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How did you come to hold your religious belief?
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Posted 2/2/10 , edited 2/3/10

Darkphoenix3450 wrote:

dorpeda wrote:

My parents are christian-like they don't agree with everything that comes from christianity or others views of christianity, but we've always kindaa been christian based.

Anyway probably when i was was in mayB 6 grade i started really questioning whether god was real. At that time I thought I was an atheist, but now i believe there is something that kinda guides everything you could call a higher power but without all the attachments that come with the word god. What exactly that is i will never know maybe just the idea of life itself. If u think about it many religions have one god why can't that be the same god?
Also sometime arround that time I lost my faith in the Bible I thought it was so contradicting and had been translated to many times to really actually consider. Sure parts of it may be true but to actually lay it down for law is questionable.

I also found that I believe some of the ideas of Buddhism such as to acheive happiness you must seperate yourself from want and the idea of yin and yang. I think balance and understanding are 2 of the key things needed in life.

As for evolution/earth creation/whatever i wasn't there so i can't make an assumption. Also the afterlife/heaven/hell thing i haven't been there so i don't know. I think what is important is your life now and what you do with it.

So overall im not sure what my religion is classified as.

let me think.. YOU believe there is a God but he has nothing to do with religion. We live are life he does not demand nothing from us or care. If this is your Ideals your a deist. many of are four fathers in America happen to be Deist, and agnostics. At that there no real leaders in are past till much later than happen to be christian or any other organized religion.

well i actually kinda think "it" cares but i can't specificly say that because i more think it knows what we are going to do or tries to help us when we are trying to figure things out, if we are willing to know, like a super smart thing that knows whats going on

I still am a little confused on whether everything has a path or it all is completely random anyway i just know we do what we do and I don't question it except when I have a choice. Its hard to think that you have no power over choosing what you do but if something already knew what u were going to do how would you know?bcuz u would just think u were choosing that yourself.

i'd rather believe i myself am choosing what i do and everything is random but there has to be point in it all where it eventually comes together but how can i ever know if it was all planned out. I would like to not know it was all planned out and just live it like its not, but then again if it was all random what if the choices you made led to ur own defeit against ur judgement because ppl just died completely randomly.

I find it hard to think that nothing can save you and i think many ppl do which is their reason for a god bcuz it feels safe. Is it possible to believe in something you know is not real like you know ur making it up but u choose to believe in it? bcause thats how i feel. Like it only exists because I believe in it.

and yet to contradict that idea one of the main reasons i believe there is an "it' is because we are alive right now in the middle of endless space that we don't know whats at the end of or if there is one and how is that even possible?
Posted 2/7/10 , edited 2/8/10
i have seen
beyond the veil
i don't have to believe
i seen a terrible god
he waits to devour us
he is so dire
so evil
Posted 4/17/10 , edited 4/18/10
I came from a Christian home, but my nanny who raised me was Muslim and her husband was a professor that wrote books on the connection between God and Science. I spent a lot of time with them and my best friends are Hindu and one is Atheist. I think I spent more time with my Non-Christian "family" than with my Christian actual family. But I realized that of those three religions and Atheism, that Christianity was for me. Then I went through really tough times and expected to abandon the religion, but somehow my faith only got stronger. I'm glad though. It really proved to me that I chose this faith.
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