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K-pop's Invasion on Myx (music channel PHP)!
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Posted 2/26/10 , edited 2/26/10
i think playing KPOP is just a response of MYX for fans who wants to hear KPOP music.
If many fans of JPOP will request for JPOP music i think MYX will play them too.
there's already a program in MYX where ASIAN MUSIC are played hosted by VJ CHINO.

we don't care if Koreans music channel don't play OPM music since they are not that good with English.
and KPOP are also played in other asian country.
do you think that those country own music are also played in KOREA. (its a NO)

KPOP bring an improvement for OPM too in different categories.

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Posted 2/26/10 , edited 2/27/10

mikedfelix wrote:

inggit ka ba bat galit ka sa kpop??

who says im angry at kpop? definitely NOT, i admire kpop and jpop very much! coz even though i dont understand their language but the heart of the song can be conveyed through their music...

Opm nowadays comprises of mostly "revivals" etc... need more originality people! hope the artists will get fired up and write more originals. i want to say something about some of the bands but i may be crossing the line to fans so ill keep it to myself hehe

Silent Sanctuary for one makes great melodic songs! (i love hiling forever!) we need more like that!

hmm, boys over flowers placed the kpop in the charts ne? maybe we need a great JDRAMA to put the jpop in the charts as well!!! *sigh but theres not much space in the primetime-slot, a lot of tvnovelas just started...too bad. asia-myx is ok i guess, at least we see everything in there. but still few jpop songs...too short i suppose.

So what Jdrama has the best OST's????
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Posted 10/1/12 , edited 10/2/12
MYX is a music channel, ano ba kagulat gulat doon.
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