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Posted 7/10/09 , edited 7/10/09
True Pain

What is pain..?
Scraping your arm? Getting cut? Punched? Kicked? Broken limbs?
Those pains will eventually fade over time...
True pain is emotional and forever.
Knowing all you do is worthless.
Knowing all your help was for nothing.
Being told the hard truth that you're a useless human being.
Being scared and not having any help even when you ask for it time and time again.
Falling down the dark cold abyss without so much as a scrap of happy memory to keep the flame of life alive!
They say they're here for you.
They say they'll never leave you
They say they'll never forget you.
But that's just it.
They say. They don't do.
But no matter what happens, you keep trying.
You keep trying to win people over and show them the real you.
No matter how much they hurt you or you hurt them.
You keep trying.
But... why?
Why do you do that, when in the end you know just what's going to happen?
False hope?
But you know, that in the end...
Only one thing will happen, and you can't avoid it.
You know in the end...
All that will happen is...

© CresentDemon

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Posted 10/1/11 , edited 10/1/11
this is the truth =l
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