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Posted 7/7/09 , edited 10/26/10
This forum is only for the character creation assets. In this forum, you will create the name, age, your hitman weapon of choice, and any other things you would like to put in. [Picture optional]

It should follow this format:



Weapon of choice:

School Status:




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26 / M
Posted 7/9/09 , edited 3/15/10
Name: Sora
Weapon of choice: Chain Scythe
Box Weapon:Black Bone staff to wrap the chain from my chain scythe around, turning it into a scythe;
Animal Box Weapon:Black wolf with blood red eyes. Merges it's senses with mine, and then vanishes, heightening all my senses to that of a beast's.
School Status: Graduated.
Background: Born into poverty, my family couldn't afford to raise me, and so I was left on the streets at age 4. This forced me to learn to defend myself at a young age, as well as being prepared to do anything to survive. Becoming a wanderer of sorts, stealing, among other illegal acts, kept me alive long to this day, now I live solely for the sake of the family that took me in. Albeit I am somewhat cold towards my family, I have nothing but the best intentions in mind. Despite holding a weapon based on combat, it's used only as a distraction, while I use illusions as my main force. By making only slight illusions, such as the length of the chain, as well as the color of my flame, I leave my opponent in utter shock.

This is his original form, although he tends to use illusions to change his appearance, so even this being his true form is in doubt.

After training for a month on my own, I've reworked my illusions.

-Inferno: A tornado of black flame surrounds the battlefield, to prevent escape. A real illusion.

-Black Mist: A Thick black fog rolls onto the battlefield, countering all human senses (Animals' senses may get passed this.)
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23 / Chicago
Posted 8/7/09 , edited 4/14/10
Name: Kiyoshi Nakamura
Age: 15
Weapon of choice: Doesnt really have a weapon uses martial art skills [hand to hand combat] also uses a regular pistols also a few other handguns and Tonfas {like Hibari's but black X3} and a box weapon animal of a White Tiger cub named Yuki when Im in danger it"ll transform into a full grown Tiger.and also Throwing knives :)

SCHOOL STATUS: Dropped out to Join the mafia But had the highest scores in class (in grade 10)

Background: He's the happy-go-lucky kind of guy, who always likes to see the bright side of things, but really carries a heavy burden on his shoulders,his mom was a kind women and his father an abusive alcoholic. One day his dad came home drunk and beat up his wife till he killed her right in front of my eyes, I didnt know what to do but he killed the most precious person in the world to me, so i used a broken wine glass and stabbed him in the chest. I killed my own father and couldnt even protect the one person who ment the most to me. So i ran away that night I was only 6 years old and lived a life in solitude fully devoting myself to martial arts so I protect those who are dear to me, so I wont ever have to see someone important to me be taken away. I can be a shy because of little interaction that I have with people, but then if we become friends I"ll start to trust you more, I start to be more open and wont let any harm come to those I've trust.

this is how i look now =P

Special Attacks: Storm God's Fury- Yuki (my Tiger) stores storm energy flames into paw and smashes enemy into the ground
Big Bang Storm - Uses all guns and pistol's to strike the enemy in one full blast.
Fierce Roar-- Yuki roars and deflects all projectile weapons, bullets etc.
Extreme Speed-used to increase my speed and Yuki's by 5X's
Fatal End- An attack similar to Big Bang but i uses 2000 knives instead and I aim them all at my opponent in lightning speed fusing them with my storm dethperation blades make this an unvoidable attack. (only usable during extreme speed)
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25 / M / where ever i feel...
Posted 8/8/09 , edited 11/27/09
Name Talsho
Age 16
Weapon of choice carries a bow(sides of bow are blades) and also the signs thats i carry with me
School Status: doesn't know what school is
Background Lazy kid who was kicked out for blowing up the house. Worked for a donuts shop for 3 years before getting fired for eating all the donuts.doesn't fight often to much work. goes to sleep almost anywhere. i like signs. ill help when i need to until then ill distract this family its what i do.(button challenged)

