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Posted 7/8/09 , edited 7/8/09

~~~ For episodes 3,4, and 5, what do you think Haruhi wants to do so much that she doesn't want summer to end? ~~~

~~ If you haven't watched the new episodes yet, this is something you cannot answer. ~~

How do you think the rest of the episodes will continue?? Will Kyon make a move and tell her whats going on?? I need opinions people!!!! =]
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Posted 8/27/09 , edited 8/27/09
I have a few ideas. Some of you may find them a little offensive, but when have i ever cared?

--Kill Itsuki
--Have a lesbian experience with Mikuru
--Have a lesbian experience with Yuki
--Have a lesbian experience with Yuki and Mikuru
--Rape Kyon
--Try an illegal drug
--Learn to drive
--Film the sequel to a low-budget film that would've landed you an anti-psychotic medication in real life (I can't for the life of me remember what the films name was)
--Beat the members of the computer club in a Halo 3 Team Slayer battle
--Kill the people responsible for Beverly Hills Chihuahua
--Bring peace between Black and White Russians
--Convince them to bring back Takeshi's Castle so that she can get the SOS Brigade to enter
--Convince Kagami Yoshimizu to do an official crossover
--Go skinny dipping with the entire SOS brigade
--Rob a bank
--Learn Krav Maga
--Get Mikuru the clearance so we can find out what exactly the classified information is
--Go to America and punch George W. Bush
--Reunite System of a Down
--Get recruited into a major band
--Systematically track down and assassinate every single doujin artist who ever made a disgraceful comic about her
--Kill me for saying that Konata Izumi was a more appealing character
--Get involved in an actual mystery
--Kill her English voice actor
--Meet the Covenant and keep a Grunt as a pet
--Punch out Tom Cruise
--Figure out the secret behind Mikuru's *AHEM* melons
--Figure out where the hell her parents have been doing this entire time
--Figure out where the hell ANY parent has been this entire time
--Find a cure for the idiots who worship slop like Naruto and Twilight WITHOUT killing off her entire fanbase
--Find a way to kill everyone who prefers KyonxMikuru or KyonxNagato
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