyuhyun mumbled before falling asleep.
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