Blood moons awakening: 4-6 pillars of fire ice or stone (depending on whats around) appear from the ground and a red moon appears in the middle of the pillars linked by a chain of lighting

Nights illusion: (awakening must be used) allows him to move between the pillars by walking into one or illusions of him or others to come out of them

nightsky: allows him to make arrows rain from the sky in the shape of shooting stars
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22 / M / Seattle, Washington
Posted 8/9/09 , edited 8/21/09
Name: Sena Ryusei
Age : 16
Weapon : Two twin pistols and a bazooka are his normal weapons although the nano technology in them allows for many different types of attacks and weapons. He also has a box weapon of bull named Akuma. He also knows a few illusions, but his illusions are very low level and can't improve, due to the fact that he isn't a mist element. His main repertoire of attacks are different gun attacks, but his most powerful attacks are the Devil Blast series, which utilizes illusions. The pistols can change into many things, such as swords or rifles. The bazooka can also change into various heavy weapons. He is also experienced with his fists as he used to get into a lot of fights as a kid. He rarely uses he fists so he can store power in them in case he needs them.
School Status: Quit to join the mafia in grade 10.
Background : Sena is a bit of a perfectionist, and an attention hog. He always corrects people with a sarcastic tone, and doesn't tolerate much failure. He's mid-level strength wise, and the same with academics, but comes off as snobby. His running speed it top notch when it comes to anyone. He has a tendency to act demonic to make people obey him and isn't afraid to "break the rules" to get what he wants. His twin pistols are stolen and made of illegal nano technology which gives them to ability to transform. Although he seems brash and easily annoyed on the outside, he is willing to take the hits to protect his family and is a very skilled fighter. He dyed his hair red his freshmen year to look unique, and now it's his most noticeable and classic feature. Sena decided to join the mafia after a run in with local thugs and is currently attempting to become stronger. Although he still finds it odd, he has accepted the ways of the mafia, including their weapons and life.
Charge Blast: Holds the trigger for awhile before shooting the gun, increases power of shot.
Burst Shot: Shoots a homing bullet engulfed in dying will flames.
Recoil Charge: Charges while on Akuma and at the last moment, uses the momentum built up from the charge along with a quick snap of the Thunder Rifle's bolt to create an incredibly powerful shot, sending the user backwards.
Electro Barrier: Creates a barrier of electricity.
Thunder Rod: Shoots a rail gun engulfed with electricity. The rail gun used by Sena is INCREDIBLY underpowered so as not to kill anyone. It is still capable of going right through a person's body if shot in the right way.
Paralysis Palm: Delivers a small jolt of electricity to the hand, paralyzing the opponent.
Demon Bolt: Delivers an incredibly amount of electricity to the hand, burning and brutally shocking the opponent.
Head Shot: A carefully aimed bullet to the head. Usually used as a finisher when the opponent is slower. The attack can easily knock out anyone if they have there guard down.
Blast Shocker: Shoots weak flames from one pistol to prevent flying backward and shoots massive flames towards the enemy.
Demon Fang: Slashes swords in an X shape down the body.
Rapid Shot: Shoots guns incredibly fast.
Drill Dozer: Spins guns to make the bullets shoot like a drill, incredible penetrative power.
Torpedo Bolt: Charges a large amount of electricity into the bullet, causing it to take on a large, almost crystalline form, like a torpedo.
Unlucky Storm: 13 guns surround the enemy and shoot electricity at them.
Devil Blast, Hurricane: Runs up to the opponent and spins right in front of them, creating a illusionary hurricane. The hurricane confuses the opponent and leaves them wide open.
Devil Blast, Ghost: Most powerful attack. Capable of taking out a Slorecia guardian at about 30% power. Creates an illusion of multiple Sena's and charges past the opponent. Once behind the opponent, I use all of thunder flames available (depending on how powerful) to become an electric demon which then passes through the opponents back. 100% lethal at over 80% power. At 100% power, the demon form becomes complete and Sena can fight in it. The drawback is that the attack usually uses up all of his flames, leaving Sena useless. It also takes a lot of planning, as a failed attack could mean a lot of lost flames. The attack has a high failure rate, which varies around 50-99%.
