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Posted 9/17/09 , edited 9/17/09
Name: yasugawa yue
Age: 16 or 17
Grade: depends on my age
Type: witch
About you: yasugawa yue is heiress to the yasugawa clan. it is a powerful clan full of witches and wizards. she is very talented and intelligent both mental and physical. she is not good at socializing with others, she is silent she speaks if she like to speak, she is very serious. her main weapon is the scythe she slash it with more than one second so be careful. she doesn't like to smile or she doesn't know how to smile i guess. she is considered as a prodigy the perfect prodigy. her father and mother passed away when she was still 2 years old her nanny kyoko took care of her until she learned how to take care of herself. she visits her parents grave everyday, there she talks and cries and laugh and tell stories bout her day. she has only two bestfriends and that's nanny kyoko and her childhooodfriend domeki ishigawa. her level is the highest she is the most powerful witch of all. she sings, and lays the flute and violin. she has black butterfly wings but she doesn't know it yet it would bloom when the right time come's. if it blooms that means her skills and powers will double and she could be invincible. and she is immortal. when she call's her weapon's name it come out. her specialty is snow, fire, water, lighting, and wind.

(sword) ZUES

(wand) HERA

(scythe) HADES

(arrow and bow) ATHENA AND ARES



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