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Night Before First Match & Recall Memories

Friday 24/04/2009

(Everywhere was dark)
(Dani used his electricity’s power as a light)
Dani - hahahahha sorry, any way let’s move to my room
Ironoside - oh ok
(they went to Dani's Room)
(in Dani's Room, Dani was on the ground again and ironoside was on the bed)
Ironoside - can I ask you a question Dani?
Dani - yes but each answer 1 Zet
Ironoside - ...
Dani – hahahahah I’m joking, you can ask any question you want
Ironoside - I heard there are 3 Levels of Ultimate power and Level’s three also call master of Ultimate power, but you said prince what you meant by that… I mean what is prince’s level??
Dani - yes that's right and prince mean Level two in another word I am in Lv2 in my ultimate power
Ironoside - electricity?
Dani - yes
Ironoside – so this means you are between Level one and Level 3
Dani - maybe but let me clear something for you, in my eyes Level 1 is like normal people I mean their power is nothing, but remember some people in level 2 and level 3 have the same power
Ironoside - so why they didn't became level 3 then?
Dani - their bodies , some Level 2’s people are stronger to be called Level 2 but their bodies won't let them to be Level 3
(Ironoside remembering)
...Ren - when you become level 3 your body will be your power too
...Ironoside - body will be power?
...Ren - I didn't believe it too but now I saw it with my eyes when you attack Nora's heart, her heart started to regenerate by times pass.
(Back from Ironoside memory)
Ironoside - Mean their buddy cant regenerate itself
Dani - correct, going to Level 3 is not in our hand anymore and it's not something that everyone can do it, I believe it's especial thing for some people not all
Ironoside - so are you strong enough to defeat Master of Ultimate Power
Dani - hmmm I didn't try that so I think I can't answer you
(Dani smiled )
(Ironoside remembering)
...Ayoma - ... and I advice you if me and my partner was your opponents in tournament better for you to not fight him, if you meet him you will see him as normal boy and even so nice but in fight he is completely serious and so strong
...Ironoside - so why I should run away?
...Ayoma - idiot because he is so strong he can defeat two or three people together
(back from memory)
Ironoside - I feel you are strong enough to be Level 3 and I think I will enjoy fighting with you
(Dani was still smiling)
Dani - I don't know about my power but I love to have a fight with you too
(after this they didn't talk to each other and they both went to sleep but their eyes were open and thinking)
(Ayoma's Room)
Ayoma - {today for the first time I could talk with Ironoside , I hope i can help him too like what everyone do now}
(Green’s Castle in Shino's [Ren's] Room)
Shino - {where are you now Ironoside, what you doing now?}
(Outside of Green’s Castle, Fira and Kora were talking to each other)
Fira - Ironoside?
Kora - as princess Shino said he attacked Nora's heart
Fira - what about Brast?
Kora - she don't know, she said after that Brast made him to be …………….
Fira - oh OK, so what are you doing those day's Kora? Will you be in tournament this year?
Kora - yes me and princess Otara will be a team, will you wait and watch me master?
Fira - I think how is your hand now?
Kora - thanks to the Doctor Nasam it will heal soon
Fira - Kora you did a mistake in attacking that boy like that
Kora - but he was going to hurt princess Otara
Fira - and as Otara said she attacked Ironoside first, so that boy replayed on her
Kora - but...
Fira - even if I was that kid I was going to do the same, I don't care who is she as long as she want to attack me I will not stop from attacking her too
Kora - ...
Fira - Otara did that because she was anger for her sister, and you think who ever fight with Otara or with Toria’s family is an enemy for you also. long time ago everyone on earth hated 1000 Swords-Man and any one that saw him was going to attack him because they thought he is an evil but later people find out he was here to help us
Kora - yes master you are correct. Sorry for my foolish move
Fira - it's good that you know it your mistake but try to not repeat your mistake again
Kora - I think I have a lot to learn from you,
Fira - ...
Kora - Master can I ask you something?
Fira - yes?
Kora - I heard a lot about 1000-Sweords-Man and I heard you where his best friend, I want to know if he was alive now could he be one of the 10 Strongest?
Fira - 10 Strongest? why you ask this?
Kora - just want to know him more because he was your best friend after all?
Fira - if me with all other strongest and all the people on earth gathered we won't have even 1% chance to defeat 1000 Swords-Man
Kora - but that's impossible there is no such power exist master
Fira - that's why people think 1000 Swords-man was just like one of 10 strongest men on earth but truth is 1000 Swords-man one day.....
(Fira was remembering his past, in the same time he was telling Kora what he was remembering)
(Fira was alone sitting on a wall then 1000 Swords man show up)
1000-Swords-Man - take this list
Fira - and what is this list?
1000-Swords-Man - those nine people with you are the strongest people on the earth
Fira - why you are giving me this list?
1000-Swords-Man - I feel you need to know this
(back to real time)
Kora - oh I see now so master can you tell me more about him I mean his power and ....
Fira - don't rush now, and by the way there is someone else who know about 1000-Swords-Man’s Story and what really happen to him
Kora - who?
Fira - you know who????
(A soldier came near them)
soldier – the king said to give you a room to sleep Fira-sama
Fira - you have to sleep too, maybe tomorrow you will have a match
(Fira went with the soldier)
Kora - {1000 Swords-man hmm.....}
(in Ironoside dream)
boy - he... he... he...
(A boy is running from a big castle and now he's searching for a way to escape)
boy - he.. he.. Where the hell is the exit door?
(And after a minute he finds the door and when he want to open it there was a voice from behind)
man - are you running away from someone???
(after a few seconds he looked behind)
boy - yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
(the boy using all of his power to attack that man and a big blast happens)
(Ironoside wake up from sleep again)
Ironoside - {not this dream again, everyday I remember the same dream what this dream want from me is it try to show me my past somehow?}
(taq taq taq some one was behind the door, Ionoside saw Dani was sleeping so he went to open the door)
(When he opened the door he saw Mady)
Ironoside - yes? Can I help you?
Mady - yes, can I kill you?
Ironoside -........................................................................

End Ironoside-Season01-Chapter19

Writer : Ironoside
Posted 7/7/09 , edited 7/7/09
Tadaima..........................Ohayo gozaimasu
Omedeto gozaimasu Ani-san, another great chapter..(Night Before First Match)Batoru yush blood will be everywhere XDDDDDDD
can't wait to read your next fast fastttttttttttt fast i want the next chapter
Oyasumi nasai
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Cemetery (UAE)
Posted 7/16/09 , edited 7/16/09
hahaha i like the end its funny oh that doesnt meant the rest is bad no no the chapter is good i cant wait 2 see what will happen next
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Posted 7/31/09 , edited 8/1/09
whooaaa that is freaky!! mady is a kid right but a master as well?
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