Dragon Fist: Arm becomes engulfed in purple, dragon shaped flames. Why it is purple in unknown. Increases power of fists by a huge amount of can destroy what some call the indestrucable. This attack depletes all of Sena's stamina or in some cases, only most of it.
Dragon Chop: Hand becomes engulfed in purple flames. Chops the opponent knocking them down. Not very powerful, but can be used as a distraction.
Dragon Tackle: Engulfs body in purple flames and takes on a dragon like form. Power is increased and is usually used to tackle the opponent down.
World of Light Speed: Transfers flames into shoes/feet, causing huge increase in speed.
Psychopathy: Sacrifices sanity for power. Learned this technique while fighting against the thugs who inspired him to join the mafia.
Psychopathic Palm: Only can be used during Psychopathy;;Forces all flames in body into the palm, giving it various and immense powers.
- More will be added.
Appearance :
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22 / F / Varia Castle
Posted 8/12/09 , edited 8/18/09
Name: Lien
Age: 16
Weapon of choice: Blade-like Fans
School Status: Home schooled since birth
Background: Comes from a Chinese family in Hong Kong and was sent to Japan by her family in search of true strength. Always strived to become stronger for her old family, but now still adjusting to her new one. Is always neat, organized, and never worries about food or clothes because she is part of a rich family. She likes to get things done quick and without fail or mistakes. She also doesn't trust poeple when first meeting them, but once she gets attached, she'll fight for her life for them.
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22 / F / Froggy Varia Base
Posted 8/13/09 , edited 8/20/09
Name: Machi
Age: 16
School Status: Home Schooled. (In about 11th grade.)
Weapon of Choice: Staff with two splited sharp ends with a pearl in between. (For Magic/Illusions) and just fighting with the staff still works.) (good for poking too x)) Has a box weapon that's a panther called Nami.
Background: A girl that was originally trained a lot in the bow and arrow and in academics for intelligence in battle, by her family, but she thought it was to boring, and trained under a skilled illusionist/magician to learn how to fight in a more interesting way, and when she completed and learned all of his techniques, she killed him, and started her own training, learning how to cast new and more powerful magic/illusions and fight close ranged. She is cautious, and gets bored easily. But when she finds something interesting, she's more happier and less cold. Her illusions are very strong, so they can sometimes become solid, real illusions. Doesn't like to (can't) be found out about easily, so changes her battle style often, and learns new moves. Likes to take her time in battle, use lots of illusions of herself, and kill in the most painful-est way. Hates to lose. She's always cautious and calm around people, but when her precious ones are in danger, she'll do anything to keep them safe.
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I'm lost =O
Posted 8/13/09 , edited 9/5/09
Name: Rakari
Age: 14
Weapon of Choice: Thunder Sword, can shoot off lightning, sometimes fireworks 8D
School Statues: Was very good at sports and PE, but average on education; quit school because she was blamed for a mysterious murder at school. ( =| )
Background: When she was young, she explored a lot. One day, she found a sword wrapped in chains, and when she removed the chains, the sword suddenly shot off lightning to a nearby rat. She found this interesting, so she brought it home. That's how she got the sword =P. She likes to mess around a lot, and would rather not fight, but when bored, happily goes to find "entertainment". information on family n/a ^_^"
Attacks: Tuono vento (thunder wind), X-Shocker, and some other attack that has not been named :/
-currently making 16 combo's: combo 1: Mushroom Dew. combo 2: Fox's prey. combo 3: Explosion. combo 12: Thunder clash. and that's all that's been made up so far :O-
Posted 8/19/09 , edited 8/21/09
Name: Ragen
Age: 19
Weapon of Choice: Chain with blades attached to the ends, and poison darts
School Status: High School Graduate
Background: Went from family to family ever since I was a small boy. I was known as a Demon from keeping to myself and killing when it pleased me. That was the only way I could survive when I was a rogue mafiaso. But when I turned 15, I met the 9th Slorecia Boss, and I have been with the Family ever since. I have been away with the 9th but now my loyalty is to the 10th boss and I wont let anything bad happen to him.

