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Posted 7/8/09 , edited 7/9/09

TVB executive Virgina Lok had a birthday bash earlier, loveable Raymond Lam attended the party empty handed. On contrast, Joe Ma brought his own personal karaoke set to the party, putting effort in for Ms. Lok's party. There was a report that said Raymond's "sucking up" skills aren't as good as Joe Ma's. Raymond defends his good friend: "Nonsense, the whole world had a chance to do karaoke because of him."

Asked if Raymond felt that he "lost out"? He said: "It's not like that! Joe recently brought a new karaoke set, he asked me to go to his house to sing karaoke and said that he'll learn how to sing my songs. Because that night, the party didn't have karaoke, so he brought his one." Another report said that, that night Joe was the "important person" as he got to stand next to Ms. Lok during the group picture. Raymond defends Joe again: "Nonsense! Should not talk about people like that. We are very mature people, we are good brothers. That night he contributed money and efforts. (How are you going to help him clarify?) He is really not like that, we all just came together to take a good photo, the most important is the main character (Virgina Lok), we should all take pictures happily." He also said that he has not given any gifts to Ms. Lok yet, but he already has something planned. In an CRHK interview with Eileen Cha, Raymond was asked to choose his older sister, younger sister and wife among the three artists: Kay Tse, Tavia Yeung and Linda Chung. He had no choice but to choose her. He said Linda is like a little bird, she is probably quite considerate.

[Oriental Daily] Raymond Lam accepted an interview from CRHK, when the DJ Eileen Cha asked him to classify Kay Tse, Tavia Yeung and rumored girlfriend Linda Chung into older sister, younger sister and wife, Raymond praised that Kay knows how to take care of others, therefore he chooses her to be older sister as a result. As for wife, Raymond laughed in response and did not avoid suspicions, so he chose Linda. He said: "Her cooking skills, I don't know about, but Linda gives me the feeling that she is considerate, maybe because of her voice, it's comfortable, like a little bird!" He also said that Linda is like a tomboy: "Don't let her voice fool you." Speaking of Linda not attending his concert, Raymond knew already it: "She had to film. (So you told her not to come?) No, I didn't!"

Coming from a wealthy background, Raymond expressed that after he entered the industry, he has gotten more pressured. He said: "I can't lose!" He also said that his father hopes that he could continue with the family business, and he does not rule out of the future business. Raymond says: "My little brother already said that he won't be entering the industry and he likes business. So we'll let my brother look after it for now. I also have thought about doing business myself because after all I am the oldest son."

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