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Posted 7/10/09 , edited 7/10/09
Fake Smile

It went okay. Things are going good.
Everything is falling into place.
Your life is hell.
You live a secret life away from your friends.
Away from your lovers.
Away from your family.
From everyone.
This true life is full of nothing but misery and pain.
Hurting every second.
Keeping in the tears that could flow over any minute.
Knowing that it’ll never be what you want.
Seeing others easily obtain what you’ve tried so hard to get.
That word rules your true life.
But, despite everything, you don’t try to get help.
Letting people know the real you would just cause more pain.
Just keep them out. Hide the feelings.
Put on a fake smile.

© CresentDemon
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Posted 7/22/09 , edited 7/23/09
that exactly how i feel most of the time ~,~
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