Posted 8/19/09 , edited 6/26/10
Name: Tuner (my nickname! haha)
Age: 23
Weapon of Choice: A sword with dark powers. He can manipulate himself into more than 10 clones. When he gets hit he will hit the person that hit him from behind (if lucky :o). He can get hit, but still he won't go down easily! He was known as the "Shadow Swordsman" because of his skills of the shadow and dark. -he can use 2 swords too when he wants too just that he cant use 1 sword attacks or skills and cant be able to use mid range- far range skills..- Box weapon: a falcon with purple glowing feathers named falco (lol..didnt know another name LOL) it can throw its feathers and as each one flies to the enemy the feathers multiply xDD. (falco's feathers are as sharp as knifes x33 and they cut through the wind very sharply xDD) New Form Weapons: 2 Katanas and a hand claw and his box weapon.
School Status: He went to school until age 8 because his brothers and sisters ditched him. They ditched him because he was the one that had a lot of darkness and was kept alone and because his parents died was why he was clouded with dark.
Background: He lives in Japan, but was always on a roof ever since the death of his parents. He was always on the bright side before his parents died. Then, he was clouded with darkness when they died. He was always kept alone just because of his anger. When he saw many fights between swordsmen he learned from them at first. Then, he started learning on his own. He calmed down a little, but because of his darkness, his sword has a dark aura. When he turned 16 years old, he battled many swordsmen to test his skill. He learned how to use counter attack from behind, when he gets hit sometimes he disappears and attacks behind with no injuries. As time past, he learned new skills in less than a month. Then, when he turns 17 years old fought the Slorecia Family members he easily loses against 4 to 1. When he was defeated, he decides to join the Slorecia Family, but doesn't show his face unless he is eating. He controls his anger now, but turns more silent and trains by himself in the training room. He was 10x's as powerful and faster in almost 2 years. He practices his skills and masters them in a month. Then, he decides to fight alongside the Family members of the Slorecia Family when he is age 20. He is still silent, but when it comes to fighting and when any of the Slorecia members are in trouble, he agrees to help them. Still, would he be trusted? or be a foe to them later? It just depends... on if they can trust him or he can trust them. As time passes, he starts being more attendable and talkable lately haha, but still, he will be more serious as time comes when people start attacking the Sloercia Family..the thing is though, he listens to techno or trance music fairly often when he is bored or mad at something or someone. -when he listens to techno music and fights people then he fights more seriously and is more quiet-
His Attack Skills:
Shadow Swordsman..(uses one sword and dark powers)
Description: Uses only one sword and has the power with the shadows or dark. its a good class to be in since they use all close, mid-range, and far-range combat sometimes xDD -think of it as a mage using a sword to fight back and still use magic.-

Shadow Fury: using another clone to attack behind, and attacking multiple times.
Substitute: when hit sometimes, he uses another clone to get hit and is behind the person again.
Dark Blast!: using his sword, he will unleash a dark blast that will blow the enemy!
Dark Force: Unleashes his new dark skills and is more powerful except slow. any skill with (DF) means he needs to use this skill to use that skill.
Dark Blade! (DF): using most of his power to unleash a new sword than his old for a short period of time (only 1 round a time and goes away) and does many slashes which are swift and powerful.
Disappear!: he just disappears and shoots out deadly gases. its black and will blind you haha!
Fury Dark Blast! (DF): using his sword, he will unleash 3-5 dark blast that will blow up the enemy!
Taunt: makes the enemy come near him and gets the enemy berserk if he uses it haha. *berserk will last only 1 round haha*
Slice or stab? Should i use?: just pokes the enemy haha.
This last skill.... is probably going to use dark force at least 3 times!
Maximum Dark BLOW!: unleashes a dark aura on the sword and hits the enemy with a KABOOM!!!! and is hit with recoil. *do not use unless u kill urself and if u want to kill that person really badly.*
hm. some skills can b dodged, haha.
Counter: hits back from behind when someone attacks him. -works 50%-100%-

Blade Attacks and skills (Blade= 2 swords can't use dark magic)
Description: Blade is an offense and defensive type of stance. Tuner uses it for the offense side and some of it for defensive. Blades cant use magic skills like Dark blast or anything. They can only use close combat, but are very strong and fast.

