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Only for Scottish
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M / ふぃりぴん!
Posted 6/4/08 , edited 6/4/08

animoo_x wrote:

Yea they definitely do have differences but again you can't generalise the accents into Scottish and British (Note that if you say British accent this includes Scottish as Britain = England + Scotland + Wales + Northern Ireland ^^)

Just like with most accents it's all split into regions and different cities and they do vary quite a lot. Like I think the accent where I live is quite natural, slightly posh and really nice but I think the Glasweigan accent is very crass and hard to understand.

Your impression of the accents being strong is probably because you're used to hearing people who have strong accents speak, for example on the TV etc. You just need to remember that that's only a limited glimpse of the accents that we have in the UK. If you have that in mind you'll avoid stereotyping =]

oh i see.

yeah, i always see some british person on tv speaking british all the way.
my dad had experiences dealing with the british and he told me that british accent is nice.

and because of that, i studied how to have a british accent.
and i kinda succeeded :]

but i seldom use it, because some may think i'm gaga over british accents.
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29 / F / Scotland
Posted 6/6/08 , edited 6/6/08

animoo_x wrote:

JohnR32 wrote:

animoo are there a lot of asians in scotland? ive heard there are a lot of racism towards asian (maybe blacks) due to a very small minority of other ethnic groups.

lol. i really cant understand very strong scottish accent its like a whole different language even though its still british english

There are more asians in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee because of it being the major cities but not so much where I live.
Scotland's probably less racist than England because of the fact that Scottish people have a culture of generally being more acceptable of other ethnicities. The whole "One Scotland. No room for racism" thing is really important to the current government and I've lived here for about 5 years now and have not experienced any form of racism. I can't say the same for when I lived in England though =]
Saying that though I don't think you'll be able to find anywhere in the UK that doesn't have racism. It's just less obvious and outspoken in some places.

You only get strong Scottish accents in places like Glasgow. It's annoying because in the majority of news they always interview people in Glasgow and/or Edinburgh which means a lot of people have the perception that that is what a Scottish accent is. But that is only the regional accent of that city.
If you come more towards the NE of Scotland where I live the accent is actually quite pure and natural...or some people might call it posh ^^

whats wrong with the Glasgowish accent... I like it.. in fact it's the only one i know...
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27 / F / No Where But Home...
Posted 6/20/08 , edited 6/20/08
Oww.. Thank you guys so much .. ^ - ^
Posted 6/20/08 , edited 6/20/08
mark millar and grant morrison (two of my favorite writers) are scots, so that makes scotland pretty cool
Posted 6/20/08 , edited 6/20/08
i have a bit of scottish blood in my ancestry.

i just saw a report that, quote; "the Ghillie Callum, or sword dance as it is better known, has now been defeated by red tape, according to dance judges who have cancelled its performance at a Highland games, claiming a licence is now required to "transport a dangerous weapon".

Organisers of the Balquhidder and Lochearnhead Highland games have been forced to strike the sword dance off their Highland dance competition after the judges, who in previous years brought their own swords, said this was no longer possible for fear of breaching new legislation designed to control the carrying of knives.

what seems so momentous about this, is that it is so eerily akin to the banning of bagpipes in 1747, at which time the Great Highland Bagpipe became the only musical instrument ever to be banned as a weapon. Playing of the bagpipes was banned in Scotland by an Act of Parliament in 1747. After the last Jacobite Rising ended in 1746, the Hanoverian government tried to obliterate all Scottish culture, forbidding the wearing of tartan and carring of weapons. Since no clan ever went into battle without a piper, bagpipes were banned as a weapon of war. someone was even tried for rebellion, and since they could find no other excuse for executing him, they found him guilty of possessing bagpipes.

this backfired, because from then on, whereas the english only had 'musical instruments' with no martial merits, the Scots now had something most remarkable and never before seen in the history of the world, in the form of a cultural instrument of music which was also classified as a weapon of war. 'show me your english horn in a music hall, and i'll show you my bagpipes on a field of battle' and all that. the reputation of bagpipes being associated with courage attained phenomenal heights when, quote; "A Canadian officer, pinned down with his unit in Italy in 1944, urgently signalled his CO - "Need reinforcements to rescue us. Please send six tanks or one piper". there now, see? he even said 'please'. who says the scots aren't civilized?

so, having banned the Scottish sword dance, one wonders whether we will see something of a cultural replay of the backlash resulting from the original banning of bagpipes. or perhaps they'll just trot out the bagpipes in place of the sword dance and have at it.
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78 / M / california
Posted 6/20/08 , edited 6/20/08
i like that worker song from the band kcickdrop murphys (i think thats how u spell it) which is a irish or scottish band im not sure
Posted 6/20/08 , edited 6/21/08
im not Scottish but can i say how broad your females are, i mean some chicks have shoulders like a boxer and she was taller than me. wonder why i went out with her in the first place?
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Posted 6/21/08 , edited 6/21/08
im not scottish
but i want to post in this thread...
Posted 2/6/09 , edited 2/6/09
No personal threads and outdated thread

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