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Shinigami of the Month


20 years after the events of BLEACH...

Deep within Soul Society lies the world of souls, and in the center lies the vast Rukongai. Within the center of the Rukongai sections lies the Court Of Pure Souls or Seireitei. There, the Gotei 13 maintains peace over Soul Society.

We are the sworn protectors and keepers of souls. We are the gatekeepers and guardians of the Material World and the Spiritual World. We uphold standards of honor, duty, sacrifice, and loyalty. We are shinigami... Do YOU have what it takes to be a member of the Gotei 13???

"There are two types of fights. As we have put our lives in battle, we must be able to distinguish between the two. The fight to protect life, and the fight to protect pride" - Jushiro Ukitake

First Division- Group Design. Chief Enforcer.

Second Division- Disciplinary

Third Division- Administrative

Fourth Division- Medical Aid

Fifth Division- Shinigami Education

Sixth Division- Reconaissance

Seventh Division- Mission Coordinators

Eighth Division- Special Operations

Ninth Division- Media/Publicity

Tenth Division- Shinigami Resources

Eleventh Division- Combat Specialists

Twelfth Division- Research

Thirteenth Division- Security

Disclaimer: BLEACH and any characters from BLEACH are the creations and work of Tite Kubo. The New Gotei 13 characters and any items &/or techniques created by group members are the sole property of said creators.

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