Blade stance: this is the only way he can use his 2 swords and is very dependable, fast, and stronger. -but he cant use 1 sword skills-
Stream Blow: strikes through the enemy and does a twisting attacking through them. -fast but damage is medium.-
Normal Attack: attacks with two blades -hits 4-6 times- and is fast -its not strong but its fast attacking hehe-
Counter Push: when about to get hit -or at least the person tries to hit- Tuner will block with one sword and attack with the other and will push the enemy a little bit faraway.
Side-step: one step and Tuner disappears and goes behind the person in seconds...-very useful for Blades-
Silent Blow: -uses 2 of his swords- and slashes through the enemy..very fast and silently..hehe
64 stabs!!: use both swords of course, stabs from behind and front (32 and 32 xD) using only stabs. -stabs are fast but are weak sometimes lol..-
Blocker: a defense using 2 swords and is dependable because it blocks almost every attack. the sad thing is that he can't move or attack back until he is done.
Dual Fury: unleashes many slashes from his 2 swords. -its fast and stronger, but can be dodged 30% from the slorecia family members-
Power Blade: Tuner can use this up to 3 times -its almost like dark force but better xD- anything with PB means he has to use this skill to use that skill.
Absolute Blow (PB): only uses pb once for this one.. swords bursts into dark flames and Tuner thursts both swords into the enemy! -works only 65%-93% depends on how good he uses it xD-
Blade Rush! (PB): only uses pb once.. rushes to the enemy and hits very sharp and fast blows! -does less damage though fast and sharp- (uses 10 different attacks)
Time Blades! (PB): needs to use pb at least 2 times to use this skill.. side-steps behind the person rly fast then grabs the person and jumps with the person in his hands, and hits the person everywhere -with his swords- from all directions and the enemy is blown down -with a charge down attack-. -its very very powerful and very fast but works 50%-98% depending on how he attacks again..-
Maximum Tri-Blade! (PB): needs to use it 3 times to use this skill.. its one of his final smashes.... it can defeat at least 1 guardian if used. he uses 3 clones of goes in front one goes behind and the other goes from the right side... they all attack at the same time hitting 20 different ways -means 60 hits total from the clones- then the clone's last hit they hit it up to the real Tuner and he uses 100% Times Blades on the enemy! Once blown down.... Tuner's blades has a dark flame on... its his last blow. using both swords... he uses 150% Absolute Blow on the enemy. -it would be 999,999 damage depending how strong they are- (there are 3 final smashes for Tuner. He only figured out one.) also, it is hit with recoil and after this smash, he is done and escapes to a secret room to recharge lol...
-more skills will be added later-

Tuner's New Form when he came back from Heaven hehe... :

Tuner's New Form Skills (only lasts for 5 minutes and changes back too normal but he is 3 times as powerful and is very very fast his skills uses 2 katanas and a claw hand he holds the other katana with his claw hand):
Side Step 2: this one is like ichigo's side step when he uses bankai but a bit faster... runs around crazy XDDD
Slash Field: he multiplies himself into 10-20 mii's and slashes very quickly and hard... pretty powerful skill... uses both katanas
Burning Claw: His claw goes on fire and slashes through anything... but doesnt work sometimes...
Meteor Blade: Throws a fat meteor with both of his katanas lol... consumes a lot of energy and will be tired after....
Death Combo: Uses one katana and his hand claw... uses his side step to get behind the person and has his katana fire glowing slash through him and takes his blade out and scratches a few times with his claw and blows the enemy away with his katana... it doesnt kill the person but leaves him injured xD
X-Slash: uses 2 of his katanas... both of them go on fire and he cross-slashes from far away.... blows up the enemy XD
Substitute: obviously its just like the always
Mulitply: same thing lol... he just multiplies himself 1-1000? its just the quantity lol... but it depends if he uses 1000 it consumes a lot of energy....
(just too let u know)
My ninja self:

all i can tell u about him, is hes fast as hell fast that he can stop time. hes an average attacker. but basically its both of his 2 forms together too form a ninja self of him. he carries many explosions with him, 1 sword, and one katana. He has all the ninja stuff too ;p he can attack more than 1 person at the same time: max he can go up too is 3 ppl at a time. hes not invincible. but i cant tell u hes weaknesses YET. he has no skills. but hes hella strong. he is master of dexterity ;p so dont mess with him! ;p ask me if u want too be Ninja Tuner's apprentice and u will be MAH NINJA!!!! xD

Introducing... His new pet!!! Mr. Scruff! (Ninja Tuna)
-His abilities are close to the ninja, but his powers are more found when he copies.
-His new power is when he gets sliced in half, he multiplies. At one point, the pieces can come together.
-He does have a weakness, its obvious, but you'll find out later.

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23 / Chicago
Posted 8/20/09 , edited 8/20/09
Posted 8/20/09 , edited 8/21/09
haha =P
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F / Pyroland
Posted 8/21/09 , edited 8/22/09
Name: Akira

Age: 15

Weapon of choice:
Perfers Hand to Hand combat. but uses uses a sword, also bow and arrows.

School Status: Still going to school! yah. all though Teach's still blame meh for starting food fights and fights. ._.

Background: As a young girl, I always trained with my mother who was always interested in martial arts. and when I got a little bit older I met a guy named Don and he trained me to help me get better in skills and he was a master at art work. so now I live with my friend who also specializes in the same thing he does. I now remain loyal to him and I protect only him and the people I really care for. I barely trust anyone because so many has lost my trust.

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23 / Chicago
Posted 8/21/09 , edited 8/22/09
oh new member YAY! ^_^
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25 / F / Under your skin.
Posted 8/23/09 , edited 8/24/09
Name: Beatrix
Age: 16
Weapon of choice: Sword
School Status: High School
Background: When I was 6, my family was suffering financially. My father was dead already and my mother was at home, sick and dying. My brother was the one who brings us food. He would do anything just to feed us, even if it means resorting to theft and villainous activities. One time, he was caught by the authorities assaulting an old woman for money, and yes, he went to jail. When I was 11, he was still in jail, repenting for his sins while worrying about us. My mother died that year, and I was left alone. Knowing that, I had to be strong to stand up for myself. Not too long after that, I joined the mafia to gain respect and power. For 3 years I trained my body and studied sword mastery. After all my hard work, I became well-known for my excellent sword skills. I became a captain of my family and was feared by my minions. I lived a happy, yet dark life until my family was annihilated. I was the only one who survived. I thought of killing myself because I couldn't even protect the boss who looked after me. But then someone offered me to join a notorious family called Slorecia. The boss resembled my former boss, so I joined because of that reason alone. After 2 years, I came back to get my brother, but they informed me he was already dead.

Now, I'm 16 and hot as fire. lol



Shock - Lightning-attributed slash attack that kills a single person instantly. A super fast deadly move.
Stock Break - Lightning-attributed slash attack that kills a group of enemies (10-100 enemies). Although it can damage a lot of people, its power is weak.
The Garden of Eden - Uses mist flames for the sword to create illusionary swords that can be up to 1000 in quantity and surrounds a maximum of 10 people, trapping and piercing them after the multiplication is complete. Slow move, deadly power.
Seiken - Sword unleashes holy power that can annihilate a whole family within 3 seconds. Consumes a lot of energy, can most likely be used only once a week.


Silent and cold-hearted.
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